Idaho State football coach being investigated for pushing player

By Brian Murphy

Second-year Idaho State football coach Mike Kramer is under investigation by the school and the Pocatello police for pushing wide receiver Derek Graves during an Oct. 3 practice.

The story was first reported by ESPN's "Outside the Lines," which obtained practice video.

Graves has not practiced since the incident and has not been cleared by doctors to participate, his Alabama-based lawyer Don Jackson told the Idaho Statesman on Wednesday. Jackson said Graves underwent an MRI several days ago. Jackson said Graves has suffered from numbness in his fingertips and back spasms.

The segment aired on ESPN on Wednesday afternoon.

Jackson said he expects to hear from the police and university within a few days.

"Look at this videotape. The investigation should take all of five seconds," Jackson said.

Jackson said he was contacted by Graves' family members.

"I would like for the police department and a local prosecutor to make the determination on the facts of this case. If they don’t believe (it warrants prosecution), we’ll be comfortable with that. But then you got to explain to the next student that is shoved in the chest by another student as to how that situation is different than this one," Jackson said.

Jackson said it was "way premature" to discuss a civil lawsuit against Idaho State.

Idaho State issued the following comment when asked about the incident by the Idaho Statesman:

"Upon learning of the incident, Idaho State University immediately launched an investigation into the matter involving Derek Graves and coach Mike Kramer. We are still in the midst of conducting a thorough investigation.

"Idaho State University takes this matter very seriously and owes it to all parties involved and our constituents to thoroughly investigate the situation in a fair and balanced manner.

"Because this is also a personnel matter and still an active investigation, the University can offer no further comment."

University assistant athletic director Steve Schaack told The Associated Press that Kramer will coach Saturday when the Bengals play at Northern Colorado.

In four games this season, Graves has 36 catches for 306 yards and one touchdowns. He had 15 catches in each of the Bengals' first two games. Graves has not played in a game since the Oct. 3 incident.

"I've seen Kramer get in guys' faces and curse them, but never saw him do anything like this or put his hands on anyone," Graves told Outside the Lines. "I was humiliated at the moment. If I retaliate, I could lose my senior season. If I didn't do anything, I would look like a punk. It was a no-win situation."

In 1995, Kramer, then head coach at Eastern Washington, was accused of slapping a player. Kramer denied it.

Kramer is 3-14 as the Bengals' coach. Kramer is 80-89 as a head coach at Eastern Washington, Montana State and Idaho State.

No matter what side you come down on

The statesman is way behind in reporting this. I'm a BSU fan but there are other programs in this state and ISU has many local people attending.

This story and UI being destroyed by the corrupt college football system are two stories that the Statesman should be ashamed to have missed.


I thought the Idaho Statesman was a Boise paper and the last time I checked I live in Boise. It is great to hear news about things that go on around the state, but I don't think they should be bashed for missing a Vandals story or an ISU story. I went to ISU and if I want to read up on what is going there I go to the Idaho State Journal (Poky's paper). By the way, this article is on their front page today, so it seems like the Statesman did not miss anything.

Ok Statesman, I did my good deed for the year by standing up for you. Now I can get back to bashing you for all the things you do that bug me.


This was a lead story on This moring on the CFB page.

Is it your contention that the Idaho Statesman has less interest in this story than ESPN because this is a Boise paper?

So, ESPN = jurisdiction for an ISU story but the IDAHO statesman is not?

There is no defense for this. Again, it isn't about BSU VS other schools or Boise VS other areas it is just poor journalism to miss these things.

I'm a BSU fan, I could read BSU stories about uniform colors all day long and be happy. But this isnt about that, it is about the P!ss poor state of print in this country. No wonder papers are going bankrupt. "journalists" spending all day telling you they are unbiased while writing the most biased pieces in the country. Its fake, its used car salesman level. It just so happens that this one is in the sports section but it is all over "journalism" in every subject.

death to the printed papers.

You deserve everything you get!

So what do you want?

Are you honestly taking the Statesman to task for a story that just broke? The local paper picked it up today, ESPN picked it up today... so what's your issue? That the Idaho Statesman didn't pick it up yesterday?

ESPN picked it up

and our guys picked it up from ESPN....
Prater earns a paycheck for this?
So wait, if the power goes out in Meridian should statesman subscribers scan the Drudge report and send the statesman a link so they can get the news?

Ok skippy, you are right

kuddos to the statesman for reading about something in their own backyard on a national news site.

They are doing a fine job, nothing wrong with print papers and the modern state of journalism.

"Hey T rex, does that comet look closer than yesterday?"
'No, Pterodactyl, everything is fine."

Said the extinct dinosaurs.

Reply to Boise

The Statesman is doing it's job. We need to have information on all of the State institutions. I want the Statesman to be the paper it was 30 years ago. This article is a plus!!

Check the masthead...

it's the IDAHO Statesman, and it actively and regularly reported news and sports (high-school and up) from the Twin Falls area to Riggins. The original Statesman would have had this story, with original material, on day one. It's only relatively recently in the history of the paper that it's begun largely ignoring Idaho outside of the Ada-Canyon County corridor.


We've disagreed in the past. But you hit the nail on the head with this one. The Statesman seems to be a day late and a dollar short on every story other than Bronco football. Their coverage of HS sports is equally as poor. But hey BSU coverage pays the bills.

Poor Baby

So the poor baby got pushed, do the coaches have to change his diapers at half time, why is this big news? Course for the Statesman, they can't find news anywhere else anyway

I do wonder what is up with this

wuss of a player? Who knows what happened and I do seem to remember some ESPN "dad" freaking out about his son.......

I think the coach was unprofessional and the kid has UI lawyers as parents. Too bad because both of them should learn a lesson that they probably wont.

Funny how when you go to ESPN for a

story they have a link to a local paper that broke the story. i.e. the fresno Bee,
but when you go to the statesman for a local story they have a link to ESPN... HA HA HA.

looks like assault

that is not coaching...that is being a bully because you are the one in charge...if he had done that somewhere out in public he would have been arrested on the spot. The kid is still not cleared for play...not 'just a push' but something that caused harm..bullying..

wrong, tunnel-vision-breath

I don't recall seeing the police report in the LeGarret Blount assault that took place on National TV. That wasn't assault, how can this be?
The fact that this was a coach assaulting a player makes it wrong, very wrong. He was wearing full pads and a helmet so there's no way he was injured by this however.
What happened to the player who assaulted his Coach in Caldwell(?) a year or two ago? Is that kid out of jail yet?
Coach Kramer was definitely wrong, but why should he be arrested? Sanctioned, punished, sure, but arrested?If the kid got hit that hard going across the middle he wouldn't even have gone down. It's a story outside of ISU only because an ambulance chaser got ahold of the video and convinced the kid to file a complaint.

Not a state paper

I worked at the Idaho Statesman for 10 years. In recent years, the executive editor has said the paper is the newspaper of the Treasure Valley and NOT the state of Idaho. At least that's what has been said in staff meetings. With all of the layoffs, people quitting (there are several .. Jason Lantz, Niki Forbing-Orr, Brenda Maxwell and myself to name a few) who weren't replaced, there's not enough staff to cover the entire state.

So we should look

to ESPN for news out of pocatello? Wow.

As an aside:

I did not know you are not at the statesman. I am sorry to hear you are not at the paper anymore, Nick. I enjoyed your articles and your work. I wish you good luck in the future. Good things will happen to you with your talent and work ethic.

P2 - the converse is . . .

unfortunately, Eastern Idaho, the Magic Valley, and North Idaho do not get much Treasure Valley news, anymore.

News has become so regionalized and dumbed down and 'canned'.

Also, the small town weekly newspapers are mostly gone, having been replaced by regional rags that have gone almost exclusively to a pay per subscription/view concept.

Basically, there is not much information or knowledge about local affairs at the local level anymore, unles one has the internet and is willing to pay a hefty amount for monthly viewing along the lines of cable and cell phones; and then it is only about the news in the larger regional town where the publication is from, and not the small towns where most of Idaho's real population resides.

Neighbors do not know what is going on or what events are in the near future, as well as obits and other social type 'news'.

When ugly says the BSU Broncos are not Idaho's Team but instead Boise's State University Team, he is on solid grounds. The only way I really keep in touch with the Bronco Football Team happenings is by reading these boards on this Statesman site - which so far, is free (I can see that changing in the future, however).

Outside of the Treasure Valley the BSU Broncos get minimal covverage as do the Vandals or the Bengals or whatever other teams/news there is.

Modernization is kinda sad.

We, as a people are growing apart, due to the high technology of the internet, cell phones, Twitter, I-Pads, and on and on and on.

In Idaho, outside of the Treasure Valley, the BSU Broncos are just another college fotball team, selling their team gear and season tickets.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

VNDL, I hate you.

But that was a good post.

It is true and it is sad for areas that are rural because now they are even MORE isolated than before. Imagine in the day and age of google that same technology would drive us deeper into our own myopia.

But that does not leave the Statesman blameless for poor journalism.

The Statesman for years has been set on being a leftist paper in a red state. Then they cry about not having enough revenue. Gee, I wonder why. It is a sad world where a once proud profession such as journalism has become a thing of money, power, and bias. The "press" was once such an important part of the great experiment of America. Now the Statesman is almost the same as the Boise Weekly. Just pretenders trying to pull a fast one on the public and influence the populace to its worldview. When really it should just be reporting news.

But that is not what the "business" geniuses said:
they said: have rocky barker and dan popkey write opinion pieces that go against the grain, that are the opposite of the bulk of our readers. See, in their eyes controversy drives sales. But they are wrong. It may drive up sales for one piece of controversy but pretty soon people get upset at what lands on their door every morning. It isn't some kid in a beret yelling, "Extra Extra read all about it" It's "Here is how you should think you small minded uneducated hick." When what lands on your door lacks quality, diversity and information but is full of bias and trashy journalism then

The state of Journalism and Newspapers is likened to George Clooney. His dad was a real reporter. Clooney JR is a mislead pied piper and a stooge.

But regardless of political leanings I better never hear murph, or Cripe or Prater even mention that the "Big East" should change it's name. Because the Idaho Statesman should change it's name to the Boise Fishwrap. And it's days are numbered.

I can tell you and this goes for FOXNews and CNN and MSNBC and NPR and any news source:

Any source that tells you over and over again that it is fair, unbiased and trustworthy is lying to you.

Modern journalists in any form are incapable of true balance. I would much rather an honest approach where someone says Hey, we are the left side, or Hey, we are the right side and here is our spin, rather than, no spin here! Wink Wink.

If the "paper" wants to stick with the idea of chasing the rainbow of unbiased journalism then the people that should have been laid off are the political opinion people.

VNDL you know I am a hothead that gets a little riled up about things. Why in the world would I ever want to pay money to have something land on my door that lies to me and angers me about the world. It would be like you landing on my doorstep every morning, and we all know I would rather wake up to FO than you. I get that enough for free when I log on to this site. Hopefully, this system will be allowed to die, and we can start from square one. Step one would be to fire all the journalism professors that fill young skulls full of mush with the poison that we see today.

do you think ESPN had a reporter there?

Or the Fresno Bee? No, this lawyer probably leaked the video to a news outlet. Had they chosen to leak it to the statesman, the Statesman would have broken the story. I've contacted Channel 7 regarding local news stories and they "broke" the story. Had I contacted Fox, they would have "broken" the story (albeit with flying fonts and special effects). If you don't have a reporter on-site you can only break a story when you learn of it from an outside source.


Someone was there. And you can bet if the lawyer sent it to ESPN that it was sent to IS as well. When you "leak" this out you leak it to many different outlets because not all of them pick up on it. If you think the statesman has to have a reporter on site when everything happens then you have no idea how the media operates. When you go on ESPN and see a story about a small school it almost always has a link to a local story that broke. This happened here, less than a three hour drive from IS headquarters in the state of idaho to a school that the statesman sometimes reports on.

As you can see from Nick's response the statesman has made it quite clear they do not intend to acknowledge non treasure valley news, even when it is happening "locally" and is of interest to us.

Look at it this way and this is hard:

Pretend you are the lowest form of life on earth, a scum sucking lawyer and this lands in your lap.

Do you leak to just ESPN and pray they give it the time of day? Or do you leak to everyone who could possible give the story legs.

you know as well as I do that this story sat at the IS as long as it sat at ESPN. But fine, perhaps I'm wrong perhaps the statesman is on top of things. perhaps it isnt struggling, perhaps it very pure in its journalistic integrity. But perhaps it is just like newsweek that went belly up just today.

If the statesman wants to be successful in this tough environment it needs to focus on the fundamentals. IT is just like football bro.

Attorney-at-Law is an honorable profession!

From some of the posts I've followed tonight, I'm not sure about sports poster.

Can't you guys find that inflatable punching clown?


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vndl says.........

The "housewife pretended" is "on solid ground".......

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I don't even know exactly who Ugly is...

they say they were at TVCC when I was/

Jesus Clinton, I was THERE on and off from 1984 to 1993 and went to the dances into mid-90s.

My glucose level got to 402 Tuesday night after eating a Walmart footlong sandwich I got at the foodbank and I slept most of the last 24 hours.

I'm fine now--104.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

You dont need the foodbank

you could have a sugar daddy.

You could stand a prayer, now...where art thou?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Oh I love the bard

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Classic, and not at all what people think it means.

Juliet, not knowing Romeo is there is selfishly questioning why he is part of the family he is part of. Wanting him to change and renounce himself for her. Romeo does not reciprocate that same thought on Juliet.

Just like a Woman, Am I right guys!!! Wink Wink

In short, Juliet is wanting Romeo to deny who he is but does not see her role in who she is.

What most people quote as romantic, "Rose by any other name" and "Romeo Romeo" Is actually an ode to selfishness.

But what does this have to do with football?

And another question. If you so want me to leave you alone, why would you respond to my posts with quasi romantic quotes?

me thinks thou dost protest too much!
I will quote the great billy Shakespear, you can keep quoting the great Larry Craig.

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