How would you solve Boise State's red-zone struggles? Fans weigh in during our chat

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Two words

Canadian bacon

Two words

Canadian bacon

Send in

the fridge!


or no off tackle runs.

Less up the gut and more

spread with power sweeps, options, more Shane Williams Rhodes and the high toss in the corner to Matt Miller.


I'm not sure Southwick has the accuracy or the touch to put it in the right spot for Miller. Let's see, I once saw a guy who could do that every time. Jeez, his name is escaping me all of a sudden.


Stop trying to run up the middle with Harper. Too predictable. This is the same problem they started having with Martin last season.

Play action fade or out route pass.

split back veer to freak out the defense.

QB option run.

Or just give the dang ball to Atkinson.

I agree....

...we just don't have the size up front to go downhill that close to the end zone. I'm not sure about a QB option run.

The only reason

I mentioned the QB option is that at least twice Southwick has had a wide open path to the end zone that he could have practically walked in for a TD. Instead, he kept looking for a receiver to throw to. He's got legs, needs to use them.


quit killing harper, and get a QB that can throw an accurate pass within the zone. This one can't. He has buck fever. Find a kicker, this guy is Brotzman all over again.


Brotzman was statistically one of the best kickers we have ever had.

I'd give anything for another brotz.

The fact that Brotz is only

The fact that Brotz is only remembered by one game is a total tragedy! 45-50 yards in, he was almost a lock. Much of the reason we won as many as we did is because of him! Sad. I'd take another Brotz any time.

So true

We won a fiesta bowl almost specifically because of him


He sucked in field goal kicking. 98% XP is great. He missed two against Oregon, two against Nevada, both under 30 yards, 26, 29. He shot 78% in field goals. I don't recall him being called upon for anything over 40 yards, because he sucked! Him and Zabransky should be banned from Idaho. But at this point Brotz does look good, only because this other weenie is worse. Some of his garbage doesn't get high enough to go over the bar, let alone thru the uprights.


Who knows nothing of football

Extend the

red-zone back to the 30 yd line.

Play even more easier


Why the troubles? Just open it up and dont worry about the risks cause there are none....

UNLV is 1-6 so hopefully BSU can score in the red zone....

Φ Love it.

Nobody (here) but ugly, the one and only ugly, could come up with "more easier".

The originator of "insighted" "mypotic vision" strikes again.

Go Broncos!

Red Zone

Not only in the Red Zone, but Boise State gained national attention and fans because of their surprise plays. Reverse-pass plays, weird formations, trickery with ballhandling, etc. It makes other teams waste practice time covering the gimmick plays and it would also make the traditional plays more successful.
#22 and climbing!

Get some Transformers...

QBs in disguise...


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Dan Paul

I'd at least like to see us try running the FB a little more. Now, I am not second guessing the coaches because they know the personnel better than anyone else. So likey there is good reason why we've seen the play calls that we have so far. But I am just curious to see what Paul could do.

Prince has forgotten all about

A. Passing to the Tight Ends

B. Using the Fullback on running plays

C. Using the FADE Route/Pass in goal line situations

I weighed less this time.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<