Boise State men's basketball team picked 8th in nine-team Mountain West

By Brian Murphy

The Boise State men's basketball team was picked to finish eighth in the nine-team Mountain West in the preseason media poll released Monday.

San Diego State edged UNLV for No. 1 in the preseason poll. San Diego State got 10 first-place votes. UNLV got the remaining eight first-place votes.

No Boise State player was named to the preseason All-Mountain West team.

2012-13 men's baksetball preseason poll

Rk. Team (1st-place votes) Points

1. San Diego State (10) 153
2. UNLV (8) 151
3. New Mexico 122
4. Colorado State 106
5. Nevada 89
6. Wyoming 70
7. Fresno State 49
8. Boise State 43
9. Air Force 27

Preseason All-Mountain West Team

Name Class Position Institution

Deonte Burton Jr. G Nevada
Kendall Williams Jr. G New Mexico
Jamaal Franklin Jr. G San Diego State
Chase Tapley Sr. G San Diego State
Mike Moser Jr. F UNLV

Preseason Player of the Year: Jamaal Franklin, Jr., G, San Diego State

Preseason Co-Newcomers of the Year: Dwayne Polee II, So., F, San Diego State, Bryce Dejean-Jones, So., G, UNLV

Preseason Freshman of the Year: Anthony Bennett, F, UNLV

Boise State women picked 7th in Mountain West

Boise State senior forward Lauren Lenhardt was named to the preseason All-Mountain West first team on Monday. The Broncos were picked to finish seventh in the nine-team league in the preseason media poll.

Lenhardt, a former Eagle High standout, was sixth in the Mountain West in scoring last year (14.0 points per game) and ninth in rebounding (6.1). She was a second-team all-MW pick and a member of the 2012 Mountain West Tournament team. She was third in field goal percentage (.489), second in 3-point percentage (.413) and fifth in free throw percentage (.837).

Boise State received 97 points in the poll, ranking far behind preseason favorite San Diego State. The Aztecs won the regular season and tournament titles last season.

The men's poll will be released Monday afternoon.

Team (1st-place votes) Points

1. San Diego State (22) 198
2. Fresno State (2) 163
3. UNLV 137
4. Wyoming 136
5. Colorado State 109
6. New Mexico 97
7. Boise State 86
8. Nevada 41
9. Air Force 32

Preseason All-MW team

Name Class Position Institution
Lauren Lenhardt Sr. F Boise State
Ki-Ki Moore Jr. G Fresno State
Caroline Durbin Sr. G New Mexico
Courtney Clements Sr. G San Diego State
Chelsea Hopkins Sr. G San Diego State

Preseason Player of the Year: Courtney Clements, Sr., G, San Diego State

Preseason Freshman of the Year: Deajanae Scurry, R-Fr., F, San Diego State

Preseason Newcomer of the Year: Aubry Boehme, Jr., F, Wyoming

Good Luck Lady Broncos...

Prove the media wrong!

They don't have kicking problems...there's lots of hope.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

What is basketball?

is that some sort of football pep rally?

Parity is a good thing

I am glad to see other teams in the MWC that are poor in football perform well in basketball. Although football is the only sport that matters to most fans in this area. This will be a tough season for both programs.

It isnt about this area

it is about the whole country Football is what matters because it is what earns.

Why do you think we have this conference and BCS Charlie foxtrot? Hint, It aint basketball.

Exception: UK Basketball

The University of Kentucky basketball team is better known for success than its football team. I would bet that basketball revenues are greater in Kentucky and other areas where the basketball programs have achieved greater success. Having lived in Kentucky I would be surprised if this was not the case. UK B-ball games are extremely popular there just like BSU football games are in this area.

I'm not sure what your point

I'm not sure what your point is. To say that football matters more (which is true) doesn't mean that basketball doesn't matter. BSU put a lot of work get their Olympic sports in the Big West. They wouldn't do that if they were irrelevant.

Flo Rida

Balanced seemed to knock on the area with the implication that football is all that matters to people "in this area" as if that was some sort of anomaly and everywhere else has it right. my point is only that football is why we even have the conferences that basketball plays in.

As another point, put a product on the court that will interest us and maybe just maybe we will go to the games. I used to go to BSU basketball games in the big sky. They were awesome. there would be a couple of players that were heads above the rest. Coker, Vaughn, Childs. Even UI had orlando lightfoot that was fun to watch. Bobby Dye was a guy who got what people wanted to see.

It isnt all BSU's fault. Basketball in general has become a "me me me" game that is less about team and more about individual showboating.

Course that is just the opinon of this fan in this "area" of the country so backwoods and tucked away that it doesnt get the real sports like basketball and soccer. Gee duhhhhh I'm just a hick from idaho..... duuuuhhhhh


But kentucky is not the model it is the exception. There are several exceptions but in general college sports would be a she.ll of themselves if there was no football.
I think you know the point and understand it. Football is where it is at. It is not a "Boise" thing it is a general trend.

Coach Rice is the right coach for BSU Basketball

The recruiting as improved but the completion is strong. Coach is the right coach for the program but the MWC is good. When they move the Big West Conference i look for the Broncos to been in the top tier with San Diego St. Who else will compete against those two? Long Beach St. or USCB? I think things are looks up to the Boise St Basketball program. Coach Rice comes from a great basketball program in Gonzaga, give him time and things will turn around.

BSU In Eighth Place??

Good thing there is nine teams. The good news is, is the MWC is so good in basketball that the first five teams will be ranked in the top 20.