Mystery donor for Propositions 1, 2 and 3 says it won't back down

Education Voters of Idaho, the group that gave at least $200,000 in support of the Students Come First education overhaul, says it has no signs of backing down.

In a guest opinion released today, the group shed no light on the donor (or donors) behind their money. Secretary of State Ben Ysursa has ordered the group to identify its donors; Education Voters of Idaho describes itself as a nonprofit group whose donations are not subject to disclosure.

Here's an excerpt from the guest opinion, authored by former legislator Debbie Field, a longtime ally of GOP Gov. Butch Otter, and John Foster, a former chief of staff to Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick:

"Attacks against us show just how dangerous a powerful group of motivated parents will be to a politicized system in desperate need of improvement and change. Although efforts by the secretary of state, the union and its allies have temporarily chilled our ability to fulfill our mission, we won’t back down. We will no longer allow our organization and the importance of education reform to be tied up in politics and personalities.

"We will again pursue the advocacy and outreach we intended at our founding. Through education, lobbying, accountability for elected officials and public outreach, we will make the case for reform."

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I have news for them

They haven't cornered the market on motivated parents.

Mystery donor

obviously stands to make big profit from these passing (got to love our political system where the rich can hide while trying to lie and manipulate votes). Glad he/she won't see a nickel because they're going down hard.

What is the wrod outside of ADA County

Kevin, I am curious what the prop 1,2 3 sentiment is outside of Treasure Valley...can the Statesman give a perspective of what voters "Statewide" are leaning? I got the North-end Neighborhood Association Newsletter dumped on my porch on Sunday...surprise, surprise they are NO on the subject...didn't realize NA's were politically positioned.

Did you catch the Statesman

Did you catch the Statesman poll that was in the paper a few days ago?The no vote is winning statewide thus far.

Lobbying Hard

This is like construction companies supporting candidates who favor road re-builds and bridge replacement. Their campaign contributions are legal, but they must reveal themselves. I have no doubt that this money is coming from the for profit online education folks, or laptop manufacturers. Obviously the contributions are from someone with a monetary stake in the outcome. Concern for students? That is questionable. I think their real concern is getting their hands on tax dollars devoted to K-12 education.

"Follow the Money"

...........and you'll find that out of state RNC donors stand to benefit from the sale of laptops and online ed courses. These are the same hypocrites that scream for transparency and against out of state lobby groups. Today we find out who the mystery donor(s)are.

If this really just a group

If this really just a group of motivated parents than why won't you release the names of your donors? Maybe because very few of your donors are parents of children in Idaho schools? Maybe because most of your donors are corporations who stand to profit from these laws? Here's some news, the "motivated parents" in this battle are on the "no" side - 13,000 plus strong on our Facebook page, 75,000 who signed the petitions to put the laws on the ballot.

Release the names of IEA members

So we can see how many of their members are teachers vs. custodians and lunchroom workers. Heck, IEA won't even release the numbers, let alone the names.