Boise State linebacker J.C. Percy tackles foes at record pace; players rave about black uniforms

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State senior weak-side linebacker J.C. Percy could become the Broncos’ first first-team, all-conference linebacker since Korey Hall in 2006. Percy has 56 tackles in six games — putting him on pace for 121 tackles.

That would be the most tackles by a Bronco since the school moved to the Football Bowl Subdivision in 1996. Jeremy Haener holds the record with 119 in 1996. Byron Hout led the team last year with just 69 tackles.

Percy has 233 career tackles with a high of 65 as a sophomore.

“He’s gotten better,” coach Chris Petersen said. “It’s all those subtle things. He really understands what we’re doing. He’s quick to read blocks and he studies tape. He knows our scheme inside and out. He’s really, really tough. That combination of all those intangibles makes him a really good player and sets him up for a good year.”

Here are Boise State’s leading tacklers since 1996:

2011: Byron Hout, 69
2010: Jeron Johnson, 82
2009: Johnson, 91
2008: Johnson, 98
2007: Kyle Gingg, 94
2006: Korey Hall, 111
2005: Hall, 106
2004: Andy Avalos, 86
2003: Avalos, 113
2002: Avalos, 107
2001: Quintin Mikell, 87
2000: Mikell, 118
1999: Bryan Johnson, 105
1998: Johnson, 76
1997: Johnson, 85
1996: Jeremy Haener, 119


Junior right guard Spencer Gerke, on the struggles on the goal line: “It’s all about executing and finishing blocks and just believing that we can score. … It hits your pride a little bit, but there’s always the next drive.”

Added senior tailback D.J. Harper: “It’s kind of just a mindset thing. Obviously the defense knows what we’re going to do. They know we’re going to try to pound the ball. We know what the game plan is, too. So it’s really just a mindset and we’ve got to just force it in there. … Some of that was on us as backs. Some of that was us not having the right mindset.”


Senior defensive tackle Mike Atkinson on his 31 tackles, which is tied for third on the team and matches his total from last year: “Since my weight is down, (my motor) has been great. I just watch a lot more film and I understand the game more and more. I’m able to put myself in better position to make plays.”


Some more player reaction to the black uniforms:

— Wide receiver Matt Miller: “It’s kind of created a good buzz around the town and on the university campus. … People are fired up to see it on Saturday.”

— Atkinson: “It’s going to be sweet. We’ve been asking for the last five years to get jerseys that are black and we finally got them my senior year, so I’m excited. … It’s just a dominating color. People are terrified from that. Hopefully we can go out and prove it. … All black is slimming. It makes us look faster.”

— Harper: “Everybody’s really excited about them. We wore them today. … It really just pops when it’s out there.”

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Percy always

seems to be around the ball... and so do a lot of other guys on defense. Keep swarming D.

Well anything would look better than

grey and blue. Sounds like all the kids are excited about the black. Amazing how other fans on espn blogs have picked up on the black uniforms. Keep your name out there and maybe something can be gained from it like a new recruit or fan.

Ha! Loved Atkinson's comment...

Black is slimming. Don't worry about it big fella. You da man in any color.