Idaho Commission wants comments on minor settlement in renewable case

Settlement talks got an agreement between some of the parties in the Idaho Public Utilities Commission’s case over pricing of alternative energy contracts under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act.

Only 13 of 25 parties, utilities, public interest groups and renewable energy developers, signed the agreement, which only addressed security deposits and damages. They could not reach agreement on Idaho Power’s proposal to curtail wind generation during period of low demand.

The commission is taking comment on a proposed security deposit paid by small-power producers and damages in the event that projects do not meet their scheduled online date or default. Renewable power projects would post a security deposit of $45 per kilowatt within 30 days after the commission issues its final order approving a power purchase agreement, under the deal.

If the project fails to meet its operation date, delay damages would be calculated based on the difference between the regional market rates for electricity and the rates in the power purchase agreement. This ensures the utility and its customers won’t be paying extra if the utility has to buy power on the market or generate itself to make up for the lost power due to the project’s failure to meet its online date.

Projects have 120 days to cure their default before the agreement may be terminated. The deal only applies to new contracts, not current ones.

This is the smallest piece of the PURPA case which not only includes the curtailment proposal but also petitions from Idaho Power and the state’s other two investor-owned utilities to lower the price and reduce the length of contracts for the power the utilities are required to buy from wind, solar, small hydro, geothermal and other alternative energy producers.

The Commission is expected to rule on this and the larger issues before the end of the year.

One of these days...

Idaho Power will come hat in hand to to the small, independent power producers. (As IP did decades ago), to become as large as the Holding Company it became. And sadly, the technology to store Solar Energy will be developed overseas, to be imported as with current Fossil Solar Energy.

If the Stock Holding Corporation, and the Idaho Public Utility Commission, that regulates the Local Monopoly, would look a little further beyond the next fiscal quarter, they might realize a need to harness and Store Solar Energy, before water cycles or Geological Epochs have to pass.

There might be a few exceptions, but all energy utilized in this current Era, are Solar. (There is an argument regarding Nukes, but that might come from the "Big-Bang", so it's even older, recent Investment Scam history being reported locally, and some waste that might last as long as we hope "Old Sol" might.)

Should I go on regarding other local Nuke and Waste to Energy Scams? Or should we mention Transmission lines? (Never mind any perceived "terrorist" threat, just a recent minor cold front / windstorm took folks off the "Grid").

Folks read about the recent Bankruptcy of "A123". a corporation that was building a storage system to power automobiles. Finances didn't work out, primarily caused a lack of consumer interest, as a result of "Short Term / Quarterly" reports, a long term Recession, and vested interests in Fossil Fuel industries, (The "new rich", of more than a century ago, protecting their interests and volatile Global Political "Arrangements") and a need for Capital.

Back to the Individuals that did things like Edison, or even homesteaders and prospectors. Edison had Legal, political, and "Sweat" teams. (Anybody that imagines that uncle Tom did all that work alone, never worked in a "lab". Who would have thought a battery, a human hair filament, would incandesce in a vacuum creating a safer and brighter light than Whale Oil? (Another source of Solar Energy, and American Oligopoly).

I'm left with some hope that some of A123's Assests were purchased by a much larger
"gambler" looking for the long term Pay-off, and that many of the US assets and Jobs will remain.

There was a time, folks could develop tools, but they are even more expensive now.

As a first period apprentice in a union craft, earning ~50% of a Journey hand, I was encouraged to spend at least a tenth of take home pay to invest in the tools I might use to advance in my craft or other interests. As an apprentice, I knew it might be at least four or five years before a return might be evident. I'm still waiting, but I'm not beating up my soon to be cadaver, as badly as I did then to earn something close to an appropriate wage.

Screeching Ostrich

Are you ignorant, incoherent, or inebriated? Perhaps all three?

"HOLLAND, MI – It is too early to tell if Johnson Control Inc.'s advanced battery production facility in Holland will be affected by JCI’s purchase of a bankrupt competitor’s battery production facilities, JCI officials said Tuesday.

JCI announced it was purchasing the automotive assets of A123 Systems for $125 million after the Waltham, Mass. –based company filed for bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, JCI employs about 100 at its Holland battery plant, which was built with the aid of a $299 million federal grant."

Leaving the American Taxpayer $125 million in the bag for this Obamunist folly.

Hey fat sight hound,

It nearly looks as your statement proves my point. You might be happy to plan for the fiscal quarter,

JCI, seems to be looking a bit beyond. I notice you leave no citation source for the quotation you copied and pasted. Are you claiming that as your own research? Or are you just a Plagiarist, thief, or liar?

Why don't you Google it, oh restless Prol?


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I'm sure you would rather wait a decade to import that technology from China. Do you have some solution to harness solar energy that doesn't come from the Permian or other Carboniferous epoch?


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Don't settle with...


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