The Cabin will seek a new executive director; Dede Ryan moves on

The Cabin executive director Dede Ryan resigned after three years and will work in sales for Sysco Foods.

Ryan took the position in 2010 with the plan that she would spend three years in the position and eventually return to the public sector. Now she is ready to move on, she says.

“I had a terrific three years at The Cabin and feel great about where the organization is now finally on a solid financial foundation and all three core programs are growing — in fact, Readings & Conversations and Idaho Writing Camps both hit records this year.”
Larry Tierney will head the organization as an interim managing director during the Cabin’s national job search for a replacement, although the exact nature of the position has not been determined.

The Cabin’s board recently put together a community advisory board and has been engaged in extensive strategic planning, so it’s not yet clear how best to fill the position, Tierney says.

An essay contest, of course.


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