Want more choices for president? 34 write-ins filed in Idaho, including Santa Claus

Mr. Claus is on the list of write-ins who have filed a declaration of intent. Votes cast for old St. Nick will be counted, along with those for 33 others who've filed with the Secretary of State's office. Claus lives in Incline Village, Nev., home of Diamond Peak Ski Resort.

Other notables include Roseanne Barr of Kamuela, Hawaii; Rev. Merepeace-Msmere of Boise; Gerald Warner of Moscow; Chance White of Pocatello; and Texas inmate Keith Judd, who got 40 percent of the vote against President Obama in the West Virginia primary.

For a write-in vote to be counted, the candidate's name must be written in the spot for the presidential race and must not be accompanied by a vote for any of those listed on the ballot.

Six names appear on Idaho's ballot: independent and former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson; Constitution Party nominee and former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode, Libertarian nominee and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson; President Barack Obama; GOP nominee Mitt Romney; and Green Party nominee Jill Stein of Massachusetts, who will be listed as an independent because the Greens haven't qualified for ballot status in Idaho.

The other write-ins follow: Avery Ayers, Houston; Dennis Andrew Ball, Marion, Ill.; Andre Barnett, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; Joann Breivogel, Chicago; Theodis Brown Sr., St. Louis; Paul Chehade, Miami; Will Christensen; Littlfield, Ariz.; John Albert Dummett Jr., Foresthill, Calif.; Richard Duncan; Aurora, Ohio; Stephen Durham, New York; Ronald C. Hobbs, Bilgerville, Pa.; Tom Hoefling, Lohrville, Iowa; Darrell Hykes; College Park, Ga.; Nelson Keyton, Roanoake, Va.; Dennis J. Knill; Sedona, Ariz.; Kip Lee, Redding, Calif.; David Librace, Surfside, Fla.; Erin Kent Magee, Lehigh Acres, Fla.; Dean Morstad, St. Paul, Minn.; Terrance James O'Hara, Rancho Sante Fe, Calif.; Barbara A. Prokopich, Mead, Wash.; Platt Robertson, Henderson, Nev.; Rick L. Rogers; Mill Creek, Wash.; Cecil James Roth, Geneseo, Ill.; Kevin M. Thorne, Idaho Springs, Colo.; Sheila Samm Tittle, Fredericksburg, Va.; Charles F. Tolbert, Boynton Beach, Fla.; and John Wolfe, Chattanooga, Tenn.

(If any of you regulars out there are on this list, I suggest it's time to come out right here on the Idaho Politics blog. It's sure to drive up your vote count! Pimp2? Foreign Oregonian? Fastsaluki?)

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It is if you block the Straits of Hormuz.

The Straits are not that wide, but it will be important to have air cover on those huge cliffs on the Iran side. It would make a great hang gliding park after the revolution.

I think Iraq and Turkey would have something to say...

And Iran has coastline outside the straights too...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Wow. Poet giving props to Bush, for taking Iran's trump cards.

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I'm sure the POTUS will be calling you for strategic counsel.

I'm writing in in the

Richert-Popkey ticket Danny. I know that little to nothing was promised and that the promise will be kept.

FYI, if you write-in a name that's not on the list above...

your vote will NOT be counted.

Only those votes cast for those qualified for the ballot or certified as write-ins will be counted.

The Richert-Popkey ticket doesn't exist, so you'd be throwing away your franchise!

And as LBJ said, "I shall not seek, and I will not accept...."

Dan Popkey


Voting for a couple of no counts is a waste? Just kidding.

Santa is a freaking liberal, what with all those FREE HANDOUTS!


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