Boise State rolls past UNLV

By Chadd Cripe

No. 24 Boise State's defense didn't allow a point Saturday at Bronco Stadium — celebrating the blackout by shutting down UNLV.

The Broncos, who haven't allowed a first-half score in the past five games, rolled to a 32-7 win — their sixth straight victory.

The Rebels’ only points came off a fourth-quarter fumble by backup quarterback Grant Hedrick that was returned for a touchdown.

“It’s fun to watch — loving their effort,” Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick said of the defense. “They’re doing a good job of getting the ball for us, getting us good field position. It’s three phases — defense is holding up their end and special teams did a good job tonight and offense did a good job tonight.”

Southwick was 22-of-29 for 243 yards with several drops. His only interception was a Hail Mary on the final play of the first half.

The Broncos (6-1, 3-0 Mountain West) added 137 rushing yards and addressed previous problems at the goal line by scoring on both plays they ran inside the 5-yard line.

“It was a little more rhythm,” coach Chris Petersen said. “I think Joe did a nice job. He’s getting better and progressing. … On offense, we’re making progress. We’re certainly not there. You can feel it — it’s just some details. We’ve got to get some things cleaned up.”

The closest UNLV came to scoring was a 20-play, 66-yard drive that bridged the third and fourth quarters. The Rebels decided to try a field goal to break up the shutout and the usually reliable Nolan Kohorst yanked the 22-yarder wide left.

The Rebels (1-7, 1-2) finished with 210 yards and just 71 passing yards. They were averaging 253 passing yards per game.

“They whipped our tail today,” UNLV coach Bobby Hauck said. “They came out and they played very well. I was impressed with the way they played.”

Notes: Boise State starting defensive end Demarcus Lawrence sat out the game because of a violation of team rules. … UNLV starting safety Peni Vea didn’t make the trip because of an arm injury. Freshman Kenny Keys replaced him. … UNLV left tackle Brett Boyko did not play. … Boise State wore all-black uniforms for the first time. … Boise State
tailback Drew Wright played for the first time in four games. … Sherry was injured late in the game but Hauck said he expects him to play next week.

First quarter

BSU — D.J. Harper 10 run (Harper run), 5:47. Key plays: The Broncos
defense drove UNLV back 29 yards on the preceding possession to set up
great field position. Quarterback Joe Southwick fired a 20-yard pass
to wide receiver Matt Miller to get into scoring range. Drive: 6
plays, 42 yards, 3:01. Boise State 8, UNLV 0

Second quarter

BSU — Michael Frisina 30 field goal, 13:25. Key plays: Harper made a nice cut at the line of scrimmage on a 35-yard run but tailback Jay Ajayi was stopped on third-and-3. Drive: 10 plays, 64 yards, 4:25. Boise State 11, UNLV 0

BSU — Ajayi 4 run (Frisina kick), 4:09. Key plays: Boise State cornerback Jerrell Gavins stopped a promising UNLV drive with an end-zone interception. The offense struck quickly with a 47-yard toss from Southwick to wide receiver Dallas Burroughs. Drive: 6 plays, 80 yards, 2:33. Boise State 18, UNLV 0

BSU — Gavins 16 fumble return (Frisina kick), 3:19. Boise State 25, UNLV 0

Third quarter

BSU — Harper 1 run (Frisina kick), 3:56. Key play: On third-and-14, UNLV rushed two and dropped nine guys into coverage. Still, wide receiver Chris Potter ran wide open for a 35-yard catch. Drive: 6 plays, 54 yards, 2:59. Boise State 32, UNLV 0

Fourth quarter

UNLV — Kenneth Penny 30 fumble return (Nolan Kohorst kick), 9:30. Boise State 32, UNLV 7

Pregame notes

Boise State sophomore defensive end Demarcus Lawrence is out for Saturday's game with UNLV at Bronco Stadium for violation of team rules.

Lawrence leads the Broncos in tackles for loss (six), sacks (5.5) and forced fumbles (three) Lawrence (6-foot-3, 242 pounds) has started every game for the Broncos this season. He has 26 tackles on the year.

Sophomore Tyler Horn is listed as Lawrence's backup on the depth chart.

• UNLV starting safety Peni Vea (arm injury) did not make the trip. Freshman Kenny Keys will replace Vea in the starting lineup.


unlv 27

broncos 20


Your score just went down the flusher.

Sorry?? I think you meant CLUELESS

That would be far more accurate.

Where is....

Demarcus Lawrence? I didn't see his name in the starting lineup, and dont see him on the field.

Φ See above, RMS

It was first posted by Murph about 30 minutes before gametime. Your guess is as good as mine. JL will likely know the story.

BSU's defense is not nice (with or without Lawrence). The rout is on.


I didn't even see the note. I hope this isn't a regular problem.

Φ Coach Pete

does not tolerate "regular problems".

Southwick has done a much better job of taking hits and not diving too soon in this game. He is definitely starting to look more comfortable. Now, just hit another nice long one (great catch by Dallas in the first half).

Haven't seen any mention of Mitch. Anyone know?

How would you know when it was posted?

Oh, I guess that means that you didn't ATTEND THE GAME

Bad Economy

With the bad economy unfortunately not everyone can afford to go to the games, but when you get your nose out of the air let us know.

Φ It depends

on what your outdoor activity priorities (and priorities in general) are. If you aren't a golfer (and I mean a player), that's fine.

You make your choices and I'll make mine. You won't find me accusing you of NOT PLAYING GOLF today.

Watched most of the game while getting in an hour of practice.

Sincerely, Class C fan

Go Broncos!

Golf and Tour de France got me through St. Al's last July.

Watching them does have it's benefits.

Better than the Batman murders.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Φ Nick

Watney ... 17 of 18 at Bethpage on Sunday ... absolutely incredible.

Go Broncos!

Hope we see more pounding the ball with Ajayi

and Big Dan in the second half.

I thought the

Play calling was much more BSU like.

Blackout looks great on TV.

Lawrence would have destroyed these UNLV tackles.

Joe is taking some licks.....

Φ Joe is learning

how to play. That shot he took from UNLV's wildman MLB (#55?) was wicked. Joe bounced up from that one pretty well.

UNLV has some athletes and tons of youth. What are they starting, 13-14 true or RS frosh? They have their stumbles, but aren't terrible. Cut off the TOs, and this game is 11-0 at half.

Only thing I didn't like about the plays in the first half was going to the flanker screen once too often. Don't know that I saw a bubble in there. Overall, looks like the playbook is being slowly opened.

Black is great and is bound for return visits.

[Edit: Huff dropped that long one from Joe because, when he turned back for the ball, he was looking straight into the sun. You could tell by the shadows. Surprised it didn't hit him in the facemask.]

Black Unis

Looks like the kids like their new duds and Ima liking what Ima seeing.


Absolutely the worst this year.

If Hedrick is our 2nd. best QB

we're in deep manure. He couldn't hang on to a ping pong ball if it was superglued to the palm of his hand....Sunny...

Φ Hedrick

is looking like the loaf of bread delivery guy. Hate to say it, but 4 plays and two lost fumbles (one for a UNLV TD) is pretty bad. Guess the idea is not to give Laughrea a look?

[Edit: Michigan State loses again (@ Michigan) to fall to 4-4 (2-2 B1G). Nice.]


Hey Broncs,
Orange you tired of beating up on crappy teams ThAT WOULD LOSE TO HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS IN CAL OR FLORIDA???
The BCS folks notice dear fingersteakeaters....
Better call Maaco...

How did YOUR high school do???


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<




"Midol Moment"


I didn't see a whole lot of difference between Hedrick today and Joe 7 weeks ago. The game wasn't on the line, it was a good day to get some experience.

LOVE the black uniforms...

They were easy to see on the field and are stylish and classy! LOVE LOVE LOVE them...


After watching BSU dismantle UNLV, I watched TTU beat TCU. How can TCU find a quality outstanding kicker, and BSU settles for High School kickers. That TCU kicker might have allowed BSU to play in the Natonal Championship game the past 2 years.

Kicking yourself, I see,


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

yep, you're right Eaglefan

let's change the schedule and play someone other than Wyoming next week. Dingbat!

Perhaps if you paid attention

to your own school they wouldn't be in the flusher! Just a thought U of I troll....

Where is Van Ginkel on the 30 plus fg attempts?

Just wish we could see him in action for a change. The kid has the strongest leg in the country and seeing Frisina get blocked once again and throwing the ball up for heaps at the end of the half...without considering Van Ginkel is soo frustrating!

Van Ginkel

You are right...VG has a very strong leg. But you might wait till next year to get the frustration out. Or longer. Hes not going to kick. Lots of reasons why.

JL - not being divisive - being serious . . .

What are all these reasons why Van Ginkel isn't being utilized?

I am guessing there are 'lots of reasons shy' and those reasons are all legitimate of Coach PEte would be using him in the 'mix'.


If he has so many 'reasons' and he is not going to kick - then,

why is he still on schollie or has that been pulled?

If it hasn't been pulled then he should be used. If not being used then why a schollie?

The entire Van Ginkel situation remains a mystery to me.

Care to shed some light on this matter?


OT in Nevada

Pretty good game.

Rocky goes for 2 in OT

Nevada goes down.

Wow Nevada - San Diego

Amazing game. Tied up in overtime, San Diego State decided to go for two to end the game and go for the win....and they got it!

Not sure how I feel about the Nevada thing

It bodes well for us winning the conference but It would have been nice to have nevada ranked the last week of the season.

Oh well, Two coaches who wont give BSU their credit. Tie
A fanbase that was so unclassy at the end of a game. Advantage Nevada

I'm glad they lost!