Wyoming football coach suspended for this week's game against Boise State

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Wyoming football coach Dave Christensen has been suspended for this week’s home game against Boise State, according to media reports out of Wyoming.

Christensen won’t be at practices or in team facilities. He also has been fined $50,000.

Assistant head coach Pete Kaligis will replace Christensen this week.

“The program Christensen has installed is a fine oiled machine,” Kaligis said. “It rolls.”

Christensen was reprimanded by the Mountain West last week for his postgame tirade directed at Air Force coach Troy Calhoun and comments he made after the game. A video of the incident surfaced late last week.

You can watch the video here, but be warned that there is a lot of profanity in it.


Boise State senior nickel Dextrell Simmons said Monday that the Broncos’ defense has drawn motivation from its subpar second half at New Mexico.

Since then, the Broncos have forced five turnovers at Southern Miss, held Fresno State to 10 points and skunked UNLV.

“These last three or four weeks of practice have been amazing,” Simmons said. “… It’s basically coming from not wanting to fail. I’d say New Mexico was probably our worst defensive game. After that, we were just like, ‘It can’t happen again.’ ”


Senior wide receiver Mitch Burroughs has a cast on his injured wrist but could return for the regular-season finale at Nevada, coach Chris Petersen said.

He does not have timetables for the return of tight ends Gabe Linehan and Kyle Sosnowski.

Sophomore defensive end Demarcus Lawrence, suspended last week, returns this week.


Boise State will practice mostly outside this week to prepare for the cold weather. The forecast calls for a high of 34 degrees Saturday in Laramie, with a low of 23.


Wyoming is 1-6, but four of its losses were by three points or less or in overtime. In a five-game stretch, they lost by three, lost by two, won in overtime, lost in overtime and lost by one.

Last week, the Cowboys were crushed 42-14 at Fresno State.

“This is a good team, a very, very scary team for us,” Petersen said. “We’ve just got to make sure we’re playing at a high level. They’ve got some players. I remember the game last year like it was yesterday. It was 7-7 at half until we got totally lucky and scored on the Hail Mary. We didn’t do much last year in the first half at all. That was also at home. You go on the road and play like that, you’ll get beat.”


Petersen on the offense’s progress:

“I don’t know if we can get there or not, but I think we’re heading in the right direction.”


Petersen on touchbacks on kickoffs:

“The guys on the kickoff team would be irritated if we were trying to do that (every time).”


Boise State’s internal players of the week were quarterback Joe Southwick (offense), cornerback Jerrell Gavins (defense), linebacker Blake Renaud (special teams) and defensive end Tyler Horn (lineman).


Here is audio of Petersen’s press conference.

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It looks like a fight in Laramie...

16-17 point favorites in a place thats hard to breathe in very cold weather. Cant wait.

I swear worse than that just

I swear worse than that just thinking about going to Laramie, but that was too much for a person in a leadership position. Those were fighting words and a civilian's use of the word "flyboy" as a disparagement is an insult to everyone who has ever worn the uniform of any branch of the United States Military . The fine was excessive. How about just a lifetime ban if he fails to apologize in person to entire Cadet Corps.

Φ I was afraid of that.

Rotten for Mitch to lose most of his senior season with that wrist. Hopefully, he comes back even before Nevada. His absence has been noticeable ... not that all the others aren't busting it ... senior leadership, too.

Φ Tea for the Tillerman

Coach Pete: “I don’t know if we can get there or not, but I think we’re heading in the right direction.”

That's pretty funny. Keep that tiller firmly in hand.

Well, I watched the video,

and that kind of language was just unf------ called for....Sunny...


big fat laughing going on over here after that comment! Thanks for the smile, Sunny!

I just don't understand what is wrong......

The coach was using the same sweet nothings my ex-wife used to scream in my ear all the time...

Why this week?

Why was he not suspended last week after the incident occurred?

Because the video hadn't

Because the video hadn't surfaced then.

Anybody know if.....

a medical redshirt (not sure I've got the term correct) was possible for Linehan and Burroughs? Would that make sense? Just askin'.


No. To be eligible, you have to miss two full seasons with injuries, or not have redshirted yet. Both of those guys redshirted earlier in their careers but not because of injury. And in both cases, the'ye played too many games this season to be eligible even if the option was available.


Mr. Cripe


From the NCAA
In order to be eligible for a medical hardship waiver, a student-athlete must have competed in at
least one contest in the first half of the season, but no more than three contests or 30%, whichever
is greater (14.2.4). The total number of contests is calculated by the schedule on the first date of
competition. Participation in Conference postseason is counted as one competition.

If a student-athlete is unable to compete at all during an entire season because of an injury or
illness, the student-athlete may not file for a medical hardship waiver. In this case, the season
would be considered a medical redshirt season.

If the student-athlete has two or more seasons of medial redshirt because of an injury or illness
(or one season of medical redshirt and one season of medical hardship), the Compliance Office
can file for an extension of the five-year clock (a sixth year) only after the student-athlete has
reached the end of the existing five-year clock.

Can you say "I'm sorry Mr. Cripe"?


Again :/

Coach Christensen

The frustrating thing with Coach Christensen's suspension was that he was right. The AF football player was faking an injury to give his team more time to scheme up a final play.


Air Force had all the momentum at that point in the game and the Wyoming defense had been on the field for 6 minutes of game time and a 70 yard drive. A timeout favors Wyoming at that point. If it had favored Air Force they had all 3 of their timeouts available to them. Dave Christensen is a fat, classless redneck and I hope the Broncos put a severe beatdown on them.

Dude. The injury was faked.

Dude. The injury was faked. I have inside information.


Your info is usually spot-on. If this is true, it certainly puts a different spin on the deal.

Yeah, but that still does not give Wyoming Coach the

right to act like a Bronco Fan v Idaho....


is sending his resume right now!!!


He'll find greater success with a team that has actual talent.

Very un-Christian

of Christensen. No more invites to the ice cream socials for him.

idaho is looking for a coach

idaho is looking for a coach

Yes blind!

a strait across trade! He would be a perfect fit at the UI!!!!

Christensen's suspension

means that his team is going to go all out for the coach in this game. They're not going to leave anything on the field, so we better be ready for more than the usual bullseye! We didn't need this.

Coach Pete could suspend

Coach Pete could suspend himself for swearing just to skip the trip and the Donkeys will beat the Pokes like Christianson beats his wife and children.


What Will Coach Petersen Do?

Here is an opportunity for an upstanding coach to make public his opinion about the childish behavior of some coaches.

One should not do it or tolerate those that do.


No excuse. Christensen should be fired.

Coach Petersen

Has no dog in that fight. He walks his talk.


EVERY coach in the NCAA has dog in that fight.

Cupcake State rolls on ...

Another 1-6 brute on the schedule now without it's head coach. Can any other school play more cupcakes or get every break in the book like Cupcake State? Now Coach "Cupcake Pete" will tell us tomorrow how dangerous Wyoming is and it could be the toughest challenge of the year heading to uh uh uh ... Laramie. - yuck yuck! Go Nebraska, Michigan, Wisconsin, Louisville, Rutgers, La Tech, and Ohio! All voters and BCS computer geeks - don't reward Cupcake State with any type of BCS bid due to their pansy schedule formulated by their AD and coach. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

Now back to your

mac and cheese pony.....


go change weistards diaper.

Φ When did

weisberg (2.0 and under the guise of another poster) start wearing?


Fuque off already.

RM - I am habitually impressed . . .

. . . with how much thought and deliberation of choice of words and depth you put into your posts.

Carry on.


How in the world...

did we ever get hooked into joining the MWC. Wy coach is just another example of the bad taste this conference leaves in my mouth. Will I ever be glad to see BSU out of this conference, Big Sky would be a step up.

If Idaho was smart

they would make a run at Hawkins, the man probably got more things build at BSU by boosters with little to no cost to the school than anyone who was ever at BSU.
He's has the gift of gab and was in a no win deal at Colo. But he walked into that deal with eyes wide shut.

Saw the video...

Unfortunate. I'm sure Christensen regrets it. But the fake injury, plus the frustration of their losing season etc. probably just sent him over the edge momentarily.

How are you sure he regrets it?

in his pocketbook.
It wasn't a fake but even if it was it was 8 (football) minutes ago and that is no way to ever behave as a coach or a leader. That coach should be fired for not doing his job, not talking about wins and losses but about being a role model, teacher and leader of young men.

Perhaps bootcamp would have taught him how to behave a little better.

Disrespectful little pipsqueek.

Breaking news:

Wyoming has just declared Saturday's game animal rights appreciation day.

Look out coach Pete!

Sounds like they're shooting for a 'no-coach' weekend...


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

You Tube

This Fly Boy needs to quit- maybe than he will start thinking about becoming an adult.