Fans, media rave about Boise State's all-black football uniforms

Black Uniforms

Ugliest uniforms east of the Cascades. Is Boise State trying to compete with Oregon for the ugly uniform prize?

hope this black is a one

hope this black is a one time thing,a look at the stands was blaw

blindshoe - I kinda agree and kinda not

I really liked the black unis and especially the black matte helmets.

However the stands looked - blah.

I would like to see BSU get rid of orange as one of the two school colors and go with Black and Blue. Use the Blue/White for Away Games and the Black for home games.

Also, there were lots of black shirts and coats and stuff being worn, but just because they were black and didn't really have anything about the Broncos printed on them, just a black t-shirt over a hoodie or an old military rain coat or someting like that.

I have no problems spending money getting bronco gear, cuz I am a Vandal and have oodles of money because I am an Idaho graduate, so I can have a very large and extensive Bronco wardrobe. But my heart goes out to the Broncos who live pay check to pay check and have to worry about getting enough money to go bowling, for smokes and beer, and to get their propane bottles filled up for heat cuz winter is around the corner.

There are many Broncos that just can't affort new Bronco Gear evry year - let alone new colors to wear.

I would recommend that the color orange be thrown out and black coming on board to replace the orange.

The Broncos could be known as:

The Black and Blue Ball Boyz.

That would be intimidating.

The color balck looked cool and I really love those black matte helmets and hope the Broncos wear those helmets every game regardless of the color of the unis.

But I do know what you mean about the stands looking blah. I also noticed how apparent the empty seats were from overhead shots. If it was a sea of orange or blue or a combination of colors they would have looked not as empty as it did the other day. It looked kinda full at first, and then the game started.

A couple of the overhead shots made it look like it was maybe 2/3 full. This was at a time when folks were getting drinks and dogs and such, which makes an empty seat stick out like a smashed thumb on a rhino when it is only black that is the surrounding color of the empty seats. Lots of people getting stuff to eat and drink really made the stadium look kinda sparse.

Maybe they can change the camera angles to show more people in the stands, cuz it sure didn't look like the sellout it was hyped up to be. A sea of bright orange really can hide empty seats on TV.

One thing that is good however, is that Broncos can go to the Thrift Stores in Boise starting tomorow and prolly pick up some smokin' deals on used black bronco gear for if they ever do the 'blackout' again next year. Who knows, maybe there are even a few pairs of bowling shoes that are there too?

Go Broncos.


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Dude, you need to get a life

Dude, you need to get a life other than Bronco football.


So - did you get your black Bronco shirt, yet?

There is more to life than Bronco football?



Black uni's

I still say a navy blue like the Chicago Bears would be better. After all they are the school colors. Not only would they look fantastic, they could be worn throughout the season. Not just as a specialty uniform. It's time to get rid of the light blue anyway, except as an accent color. What do you think? GO BRONCOS!


such a big deal yet the tailgate was dead, disappointing bsu fans

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