Idaho State suspends football coach for Saturday's game with Montana

By Brian Murphy

Idaho State has suspended football coach Mike Kramer for Saturday's game at Montana and issued a letter of reprimand. Kramer was under investigation by the university for pushing receiver Derek Graves at practice on Oct. 3. The Pocatello Police Department is also looking into the incident.

"Following a thorough investigation coach Kramer will serve a one-game suspension for this Saturday’s game at Montana,” Idaho State Athletic Director Jeff Tingey said in a statement.

The school said he violated the Idaho State University Conduct Policy.

Associate Head Coach Don Bailey will be the acting coach for Saturday's game. Bailey is a former Boise State assistant coach. Kramer will coach the team until it leaves for Montana.

Graves, a senior, has not played for the Bengals since the incident. He has not been cleared to practice or play by team doctors or outside doctors, said his lawyer Don Jackson. In the first four games of the season, Graves had 36 catches.

"I’m really surprised that they took any action at all," Jackson said. "What's unusual about this investigation is the school has failed to even speak with this student-athlete about this incident. It really is obvious that this is nothing more than an effort to sort of put a pretty face on something that was one of the most reprehensible things I’ve seen in college sports."

Jackson said the police investigation is ongoing.

Jackson said he may ask the NCAA to get involved.

"If there was ever an instance of lack of institutional control, I think you are seeing a good example of it now," he said. "Maybe this would be a situation that the NCAA should possibly take a more detailed look at."

Idaho State is 1-6 on the season.

Here is the column I wrote on the incident.

This really brings out the cynic in me.

I'm assuming that Don Jackson isn't working pro bono, so I suspect that the one thing that will rectify this situation and start the healing process for Derek Graves will be a six or seven figure payment from the University (of which Mr. Jackson, Esquire, will get his 30% cut).

It doesn't mean that I don't think that Mike Kramer was wrong, but I do think that somebody cranked this situation up to eleven where a somewhat less strident reaction would have been appropriate.

Ambulance Chaser doing all the talking

This Graves kid must be a real piece of work along with his personal injury lawyer. It is FOOTBALL coaches are suppose to be tough...dude lost it...going to the wood shed for a game...end of story. Maybe ESPN could ask Mr. Jackson his compensation arrangement...oh no...that's not allowed? Threatening the school with calling the NCAA in order to drive up a settlement...way shallow.


Try some discipline and self-control.
It's the new standard for winners.

Does Mike Leach ring a bell

Interesting that Kramer came to ISU from WSU while Wazzo just hired Leach who apparently locked a kid by the last name of James in a 100+ degree tool shed.

Robb Akey and

Wyoming coach Dave Christensen aren't doing anything Saturday. Maybe they could go to Pocatello and meet up with Coach Kramer. Ya know, have some beers, watch a few football games they might be interested in, compare notes, etc. Just a thought....Sunny...

I'll buy the first round

I'd love to be at that table!


I doubt any of them have anything in are just a speculator.