Boise State football moves up one spot to No. 21 in BCS standings

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman


The Boise State football team is No. 21 in this week’s Bowl Championship Series standings — up one spot.

The Broncos did better in the polls — No. 18 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll and No. 19 in the Harris poll — but the computers are starting to drag them down because of their schedule. Boise State added one-win UNLV to its ledger this week and three of its non-conference opponents lost.

Michigan is No. 22 and Wisconsin is No. 25. Those are the top candidates from the Big Ten to finish ahead of Boise State and prevent the top-16 automatic berth.

Ohio is No. 24. The Bobcats are the top contender from a non-BCS candidate to jump the Broncos.

Boise State is 24th in the computers. Ohio is 22nd.

The full standings are here.


The Boise State football team made a big move in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday — helping their Bowl Championship Series chances.

The Broncos jumped four spots to No. 18. They gained 136 points, which is what matters for the BCS.

Ohio is No. 23 and Louisiana Tech is 26th. Boise State must win the Mountain West and stay ahead of those two teams to have a shot at an automatic BCS berth.

Another issue: The Broncos, unless they somehow get to the top 12, need to finish ahead of a BCS-conference champion. The Big Ten is making a push with Michigan at No. 20 and Wisconsin at No. 25. Nebraska is 27th. All of them have two losses but could pass the Broncos if they win out.

Boise State climbed four spots to No. 19 in the Harris poll. Ohio is No. 23 and Louisiana Tech is 28th. Michigan is No. 20.

Boise State jumped three spots to No. 21 in The Associated Press Top 25.

All three complete polls are below. The BCS standings come out at 6:30 p.m.


San Diego State converted a game-winning two-point conversion in overtime late last night at Nevada. That leaves Boise State as the only team without a loss in Mountain West play — meaning the Broncos only need to win four of their final five games to clinch at least a share of the title.

If San Diego State beats UNLV on Saturday in San Diego, the Aztecs will come to Boise on Nov. 3 at 6-3 overall and 4-1 in the Mountain West. That game could have a great atmosphere at 8:30 p.m.

San Diego State quarterback Ryan Katz fractured an ankle Saturday and is out for the rest of the regular season. His backup, Adam Dingwell, played most of the game and was 14-of-23 for 177 yards and three TDs.


Boise State moved to sixth in the nation in scoring defense (13.6 points per game). The Broncos also are seventh in pass-efficiency defense, eighth in pass defense and 20th in total defense.


Here is the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (59) 7-0 1,499 1
2. Oregon 7-0 1,424 2
3. Florida (1) 7-0 1,380 3
4. Kansas St. 7-0 1,333 4
5. Notre Dame 7-0 1,241 5
6. LSU 7-1 1,172 6
7. Oregon St. 6-0 1,106 8
8. Oklahoma 5-1 1,065 10
9. Ohio St. 8-0 1,028 7
10. Southern Cal 6-1 944 11
11. Florida St. 7-1 872 12
12. Georgia 6-1 745 13
13. Mississippi St. 7-0 739 15
14. Clemson 6-1 713 14
15. Texas Tech 6-1 653 18
16. Louisville 7-0 620 16
17. South Carolina 6-2 591 9
18. Rutgers 7-0 539 19
19. Stanford 5-2 421 22
20. Michigan 5-2 300 23
21. Boise St. 6-1 258 24
22. Texas A&M 5-2 252 20
23. Ohio 7-0 181 25
24. Louisiana Tech 6-1 106 NR
25. West Virginia 5-2 76 17
Others receiving votes: Toledo 49, Texas 33, Wisconsin 31, TCU 29, Nebraska 24, Penn St. 18, NC State 13, Oklahoma St. 12, Arizona 7, UCLA 7, Tulsa 6, Arizona St. 5, N. Illinois 5, Cincinnati 3.

Here is the full USA Today Coaches’ Poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Alabama (59) 7-0 1,475 1
2. Oregon 7-0 1,403 2
3. Florida 7-0 1,329 4
4. Kansas State 7-0 1,326 3
5. Notre Dame 7-0 1,221 5
6. LSU 7-1 1,164 6
7. Oklahoma 5-1 1,084 7
8. Southern California 6-1 1,014 9
9. Oregon State 6-0 974 11
10. Florida State 7-1 948 10
11. Georgia 6-1 850 12
12. Mississippi State 7-0 800 16
13. Clemson 6-1 788 13
14. Louisville 7-0 720 14
15. Rutgers 7-0 637 17
16. South Carolina 6-2 598 8
17. Texas Tech 6-1 571 20
18. Boise State 6-1 407 22
19. Stanford 5-2 401 23
20. Michigan 5-2 264 25
21. Texas A&M 5-2 229 19
22. West Virginia 5-2 173 15
23. Ohio 7-0 132 NR
24. Texas 5-2 109 NR
25. Wisconsin 6-2 104 NR
Others receiving votes: Louisiana Tech 100; Nebraska 71; TCU 71; Cincinnati 51; Oklahoma State 37; Toledo 30; Arizona State 21; Tulsa 21; Duke 16; Northern Illinois 14; Northwestern 11; Louisiana-Monroe 7; Western Kentucky 3; UCLA 1.


Here is the full Harris poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Alabama (109) 7-0 2,868 1
2. Oregon (5) 7-0 2,727 2
3. Florida (1) 7-0 2,622 3
4. Kansas State 7-0 2,571 4
5. Notre Dame 7-0 2,374 5
6. LSU 7-1 2,270 6
7. Oklahoma 5-1 2,021 9
8. Oregon State 6-0 2,001 10
9. Southern Cal 6-1 1,934 11
10. Florida State 7-1 1,911 8
11. Georgia 6-1 1,603 12
12. Mississippi State 7-0 1,602 14
13. Clemson 6-1 1,562 13
14. Louisville 7-0 1,324 16
15. Rutgers 7-0 1,205 17
16. South Carolina 6-2 1,189 7
17. Texas Tech 6-1 1,074 21
18. Stanford 5-2 929 20
19. Boise State 6-1 762 23
20. Michigan 5-2 490 NR
21. Texas A&M 5-2 465 19
22. West Virginia 5-2 363 15
23. Ohio 7-0 293 NR
24. Texas 5-2 237 25
25. TCU 5-2 195 22
Other teams receiving votes: Wisconsin 136; Nebraska 128; Louisiana Tech 127; Cincinnati 116; Oklahoma State 72; Toledo 44; Tulsa 39; Arizona State 37; NC State 31; Northwestern 17; Duke 10; Northern Illinois 7; UCLA 7; Nevada 6; Louisiana-Monroe 4; Iowa State 2.


Here is my AP ballot. I juggled the top five to recognize the quality wins by Kansas State (best win in country at Oklahoma, plus beat West Virginia) and Florida (LSU, South Carolina). Oregon hasn’t played anyone on my ballot. As the Ducks begin to play Top 25 teams in the coming weeks, there’s a good chance I’ll move them back up but this seemed right for now. I treat Alabama differently as the defending champion — I think someone has to prove the Tide aren’t the best team, and that hasn’t happened.

1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Kansas State
4 Oregon
5 Notre Dame
7 Oklahoma
8 Oregon State
9 Ohio State
10 South Carolina
11 Texas Tech
12 Georgia
13 Florida State
14 Clemson
15 USC
16 Louisville
17 Mississippi State
18 Stanford
19 Rutgers
20 Boise State
21 Texas A&M
22 TCU
23 Ohio
24 Louisiana Tech
25 Michigan

Dropped out: West Virginia, Cincinnati, Arizona State
Also considered: Toledo, Nebraska, Penn State


Here’s Mike Prater’s Harris poll ballot:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida
4. Kansas State
5. Notre Dame
6. LSU
7. Oklahoma
8. Florida State
9. Oregon State
10. Mississippi State
11. Clemson
12. USC
13. Texas Tech
14. South Carolina
15. Georgia
16. Rutgers
17. Louisville
18. Stanford
19. Texas A&M
20. Boise State
21. West Virginia
22. Wisconsin
23. Michigan
24. Ohio
25. Louisiana Tech

Dropped out: Arizona State, Cincinnati
Also considered: TCU, Texas, Nebraska, Toledo

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The BCS....The Gift that keeps on


Lucky non-AQs....

Big East wont be as easy....


Here comes the Oregon fans. And for the first time, they have a legit reason to be pizzed.

4th? No way man. Did you watch Thursdays game? That Duck defense is fast, physical and gets TO's. Offense explosive, as always. Now a few injuries makes this team no better than most Top 10 teams, but you can say that about almost every college football team ranked in Top 10.

I get your USC and win and you'll move them up. I just think Oregon is a much more complete team than in years past, and are better than KState. Okie is playing much better football now then they were when KState played them.

Alabama deserves to be #1. Good call on that.

How close are you to Reno's Chris Murray?


I don't rank based on who would beat who — I'm not that smart, and don't watch the teams play enough to be able to do that anyway. I did watch Oregon play Thursday. Very impressive. But at some point, I have to reward teams for winning big games rather than teams that looked great, but haven't done anything remarkable. If Oregon beats Stanford, USC, Oregon State and USC again, things change quite a bit.


You're talking about the A.P. poll here??? SERIOUSLY??

It's 100 percent MEANINGLESS............good lord.

Actually it's not

To the BCS it is. But it still hands out a NC trophy that all schools would love to have, including BSU.

Ignore that 754 dude

He's a clown and a pessimistic itch. Windex put him in his place earlier this week.


I've never even heard of this "Windex" individual you refer to here. So if he, she, or IT, "put me in my place" that is news known only to you apparently.

As to who is the real clown here....I would suggest you simply look in any mirror. You'll then see who the REAL clown is here. As well as anyone else who thinks the A.P. Poll is relevant to anything.

You cry a lot

Mirror? Isnt that 3rd grade humor?

You know ZERO about Boise State football. Guess thats what happens when you never played the game and try to play ARM chair coach and QB. You're a pathetic excuse for a Bronco fan and everyone knows it. Time to find a new team, gramps.

What I said Bronco754

Most of what I read from you is complaints about Bronco football. You complain that the coaching is bad, the offensive coordinator is an idiot, the QB is bad, and the ticket prices are way too expensive, and it goes on and on and on. I suggested that you would be much happier if you found a team you could cheer for that had better coaching, better play calling, a better QB and lower ticket prices. Don't you think you would???

I don't always clown..

But when I do it's always with bronco754...


Wonder when.....

a team last got the AP trophy that did not also get the BCS championship?




thanks again.

Who has Oregon beaten? It's

Who has Oregon beaten? It's disgusting that Oregon is above K-State when the Wildcats have beaten Oklahoma and West Virginia on the road.

Wins vs FBS teams

with winning records

Oregon - 4 (47.8 ppg)
Florida - 4 (26.3 ppg)
Bama - 3 (36.3 ppg)
KSU - 3 (35.3 ppg)

Also notable that KSU was scheduled to open at Oregon in 2012. Bill Snyder canceled the game just after taking over as HC. Weak. Almost as weak as having his starters in the game throwing TDs in the 4th while up huge over WVU. You gotta credit the old guy's formula, even if you don't respect it.

At this point it doesn't matter, though. If Oregon wins out they'll be in the top 2, as they should be if they can win @USC, @Cal, Stanford, @OSU and vs P12 South Champ. If they don't, they won't. Simple as that.

Your argument is that Oregon

Your argument is that Oregon should be ranked higher because they beat Fresno?

WVU had their starters in as well so that is a non-argument.

K-State beat Miami. Oregon beat Tenn Tech.


that's it. Good job.

I like the irony of your argument about Miami and Tenn Tech, but you left out that Oregon (literally) had to play Tenn Tech because KSU cancelled the series. Snyder ball, baby.

Again this is all a non-issue at the end of the day. If Oregon actually goes 13-0 they'll be in the top 2, regardless of how KSU finishes.

Ranked Team

The fact that we are a ranked team in a huge rebuild year is very impressive. Way to go BSU!! Congratulations to both the players and the staff.. We look better every game.

Head scratcher of the week

West Virginia @ #22

Two straight losses by a combined score of 104-28

Go figure....

100% agree

The early hype somehow keeps them ranked. They are a lost team right now and there's probably plenty of couch burning going on in WV.

Big 10

Michigan v Nebraska this week
Wisconsin still has to play Ohio State and Penn St.
Then there is the Big 10 championship game.

I'm guessing that the Big 10 champion (Ohio State and Penn St are not eligible) will have 3 or 4 losses this year and not finish in the BCS top 20.

Some non-AQ school will have a shot at going to a BCS bowl.

Thanks for explaining why

Thanks for explaining why Ohio State couldnt win the Big Ten. Cripe didnt mention that important fact.


Moving up by beating a bunch of really crappy teams...the BCS realizes this come nitty gritty time ....Better call Maaco..

Yap Yap Yap



You're mom called. She wants to to stop bringing diseased gay men home. She wants you back in counseling, and out of her basement, for good!

Not that there is anything wrong with it...

Didn't your mom have any kids that lived?????


What team do you cheer for on Saturdays?

Keep it fair...

Just teams that don't just beat up on poor ones...SEC.Pac 12....

Cupcake State methodology and fans delusion..

As usual beat a bunch of cream puffs and lose to a crappy Michigan State(now 4-4) and claim you are a BCS contender. Beat nobody with a winning record except Fresno at home. No wins over any BCS conference teams but beat Miami of Ohio, Byu by 1 at home (in the b*tt ugliest game of the year), Southern Miss - 0-7, New Mexico, and UNLY 1-7. This is a rank team not a BCS team - LOL! Coach "Cupcake Pete" knows the system.

U of I Troll Alert

While you were focused on BSU's success the Vandulls gave up 70 points on Saturday. Eaglefan's response: "Oh but we focus on Academics too!" Really? U of I doesn't even crack the top 200 in academics. No one & I mean no one outside of Idaho knows about the University of Idaho. Give it up trollbag!


One would then think that Idaho, getting butchered every week by good teams, has a claim to the top 25. While I'm here I will propose a name change for Idaho, Moscow State University, would save this state a lot of embarrassing press and sound more like a Big Sky team.

Well pony,

We dont claim it. We are what we are ranked. If that makes us a BCS contender then so be it. Cant help that. If you dont like it take it up with people that know more about football than you. To be fair there are lots of crappy cupcake scheduling BCS contenders. My guess is that your team isn't one of them.

P2, If pony took up the issue

with people that know more about football than he does, he'd be talking to almost everyone in the country....Sunny...


So true. Eaglefan & Pony: The clueless, classless, ambiguoulsly g duo.

Polyester Pantsman

I just like to see teams play decent competition....why do all of the Brono fans not even bother to come in for the second half???

Watched Florida play last night

Kinda looked like BSU offense of past. Cool how other schools are taking notice at how BSU plays and if not taking our coaches away (Pease) they are trying to immitate the little guy from the west. Come on Harsin get Texas up to snuff or come back to BSU.


The Texas offense is doing just fine. Especially considering Harsin is only halfway through his second season as coordinator. They average 457 yards a game, and 44.4 points per game (which ranks 6th in the FBS.) It's their defense that needs work. On pace to be the worst statistical defense in Texas history.
Florida, meanwhile, is improving on offense but still has a long way to go. 350 yds/game and 30.1 pts (good for 55th.) Boise State averages 374 yds and 26.1 pts (76th.) Defense? That's a different story!

I know

but i always knew BSU was in good hands with Harsen in the sky box. With his fam ties here I thought he wouldn't leave. And Florida being 6-0 they don't need to improve much.

Boise Fans have no area to diss anothers schedule cause....

Boise's own schedule thus far has their opponents at a total 35 wins and 55 losses....

yes, 35 wins and 55 losses and they lost to a 4-4 MSU and barely beat a 4-4 BYU....

and yet, Boise may be BCS rated 20 by 6:30 today....

I would like to open an 'BCS Apology Week' by Boise fans where they dissed the BCS system for 2010 and 2011....and now it looks like the same system is honoring a schedule that has teams with 35 wins and 55 losses, yes 35 wins and 55 losses....

so what if 6-1? How many BCS AQ and non-AQ have a 6-1 record and played a 35-55 schedule?

Boiseans, please apologize....

You first ugly....

First off, the records of our (or anyone's) future opponents have nothing to do with how we are ranked at 6:30 today.

Now, for the record, the combined record of the teams Boise State has played is 21-33.

Not great, I think BSU fans realize this.

Where your analysis losses it's credibility is you thinking no other top 25 plays plays bad schedules.

Here are four examples of top 25 teams and their opponents records.

(See if you can guess the teams and their rank)


Your welcome in advance.

Please, B43S42U:

Don't bother letting facts get in the way when dropping a beat-down on Ugly. Facts are totally unnecessary.

He can't. . .

He can't hear the facts, his opinions are already too loud.

BSU4342....Yes you partly correct but also

partly wrong....

Yes, the Boise schedule I listed included all the teams they will play for moment, it is 35 wins and 55 losses, and that includes a current 6-2 Nevada....

No I wont list the teams because I know 3 of those that you have listed will lose BCS ratings by the end of season, mainly because three of them have two tough opponents each and they will lose....the other one will scathe through....

That is why I totally disagree with BCS and its love for VT and WVU, they are always is South Carolina....

What we need from the BCS is an 8 team system, not a 4 team system....

Boise was shafted in 2010 and opinion is Boise could have the NC in either year with a 8 tema playoff system....

This week, Boiseans need to confess and apologize....that is why I have 'BCS Apologize Week' for Boise Fans....take the grace, but dont take the bragging cause beat UNLV?

Thanks for playing ugly

For laughs though, how about telling all of us here the "3" that I listed that have 2 "tough" games left and will "lose". And as a bonus, which one will "scathe" through.

Georgia (18-33)
Rutgers (17-32)
Ohio (13-38)
Oregon (25-27)

This should be very educational for us all..........

Φ Kinda like

trying to poke holes in Swiss cheese.

BSU4342....I will not dive into this because I am sure....

many 'betters' have read this blog and have used my success in Vegas....

I dont want to affect the oddsmakers....

Hint: the one that scathes wears green, and the others red....

Thanks again for the laugh ugly


Ah yes. . .

Ah yes, another week of people who know more. Like many other issues that cause me to scratch my head in wonderment, this one tops the cake: People who think that they know more about the game,than the those who actually do. Reminds of the "intellectuals" in college who would argue with professors on subjects they knew nothing about. The crappy system is what it is, the rankings are what they are and BSU's schedule is what it is. It can't be changed now nor will be just because somebody thinks they know more.

Looks like Akey has been fired

Too bad, I liked the guy, but he lost his team. I watched their last two games and it was obvious the players were just going through the motions.