Akey fired as Idaho's football coach

By Brian Murphy

Idaho football coach Robb Akey has been fired, the school announced Sunday afternoon.

“The President (Duane Nellis) and I believe it is important to make this move now so we can immediately begin the process of hiring a new coach for the 2013 season,” Athletic Director Rob Spear said in a statement. “We appreciate Coach Akey’s enthusiasm and dedication to the University of Idaho but this is the right move at this time.”

Akey was 20-50 in five-plus seasons with the Vandals. Idaho is 1-7 this season after Saturday's 70-28 loss at Louisiana Tech. Akey led the Vandals to a victory in the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, just the second bowl win in program history. It was Idaho's only winning season under Akey.

Offensive coordinator Jason Gesser will serve as interim coach.

Spear said a search for Akey’s replacement will begin immediately.

Akey’s contract, which expires in December 2014, has a base salary of $165,796. The school must pay Akey his base salary until the end of the contract or it must pay the difference between the base salary and Akey's new salary if he is hired elsewhere.

He was scheduled to earn an additional $210,000 for media programs and public appearances from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Idaho will play the 2013 season as a Football Bowl Subdivision independent. The Vandals announced their schedule on Friday. The WAC, the Vandals' current league, will not sponsor football in 2013.

Gesser, a former Washington State quarterback, is in his second season as a college football assistant coach, both with Idaho.


Now What?

He was only making $165,000....

You'd think Coach Pete could have spare alittle?....


Was Akey only making $165K a year?

A simple yes or no will do.

From the State Taxpayers....


You see ugly, you change or rewrite something

To get what you said in error, correct.

Wouldn't it have been simpler to just man-up and cop to the fact that Akey wasn't "only making a $165K"




Because I was stating that because he is institution, he will find another job at that level....the Coaches fund at Idaho wont help Akey if he becomes AD at NNC....

You didntn read Murphs article and you already had me as wrong....

VNDL is correct on this one....


You are simply trying to confuse the conversation. Everybody knows Akey earned more than his base salary. His base salary is the subject of the conversation and for some reason you want to argue he's going to earn more than the base salary.

SIF......in case you missed the first post of the day

Submitted by ugly on Sun, 10/21/2012 - 4:23pm.

Now What?

He was only making $165,000....

Might want to be careful with the "Everybody knows" thing....

Just sayin


You are just splitting hairs and choosing not to acknowledge why the 165K salary was mentioned in the press release.

Actually all I did

was chide ugly for not checking his facts. Because the fact is, Akey made more than $165K.

I think that's only splitting hairs for you because it's ugly, and you feel the need to stand in for him.

No worries, I get it.


Okay, I get it!


None of these other tools opinions (like Ugly, etc.) even matter. These guys are trolls, have little facts, and basically spout venom because they hate facts, and despise Boise State's success.

For those of us that have listened to Idaho Sports Talk for years, we know Vandal Kevin. Quite possibly the funniest, most engaging, and thought provoking caller in the history of the show. And unequivocally, one of the most vocal fans in the history of UofI.

I hope Kevin steps up and offers his two cents. Not everybody can listen to the show everyday.

Love that dude

He has that very rare ability to make his point and make you laugh at the same time.

Hmmmm A few thoughts

1) Bout time.
2) Broncos will be sending UI Prince's resume
3) VNDL and UGLY will go on and on about how Coach Pete is the top candidate.
4) Imagine kellen moore coaching a big Sky vandal team.

Now for some conspiracy theory stuff

1)This could be at akeys request. It gives him a chance to not quit and maybe gets him a little money.
It actually isnt that bad. Akey goes in and says, we all know that we are going to step down. I dont want to be the guy that is known as the only coach to steer a program down a level. So for my reputation, please give me an out.

2) This could be a step to getting a coach with the intent to steer the program through the next couple of years as they will step down.

3 Funny how the same people( SIF and Harley ugly, and VNDL) who were saying that he is a good coach are now changing their tune.

On a blog just yesterday everyone was saying how he is a D1 coach and could get a job at several D1 schools. Now who is right?

4) Akey was the perfect vandal. always thought the vandals were good, and always drunk.

Where will this program go?

no conference wants them, no coach to coach them, no schedule past next year, no conference awards, no TV deal, no bowl games. Nothing.

How do you recruit to that. UI could have stepped down and immediately competed for conference titles in teh big sky. With this plan, they are mortgaging their future on the backs of current players. This will hurt them in the long run huge.

You are a recruit: They could have said, come play with a coach and a program that has competed at the D1 level. Now they can only say, hey, who knows who our coach will be, we have no shot at any postseason this year or next and we dont know what will happen to our program. Now, if you were that recruit and UM, MSU or Eastern Washington came to your door what would you choose. The program that knows where it will be in 2 years or the one that is just an absolute mess? I'll take the big sky team anyday!

The players should be given the same out as the penn players. No 1 year sit and they can transfer any time they want. None of them signed up for this charlie foxtrot.


I can't speak for VNDL, Ugly, or Harley...however, I can say that I'm on the record for weathering the storm and supporting coach Akey through thick or thin. I lived in Oregon most of my life and watched how Rich Brooks resurrected the Duck football program over his 23/24 year tenure. He built a nice foundation for UO's football program. I have advocated for the same patience for coach Akey. However, the Vandal faithful have had enough and chosen to move on.

SIF60....Its not that there is a lack of support, it is the

elusive dream that Vandal Football is chasing after....

I would like to see Vandal Football succeed, but I think their chase after the wind may have lost alot of supporters, and many of those supporters live in Boise and probably watch Bronco games....

The Bronco BCS success since 2006 has gained alot of fans, including Vandals....and that success has put the Vandals into the back seat....

Maybe in the future the Vandals will regain football strength and the Broncos will stub their toe in the Big East....Maybe?


UI is handling this wrong. UI football can succeed with a coach 100% committed to UI. I think Akey was 100% committed to UI...even if he'd won 70% of his games.

As you know I've lived in Oregon for the the past 30+ years (except when I attended UI) and I watched UofO weather the storm with Rich Brooks. I can vividly recall booster and alumni throwing in the towel and saying we should drop out of the PAC-10 and join the WAC and PCAA.

However, Oregon remained patient and over Brooks 23 or 24 year tenure he slowly but surely built up a respectable Oregon team and laid-out a very good foundation for the next coaches to follow in his footsteps. Also, Bronco fans should understand that because of Rich Brooks they had the benefit of Dirk Koetter, Dan Hawkins and Chris Peterson be directed their way.

I just think UI should've weathered the storm with Coach Akey.


maybe you are right as with Some_Guy and a few others....

It could be a long haul as you stated....it will take monies and patience....

I think they will

hire a former Vandie, "in house" that will take them where they are destined to go. Someone who can do it with as much pride as this sad program can muster.

mark schlereath or however that name is spelled

he is the man..


could be a good move. he knows how to win. shocking that they made the move mid-season.

wasnt akey the d coordinator

wasnt akey the d coordinator when guesser was qb at the ZOO. guesser is just keeping the seat warm. I bet he does not want the job. How will a guy with 1.5 years take over recruiting and find a staff. He is just there till the end of the year.

Not sure how Rob Spear gets

Not sure how Rob Spear gets to keep his job. Whoever he hires will be his 4th coach - that alone is a sign of failure.

Athletic Director Rob Spear is next

Athletic Director Rob Spear is next to go.

I hope that he is gone by the end of football season.

Dont worry....once in the institution, always in the


He will find work in the institution that pays $165,000....

Ugly, you need a fact checker

Akey made more than double what you have him at.

Come on bud, Idaho is suppose to be your school.

B1234567 - read the main article

it sez, en parte: " . . . Akey’s contract, which expires in December 2014, has a base salary of $165,796."

I am the Fact Checker you told ugly he needed.

I checked the facts.

ugly stated what the main article of this thread said.

Yet you disute anything ugly sez.

ugly is correct and you are a Nabob for calling him out when it is obvious you hadn't read the main article.

You, I can see have received some of the Counter Pokey Curse that is reserved specifically for certain Broncos (not all, but some like you).

If you notice a change in your dietary habits, elimination movements/schedule, frequency of gasping for air, irritation of the soles of your feet, or You notice that people have discretely mentioned that your breath stinks, it might be you got it.

No hope really for getting rid of it.

The Counter Pokey Curse is a serious malady, with no known cure. It can be put into remission, but one has to be Pure of Heart for the remissive therapy to work and have any benefit.

It seems you are SOL.

Now might be a good time to decide what you are gonna do with all your Bronco Gear when Final Whistle blows and how much you are gonna give Ms. Whistle for 'stopping by'.


You knew the train wreck would show up

sooner or later.

You are probably more informed about hourly wages, but "base salary" is just that.

This should help


Thanks for stopping in Lindsey, you can go now.

B-54321 - R U saying that Murphy is wrong?

So, what Murphy wrote is wrong. cuz all ugly did was copy what Murphy wrote.

Please advise if Murphy is wrong or not.

You might be right, he is maybe wrong.


I guess anything over "hourly wages" confuse you

Read this again


One more time


Pay special vandal attention to this section....

"His base salary, paid by the state, is $165,796.80. Other compensation is a media payment of $190,000 per year, increasing by $10,000 every year. All salary beyond the base amount is paid by athletic department donors."

I know this can be tough, think of it as having an hourly wage and then getting overtime pay........

Apparently Murphy was wrong - you are saying?

I got this from what Murphy wrote in the main article for this thread: " . . . Akey’s contract, which expires in December 2014, has a base salary of $165,796."

I did not write it.

ugly did not write it.

You did not write it.

Murphy wrote it.

All ugly and I are saying is quoting Murphy. I have no idea how much Akey gets paid. I do know that Akey receives State taxpayers money, while Coach Pete does not. We have been over this ground before. It is a good thing that Coach Pete is paid by donors for the Bronco Football Program. We all agree with that.

Possibly you should write Murphy's articles for him as you are deft to criticize posters who quote his writings.


PS - It just seems like yoiu go out of your way lately, to pick fights with ugly and other Vandals who are members of the BAA and support the Bronco Football Team. Why is that? Jealousy, a lack of self confidence, impotence, gastric leakage, male pattern balding, testiculardroidism - what?

I realize you have a need to help your little buddy

But you are just showing all, your ignorance.

"All ugly and I are saying is quoting Murphy"

No ugly did not quote Murphy, and if you put down the lotion long enough to actually read what ugly wrote you would, of course, known this.

What someone "makes" and what someones "base salary" is are two completely difference things.

Now, no more financial lessons for either of you tonight.


I think the only reason the base salary was mentioned is because Akey's contract garantees him that amount of money until 2014 or he finds other employment. I think BS is just splitting hairs.

i feel sorry for vndl

he tries to defend his pal and the concept is just over their heads. it's that idaho education.

Not you too SIF


You tell us,

Was Akey only making $165K a year?

Simple yes or no will do.

BSU4342....VNDL and Murphy are

correct....the state's wage is in the $165,000....

Akey made alittle more than $300,000 thru Coaches and Alumni Funds....

But you alluded the original premise as usual....I said Akey will find another job in the institution that will pay $165,000....I was talking of his states-base salary....

I think you've been hacked ugly

Cause the very first post in this article says it was you. But you now say you said something completely different.

You better look into that!


You are confused. The only reason the base salary is listed in the news release is that UI will pay Akey $165K per year through Dec 2014. It has nothing to do with what he gets paid for from other sources.

Not sure what Idaho expects.

Not sure what Idaho expects. They have no facilities, no fans and now no conference. Good luck finding a coach that wants to step into that mess.

um no fans? Definitely beg

um no fans? Definitely beg to differ.

Sorry, they have a 16,000

Sorry, they have a 16,000 seat stadium that they can't come close to filling. I guess I should have said no fans that care to go to the games.


Unlike BSU, a large percentage of people that attend the games are students. It's obvious that it's a completely different environment than BSU. Feel free to ridicule the attendance all you want, but at least you have loyal fans hanging in from around the region (Spokane, Boise, etc). RiverCity...you seem to spend a great deal of time commenting on the Vandal articles. Closet fan?

How often do you go to the games?

They have trouble filling the stadium. There are certainly supportive in the area, but they don't go to the games.. Yes, a large percentage of those in attendance are students....who get in free. You need to fill the rest of the stadium> I really like Akey and hate to see him go, but he just couldn't get the job done.

No fans

Your "fans" were loud and proud wearing BLACK this weekend in Boise. LOL

Akey's a great guy... but

Akey's a great guy... but even as a die hard Vandal, it's easy to see that it is time to part ways with him.

I loved his enthusiasm and

I loved his enthusiasm and positive approach, and I loved listening him talk about the Vandals. I hope he makes it as a coordinator somewhere to prove his worth. Moscow is a tough place to recruit quality players.

It won't get any better as Idaho moves to independent status.

there really isn't much to say


So long Foghorn Leghorn...

You're next Spear.

great name for

him. fits well. you're a genius landon:)

At least he didnt say Little Big Horn, cause he

knows nothing of that history....

geez ugly

you're not the only intellectual. i've met landon and he is a stand up guy who has done very well for himself. your posts on these blogs have given people far more reason to question your intellect.