Boise State blackout creates brisk sales at merchandise stores; field position has been key for Broncos

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State blackout has been a hit in stores.

Travis Hawkes, the owner of The Blue & Orange Store, and Mike Reed, the director of the Bronco Shops, are featured in our weekly Q&A in Saturday’s paper.

Here are a couple highlights about Saturday’s blackout:

Hawkes: “It’s been really good in two ways. One, sales have been great. It’s been kind of a throwback week for us as far as from the last couple years some of our biggest game weeks — high excitement. It’s been by far the best game week of the season. The other way it’s been good is the fans have seemed just really positive and really excited about it. There hasn’t been complaining.”

Reed: “It has been phenomenal. It has been crazy. All our seven stores have been off the charts with customers. The fan support and just the excitement they’re showing, it’s just been great. … Some of us had, not doubts, but ‘OK, how are the fans going to respond to that?’ When they unveiled the jersey, we knew that it was going to be a great color scheme. Going off the fans’ normal colors is always kind of a risk, but I’ll tell you what, it’s blown away all my expectations.”


Boise State has dominated field position in three of its past four games — holding an 18-yard edge in starting position against Fresno State, a 23-yard edge against Southern Miss and an 11-yard edge against BYU.

For the season, the Broncos have started 19 drives in their opponents’ territory. Opponents have started just six drives in the Broncos’ territory.

That disparity is 10-1 in the past two games.

The Broncos’ success in turnover margin (plus-11) has helped. But the special-teams units, which have lacked the flashy play this season, have quietly made an impact.

“There’s some solid, subtle football being played in there that I do think is helping the field position, defense situation,” coach Chris Petersen said.


I’ve been asked several times this year, and wondered myself, how this year’s defense stacks up with the recent Boise State defenses. I crunched a bunch of numbers last night, including a comparison of opponents. The chart appeared in today’s paper and shows that while this year’s defense has done a great job, it has not been as dominant — or faced as strong of competition (based on scoring offense) — as recent defenses. The chart is not online, unfortunately.


Boise State sophomore wide receiver Matt Miller finished with one catch last week against Fresno State. The Bulldogs were physical with him, taking him out of his route on a couple of plays the Broncos ran early in the game.

“It was kind of a weird type of game, how it played out,” Miller said. “We kind of got the run game going. The receivers went to the run game as blockers and tried to be part of the game that way.

“Fresno did a good job of kind of taking us away. Their corners kind of locked us down. They had good safety help, too, but that did allow us to run the ball.

“I thought it was the best we blocked all year. I think we had a season high for knockdown blocks as receivers.”


Miller, on the offense:

“We’re right there. It’s kind of how we’ve been all season. We’re really close to blowing things open.”


Senior tailback D.J. Harper on the offense:

“We’ve kind of reduced our game plan a little bit. It’s really just simplifying and using the plays we’re really used to.”

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Love the Blackout..

Should be lots of fun. Also Chad there is a kid in Spokane that kicked a 67 yard field goal last night and only has a partial scholarship offer from Eastern Washington. You should tell the coaching staff about him.

bsu - they don't no care about none them kickers

they ain't even a playing the good one that they done got

Back in Black

This should be an awesome game for all Bronco fans everywhere!!

Roll the points up on this one Broncos, this is when it starts to count heading towards the end of the season!!



Yes, this will be a nail biter....

UNLV is Broncos, that means this team has already lost 6 times to 6 different teams....


Where in the dudes post do you get "nail biter" from?

them a getting in the redzone is reason enough for nail biting

aint it?


What is all the hype....unlv? What is their record? run through a schedule like Tennessee has each that would be a black out!

Fresno's game plan

must have included removing Miller as a factor in the game since it has been pretty obvious that he is ALWAYS Southwick's main target. They succeeded, and other teams will follow what Fresno did but that leaves our coaches with an opportunity to scheme some good countermeasures. Should be interesting tomorrow, I trust our coaches.

My new BLACK VANDAL hoodie.

Can't wait to wear it.

Shouldn't be a problem

picking you out in a crowd.........

Nice marketing ploy

by Blue/Orange and BLACK store....

Can't wear it. Dandruff is

Can't wear it. Dandruff is too bad.
Basically I boycott the store because the owners support the GOP...bah


My guess is that it's your brain flaking off.

Ha, Glad to see Boise State

Ha, Glad to see Boise State picking up a UI tradition. GO VANDALS.

They're not...

UI wears black because their normal colors are _ay.

BSU does not have to do anything like the UI.


idaho only has one tradition now. getting the daylights beat out of them on saturdays.

Be honest with us

Why do you have such an Extreme Hatred of Vandals?

You grew up in Moscow, according to your tales of woe, anyhoo.

Your parents wre part of the Vandal Community, maybe even faculty or janitors maybe, really, right?

You graduated as a Vandal (supposedly - never seen a pic of you with anything Vandal, let alone a sheepskin).

What gives?

Why do you hate the Vandals so much?

Were you denied admission to Graduate School at Idaho because you 'were not good enough'?

Were you dumped by a Vandal girl because 'you were not good enough'?

I have asked you this question many times in the past few years.

You have told us how much you hate Vandals, but you never tell us why you have Vandals so very much hate.

Okay, this is your moment in the sun, to 'tell all' and 'spill the beans'.

Why is it that you have such an Extreme Hatred of Vandals?


don't read into it that

which is not there. no hatred. lack of respect, definitely. i graduated in 79 and that has been openly admitted numerous times. i like the town, i like the school and i like the campus. the above post was made prior to todays beating at the hands of la tech. there tradition is getting the daylights beaten out of them. all the talk about the alleged "flagship" really rubs me the wrong way. the football program is an extension of the school. the millions being spent on a joke of a program are a direct reflection on the top administrators at the "flagship." either make the football program respectable or discontinue it. vndl & ugly, i know you both agree that idaho should get back to the big sky. there you have it. i don't hate idaho. i find the way the football program is being run to be insulting. end of story.

B81 - your 'lack of respect' . . .

is because your alma mater does not have a good football team and therefore it is not the 'flagship' school BSU is because the Vandals don't have a good footbal team?

In case you haven't figured it out yet:

Idaho says they are a 'flagship' university based on academics and not the prowess of the football team.

BSU says they are a 'flagship' university based on the prowess of the fotball team and not academics.

I am kinda shocked that you are so shallow, as to judge the quality of a university based on, whether or not the football team can beat other teams.

I couldn't care less if the Vandals got beat by La Tech or any other football team - or even if Idaho has a football team. My record is very clear on that matter on these boards.

I support the Bronco Football Team and not the Idaho Vandals. This should be nothing new to you if you have read any of my posts in the past 4 years.

Judging a university by the ranking and quality of the football team as to whether or not they are really a 'flagship' or not is very small minded and myopic.

Really laughable if you think about it.

Go back and read your post again.

The big problem with all football universities are the football teams are an extension of the universities. Idaho needs to change that identity and change it fast, or many, many, many Idaho alumni are gonna say adios to supporting Idaho. Nabob Nellis has been told that many times in the past sevral years, but he just doesn't seem to listen. He is wrecking Idaho with his idiotic pursuit Vandal Football Greatness - when the students and the majority of alumni don't really care if Idaho even has a Football Team.

The majority of Vandals want Idaho to go back to the Big Sky or give up football altogether and get back to being a 'flagship' academic university and quit chasing the elusive dream of being a football university like BSU is. Idaho is not BSU and will never, hopefully, be like BSU. I do not understand Nabob's quest for a 35,000 outdoor football stadium West of the Wallace Complex. Total idiocy.

There is more than enough room in Idaho for Idaho and BSU to exist with the support of all Idahoans. Let BSU be the flagship football factory and let Idaho be the flagship academic university.

Everybody wins that way.

There is no need for BSU to have what Idaho has and no need for Idaho to have what BSU has. Both school serve different purposes in our society. Idaho provides higher learning and academic enrichment for the more motivated Idahoans and BSU provides CFB enainment in the Fall for Boiseans and Treasure Valley residents.

Both are needed. Both important.

I didn't give the Vandal Fotball Team a penny this year. My support went to the BAA and the expansion of Bronco Stadium - simply because I believe the Broncos have the legitimate ability and talent to win a National Championship in either 2013 or 2014, which will bring great pride to our wonderful state.

I am an Idahoan Vandal - not an Idaho Vandal.

But you prolly would not understand, as yoi turned your back on Idaho years ago and left for California.

You ain't no Idahoan, anymore.

I support the BSU Football Team and not BSU academics, as I support Idaho's academics and not the Vandal Football Team.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


B81, please reply to the VNDL call....

I have always been interested as to why a Vandal hater, especially since family lived there and you graduated at Idaho....

My family lived there too and I went to grades 1-3 while dad was getting PhD....we lived in the area of the letter streets (A,B,C,D)....then later I went to Moscow 1982-1986....

From 1987 thru about 2004 I donated to the University of Idaho. I havent donated since and probably wont anymore as I feel I have done enough....

There are issues I have had with Idaho that has made me mad, and even made me decide to quit donating; but I have never led myself into hating my Alma Matre....

The University of Idaho is a good school, so why the hatred?


what were the issues you had with UI? Why did you decide to stop donating?

Fair questions since you are asking someone else why they hate the UI.


I dove into some of the issues in my past posts....

First, between 1987 and about 2004 I have donated to University of Idaho in many ways and has totaled around $90,000 to $110,000? I dont regret any of it and am a proud alumni. The way I donated was thru the Alumni on their annual donation drive, thru sponsoring 2-3 senior projects in the engineering department, paying royalties on some of Idaho's technology, donation to the biotech building, and a few other stuff....

Second, I'm in my 50s now and dont have the connection to the alumni like I used to.

Third, I had a few small issues eight or so years ago and contacted the Department (Head) Dean's office and he never once returned my calls. Never returned any emails. Quite an arrogant loser, but has tenure so what can you do except quit your part by not donating anymore.

That is where I left it. The University of Idaho is a great college, just changing. I dont feel that todays admin is as aggressive like the past and I feel they are just yuppies buying their time and collecting pensions and tenure. 90% of the teachers and researchers I have met in the past 10 years are very nice people, but times have changed and its time to move on.

Life is good. I am a proud Idaho alum, but will take any new courses in the high tech area at Idaho State University.

thanks ugly for the honesty

I was wondering if any part of it was about the state of education in general and the idea that perhaps the UI was at least somewhat negligent in providing a healthy, moral atmosphere to our kids. But it sounds like that had nothing to do with it. Honestly as a parent I am scared to death to send my kids to most universities. It is not just the UI (that is just kind of a mascot for me personally about what college has become.) But rather it is the state of education at the higher level as a whole. No room for dissenting views and you must follow lockstep with professors and regurgitate their liberal tripe.

I love my school

but I don't donate like you have for yours. part of it is that I feel there are more worthy things to donate to. Part of it is that I'm gonna donate a freakin ton when all my kids pick a school.

Now I know this makes me kind of a hypocrite because I do donate to BSU and support the football program. And honestly BSU is no great worthy cause either. But I can live with being a hypocrite as long as I get to watch a little football. :)

20-25 are a tough pick...

1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Oregon
4 Kansas State
5 Notre Dame
7 Oregon State
8 Oklahoma
9 Southern California
10 Georgia
11 Mississippi State
12 Florida State
13 Rutgers
14 Louisville
15 Texas Tech
16 Clemson
17 Stanford
18 South Carolina
19 Boise State
20 Texas
21 Michigan
22 Texas A&M
23 Louisiana Tech
24 Ohio
25 Wisconsin or Nebraska

pretty good ballot

Not sure about la tech. But the top 5 are a lock.

BSU maybe at 20 but I am nitpicking.

Cmon top 16!