Endorsements: Here's one candidate's critique

Updated to reflect that Durst says he was criticizing the endorsement process in general, not our endorsement in his race.

Posted without rebuttal is this Facebook comment from Senate candidate Branden Durst. Durst, D-Boise, is running for state Senate against Boise Republican Sen. Mitch Toryanski, who we endorsed on Friday.

Said Durst Tuesday: "Reading the Idaho Statesman Opinion Page endorsements reminds me a lot of an abused spouse. Rather than look at what the spouse is doing, they keep saying it won't ever happen again. Guess what, they've been doing it to you for 20 years, it's not going to stop."

Durst says his remark was a general critique of the endorsement process, not a comment on our endorsement in his race.

Wow, Durst is a bit

Wow, Durst is a bit overboard with that comparison. Shameful.

good one

Obviously the Editorial Board got this one right.

Sore loser = Loser!

Oh no!

Someone ribbed the editorial board on their personal Facebook page? Joke must have hit a nerve. :-)

What is Durst talking about?

Comparing an endorsement process to domestic abuse? Really?

If it is so bad, Mr. Durst, you need to find the strength to leave this abusive relationship once and for all. Break away and don't go back even if you are tempted. Get out now before it's too late.

Not upset about his endorsement

HAHA, Dursty claiming that he wasnt upset about losing the endorsement...I think this sums it up on a comment in another blog about the very same subject props to BEHONEST who shared;

Actually Branden, I think you care a little more about not getting endorsed by the statesman than what you are leading everyone to believe…..

“To all my friends and supporters that have been calling and complaining about the bad judgement of Kevin Richert and the Editorial Board, do something about it. Write a letter to the editor, tell them why I am best choice and why their choice was poor. Together we will make a difference!”
Facebook- October 20th

and again

“Thanks, Ty. I have won without them before, and I’ll do so again. Their whole endorsement process is fouled up. They want so badly to perceived as being balanced, that they’ll endorse anybody just so that they can have a split ticket endorsement. Beware of the sacrificial lamb!”
Facebook- October 20th

and here is one more

“The Idaho Statesman has concluded that its best to endorse a candidate that pushed the Luna Laws and the forced ultrasound. Those aren’t D18 values. We need your financial support right now.”
Facebook-October 19

Lets face it you were really upset when they didn’t endorse you. Also “Beware of the sacrificial lamb!”? Really do you think you are Jesus or something now?

Branden's comparison

... Is dead on. Toryanski was lucky not to be recalled. As a Bench resident and District 18 citizen, I don't know how Mitch reclaims the little credibility he had after his razor thin margin of victory. Then to support such fringey bills as forced ultrasounds and education DEform?? Just wrong by any reasonable measure. Sealed his own fate, especially in contrast to Branden's education credentials. No contest! Branden was slighted, but its indicative of the editorial board's out-of-touch misperceptions, not Durst's.

Your critique

is dead off. First off recall? To initiate a recall it only takes a few people. I wouldnt be surprised if it was Dursty himself that initiated the recall...oh ya that failed miserably. Secondly, Durst was expecting to be a shoe-in in 2010 so the fact that Toryanski beat him is just a sign that the people of 18 cant stand Durst(oh and dont forget that Durst won his first house race by a mere hundred votes). Thirdly, your examination of the education reforms is slanted (not surprising). Excuse me while I laugh at your bolstering and claim of Dursty's education credentials...you mean lack thereof. What kind of education credentials does durst have? The only one that I can think of is that he is fresh out of college and hasnt been able to hold a job for more than two years (sorry serving in the house for 4 years doesnt count). Well, then there is the education credential about how Durst as a "professor" at CWI either quit half way through the semester on his students or was fired. A guy who is either fired or quits half way through a school semester is a highly credible source in regards to education. Branden wasnt slighted, he had the truth slap him in the face that he isnt a credible candidate because he has nothing to run on.

Mitch Toryanski is a graduate of West Point,

which along with the USAF Academy and US Naval Academy, are top-flght institutions.

I doubt that Branden Durst has any educational credentials that measure up to this standard.

As I've said before, D18 voters have a tough decision. Toryanski is a high-quality individual whose votes do not reflect the values of his constituents, while Durst's personal history brings only questions of irresponsibility, neglect, and weak performance.

Branden's education

he has a Masters in Public Administration from Boise State

once again

doesn't measure up. While I am a huge BSU fan, hence the tag name, a degree from one of the academies is far more prestigious and credible than what you are trying to put up against it. Not only that but what has each done with their degrees? Mitch Toryanski= has put his degree to great work, working many years in his industry. Owning his own law firm, working as a deputy attorney general, served 34 years in the army etc. Branden Durst= he has a college degree...yup that is all. Oh he did work as a professor at CWI for less than two years where he either quit or was fired half way through the semester. So ya great credentials abandoning a classroom half way through the semester. but that seems to be Dursts style; cant hold a job for more than two years.

Wow, a masters in public administration,

in the real world that would seem like an anchor to drag around.

A 'FEW' people?

That would be dope never smoked.


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d208, well stated. Go

d208, well stated. Go get'em.