Akey fired as Idaho's football coach

By Brian Murphy

Idaho football coach Robb Akey has been fired, the school announced Sunday afternoon.

“The President (Duane Nellis) and I believe it is important to make this move now so we can immediately begin the process of hiring a new coach for the 2013 season,” Athletic Director Rob Spear said in a statement. “We appreciate Coach Akey’s enthusiasm and dedication to the University of Idaho but this is the right move at this time.”

Akey was 20-50 in five-plus seasons with the Vandals. Idaho is 1-7 this season after Saturday's 70-28 loss at Louisiana Tech. Akey led the Vandals to a victory in the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, just the second bowl win in program history. It was Idaho's only winning season under Akey.

Offensive coordinator Jason Gesser will serve as interim coach.

Spear said a search for Akey’s replacement will begin immediately.

Akey’s contract, which expires in December 2014, has a base salary of $165,796. The school must pay Akey his base salary until the end of the contract or it must pay the difference between the base salary and Akey's new salary if he is hired elsewhere.

He was scheduled to earn an additional $210,000 for media programs and public appearances from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Idaho will play the 2013 season as a Football Bowl Subdivision independent. The Vandals announced their schedule on Friday. The WAC, the Vandals' current league, will not sponsor football in 2013.

Gesser, a former Washington State quarterback, is in his second season as a college football assistant coach, both with Idaho.

BSU4342....thats not true....I was at the game and I

respect Pokey Allen....I also liked Lyle Setensich, but he had no chance as a Marine with the vile Bronco crowds of the time....

They never kicked the ball that way....what happened was 2-3 over throws by qb went that way and the crowd went hysterical....the crowd was in a bad mood in first quarter and it never left....

I believe the final straw was the fake punt in the 4th quarter when leading by 30 or so points....

I never saw the disrespect towards Pokey Allen as many Broncos claimed then, and still believe to this day....

The Broncos wanted a win for Pokey and it didnt happen....

Harley is right! You believe in Big-Foot....

Let's see ugly....

there are at least a dozen written accounts that don't match your "rainbow" version.

(I guess you didn't see the cigars that the Idaho coaching staff lit up on the sideline at the end of the game? That I know is a fact. I'm sure they meant no disrespect to Pokey, who was dying from lung cancer.)

BSU4342....If that were true, then the Idaho Statesman

would of had plenty of photos to show that....

Do you have those photos?

Also, lets say they did light cigars....how do you know it wasnt out of victory and had nothing to do with Pokey Allen....also, in those days the Bronco v Vandal rivalry was pretty harsh and many bad things were said on both side....

My mistake!

I thought I was dealing with a couple history buffs. I'll take your comments as a "NO".

Actually four

My comment stands, thanks anyway though.

You are correct sir.

This thread is moving faster than I can type- must be a slow TV night. It is, however, an interesting mix of folks that like one school and hate the other. Like both, or hate both. Wow.

fourtwobeone....the only history buff is JL....ask him that


but please, do not ask him about Benteen or Reno....

Thanks for the tip.

But it's OK - I know the answer. I just wondered if he knew. After all, he brought it up.

fourtwobeone....lets skip the historian....now I am curious as

to the onside kick....I dont remember it....it must have been in the third quarter or just after half-time?

I do remember the fake punt....

What was the significance of the onside kick?


this past week, your bro in law made a fuss about how anyone could be in the bronco alumni club but only those of us with 90 credits or more from idaho could be in the idaho alumni club.

Who is my bro and why are

Who is my bro and why are you so qullible?


The Q is a long way from the G.

Like San Diego is from Payette.

By the way, should they rename Voices Post a topic and ignore it?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

B81 - this is true

It continues to be advertised by BSU that anybody can join the BSU Alumni Association if they are alive and have ten bucks, per the radio ad on KBOI that played many times during breaks of the broadcast of the pregame show and during the radio broadcast of the game (recent UNLV game).

However to join the Idaho Alumni Association, a student must have completed at least 90 credit hours of work at the University of Idaho or be a graduate of the University of Idaho.

What is so hard about that for you to comprehend.

If you doubt my word, contact 'Paul J.' at KBOI and ask him if it is voice that appears on the radio ad for the BSU Alumni Association.

It does appear to an objective mind that membership to the Idaho Alumni Association requires at least 90 credits of completed coursework at Idaho or a sheepskin from Moscow, while membership to the BSU Alumni Association requires only a credit card number.

And the funny thing is, that BSU STILL CANNOT get more alumni than Idaho has - even by cheating.

I am waiting for news that the BSU Alumni Association has opened a kiosk in the Boise Mall, selling memberships to the BSU Alumni Association for ten bucks a pop.

I am not making this stuff up. Everything is verifiable and you know it.


never posted that i doubted it

sombrero wearin vndl. you're all mixed up on the salary issue on the previous page.

B81 - please read what Murphy wrote about how much Akey's base

salary is, and then compare it to what ugly said.

ugly is not mixed up about it, cuz ugly just quoted it verbatim.

And I was the fact checker that B283940 said ugly needed.

You two sure don't seem to be able to read and comprehend much.

Why is that?


PS - So you are saying Murphy is wrong, too?

Harley....I will take a jab at Pokeys curse before any of

the anti-Vandals do....

In the mid-1990s Pokey Allen was the Broncos coach and he was struggling with cancer....The Broncos have held a grudge because the Vandals had won big on the last day that Pokey Allen would be at the stadium....I believe the Vandals scored on a hail mary or a fake punt when they already had a big lead and have held a big grudge since....

Im not exactly sure what the curse was, but it stemmed from that game....

Pokey Allen was a great guy and coach and motivator....he unfortunately died at a young age....

Seems a little shallow to

Seems a little shallow to me...but then when the only thing you have to live for is being told what color to wear at the games, it makes sense. Vandal Black looked good at the toilet bowl on Saturday...what Silver and Gold next week?

I am just trying to understand your position

You hate Boise State fans, You hate people who are doing well. You hate people that are enjoying themselves. You like to call people names it makes you feel more like a man. About once a year you like to tease the community for failing at something. And make no mistake about everygame that BSU wins is good for boise. It creates sales of merchandise and gets people outside the state talking about the area and wanting to come here and check it out. Everytime I see a game, the announcer says something about the mountains, the streams, the area and the people.. Have you ever seen a game broadcast from Manhattan Kansas or how about Rutgers where the fans boo the Kids that serve our country...not the same stuff being said during these broadcasts.

Your are right it is the world that has a problem and you seem to be well adjusted. I get that I am just a simple construction worker fixing distressed homes canyon county, but as an outsider it seems that BSU tries to do it right. In the fiesta bowl they sent a kid home and people said they would not do if it was a star, well yesterday they sat a star.. infact they have sat many a star over the years TY, Austin Petis, Canadian bacon, amoung others. During the sanctions they turned themselves in. They were proactive Not like UNC or the U in Miami, I kind of remember Ohio State doing a full on cover up and lets not even talk about Penn State. This Staff seems to have character, all I see is them being respectful and trying to deliver a positive message for kids and teens. Sure they may disappoint us in the future and they have made some mistakes in the past but from what I can tell they seem to be ethical.

Some day you might try to pay something forward rather than being the old muppets in the balcony...

Kudos to you Iwid....

well said.....

The irony

would be the plane he has to board to take him out of town is the Alaska Air's BSU plane...

Probably shouldn't be surprised...

The State Board of Education met last week...what do you want to bet Akey's proposed termination was revealed to the Board, and discussed at length, in executive session? Funny how such actions typically occur after a Board meeting.

Hey all you Bozo

Hey all you Bozo Staters...what about firing the Defensive Coordinator...you know, former Bronco player and BSU alumni...Mark Criner. Son of legendary coach Cry Baby Criner...how about it?

Look at you man...

You're so upset, its funny.

Will a fellow vandal get this guy some tissues?

Come on JLamehead...lets

Come on JLamehead...lets hear your profound take on Mark Criner...you clearly have ALL the answners...if not go back to BJC and get some of that edumcation!

Come on harley

That was lame bro. I thought you were one of the smarter vandals. I mean ugly and SIF are about as dumb as human beings can be on this planet. I expect that from those guys. But you? Come on. Try harder.

no kidding

it's edumacation harley. even the guy that runs your trailer park knows that.

We cant be any dumber than Benteen or


At least by 'latter-day' historians....

Not the only thing in common

I'd say being a traitor is about the worse thing you could be called, ya?

Maybe traitorous coward.

Quit looking in the mirror....


JL - apparently you don't know your history

Both Reno, Benteen and all surviving commissioned officers were cleared of any negligence of duty or any cowardice, whatsoever,. during the Battle of Greasy Ridge (which you refer to as Custer's Last Stand and some refer to as The Battle of the Little Bighorn); by both a Congressional investigation and a War Department Tribunal.

All were given official clean bills of health.

Benteen left the Army later and killed himself. But he was not considered a traitor - possibly a 'deserter' or a 'malingerer' or insubordinate - yes - but not a traitor.

I am kinda amazed that you as a person who has never worn a uniform a day in your life would have the temerity to call a deceased combat Army Oficer who had fought and been wounded, in prior battle(s), for his country; a 'traitor'.

Possibly you should study up on the Uniform Code of Military Justice and educate yourself about what 'Negligence of Duty' and 'Traitor' actually are defined as, before you go off running your lips and making yourself look like a fool to serious students of military history.


VNDL....The problem with today's historians is that they dont


For instance, I have never bought the entire 'Custer Last Stand' theory as rewritten by today's historians and the JLs of the world....here is why.

I too have seen the battlefield. In around 1975, they did another archaelogical dig and rewrote the history books....they reconstructed from what was found and what had happened....what puzzled me the most is that there were no bunkers dug in....there was no proof of any soldier digging a bunker to set in for battle....

As the story goes, Custer went ahead of orders. Benteen was in the background waiting for Reno. They claimed that Custer defied orders and went on his own. Now that is where the puzzle starts. With over 100 soldiers and horses and ammo, do you just charge? Or do you 'bunker' down first and then make an plan-of-attack?

To me this whole Battlefield has a 'set-up' behind it. Maybe Benteen knew more that what the Historians knew....

JLamehead...not your

JLamehead...not your "BRO"...you can just call me Dr. Slackwater, thank you!

Doc Slackwater

I never called you my 'bro'.


um Harley.....

He should have been fired, their defense was terrible.


a u of i student once told me they would rather stay in their dorm rooms and get drunk than go to the game...good luck u of i...

He!!uva thread

I don't think we've had so much fun on a thread since...IDK, maybe the u of I logo thing. You gotta give spear some credit, he keeps us all entertained with his athletic department. We should pool some cash to keep him around.

We're in trouble if they can Spear.....

I have no Fing clue what he makes each year....


Stay classy...

Set your bantoring aside and enjoy...bsu is featured int this


That was pretty good....


That Vandal Bed

just got a whole lot bumpier. It is a typical response to blame the coach for the failures of a university that has been mismanaged for years, but to do it at this time is probably the worst decision that could have been made. Yes the Vandals are losing, but does anyone seriously think that "train-wreck" up there can be fixed? Someone with blinders on to the whole situation might believe so. Some serious consequences for this action are about to take place and if you think it's bad now, just wait.
Everybody knows that the one program that "drives the bus" at any university is the football program. If it makes money then everything else is good. For the University of Idaho, that hasn't happened in years. There is no attraction for quality recruits to go to the U of I. Nobody in the FBS wants the U of I in their conference, and now going independent with no hope for a conference championship, no hope for a bowl game invite and the worst facilities of any FBS program, getting rid of the one guy that might be able to hold what remains of a devastated football team together sounds like all the ingredients for a colossal collapse.
The bed the Vandals have made for themselves is certainly one that I wouldn't want to sleep in.


It's not as bad as you portray. UI has to remain in the WAC and be Independent in order to keep the WAC revenue. I envision a further split in divisional teams and UI and the BSC will be at the 2nd tier...just as has been envisioned.

I just realized!!

Coach Pete better not get fired

He's only making......$0.00 (natta, zilch, zero)

(Yikes! this Vandal math is scary stuff)


None of these other tools opinions (like Ugly, etc.) even matter. These guys are trolls, have little facts, and basically spout venom because they hate facts, and despise Boise State's success.

For those of us that have listened to Idaho Sports Talk for years, we know Vandal Kevin. Quite possibly the funniest, most engaging, and thought provoking caller in the history of the show.
And unequivocally, one of the most vocal fans in the history of the school.

I hope Kevin steps up and offers his two cents. Not everybody can listen to the show everyday.

Firing Akey was not a good

Firing Akey was not a good move yeah they have a losing record but there not going to find a better coach willing to coach in Moscow. Recruiting has been there major problem for years. They can even find the middle of the road players there no better than a Div I or II school!

Change of the Guard is not the fix.

It appears that Akey is just a another casualty in what appears a sinking ship up in Moscow. Replacing him is not the answer. Even with replacing him, Idaho is always going to struggle to find recruits and next years Idependence is not helping things. Big Sky is on the fore front. It is time to swallow your pride and go back to where you were at one time competitive. The Big Sky is not a bad conference. There you will be able to enjoy regional rivalries and might even win some games.


At least a year too late, but that is out of the way.

U of I Coaches

Tom Cable, Nick Holt were ran out of town, but actually got kicked up. Tom went on to be head coach of the Raiders and Nick is the OC for U of Wash. Wonder what will happen to Akey?

Facts are a little off

Cable was coach at Oakland and hammer punched another coach and was fired sometime later.

I believe Holt was fired as DC at UW after allowing record points and yards to RGIII and Baylor last year in their bowl game. John l smith hired him as recruiting coordinator at Arkansas. A job that won't last much longer.


It is sad but Akey is not completely the problem. Since 2000 every coach that has been there has a losing record. Tom Cable was 11-35, Nick Holt was 2-23 and Rob Akey was 20-50, Since 2000 Idaho has 39 wins against 104 losses. Idaho has 1 winning season since in 2000 (8-5) in 2009. Replacing the coach is going to be the fix. Vandals need to relize that the facility (Kibbie Dome 16,000) and recruiting are not up to par with the reason of the teams they are playing against. Time to go back to the Big Sky. It is going to be interesting to find a coach that has to understand 2-3 years they will probably be in the Big Sky. Take a look at next years schedule. Things are probably going to be the same in the win/loss. I see a possible 2 wins against New Mexico St. but the rest of the games are possible losses. Fresno St, Washington St, Ole Miss, Wyoming, are all losses.