John Berryhill's Bacon sizzles on Travel Channel

The Travel Channel is at it again — rolling into Boise to share the city's restaurants with the entire world. This time, it's an episode of "Food Paradise" that premiered Oct. 3 titled "Bacon Paradise 2: Another Slab."

Skip to the 5:30 mark below to see John Berryhill's Bacon restaurant in Downtown Boise featured prominently.

My only suggestion for the impressive, creative menu at Bacon? Add my mom's famous PBLT to the menu: Peanut butter, bacon, lettuce and tomato on wheat toast. Crunchy, salty peanut butter is a must. And the tomatoes need to be freshly sliced from your own garden.

Oh, and SOMEBODY in Boise needs to start serving this Bloody Mary.

Hungry yet?

Peanut butter is evil, it helped to kill Elvis.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

If there's one thing the Treasure Valley excels in...'s bacon. And that's a good thing. :-)

What if they fry his fat?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Is it made of bacon?

if so, fry it up!

Did anyone else notice?

When they show the map of Idaho, Boise is in the wrong location.

little piggy ran home

how does that even happen?

Not the first time

Boise seems to migrate quite a bit, depending on what map you're looking at.

Map of Idaho

When did Boise get relocated to the Salmon area?


Like Bacon employees are using gloves for the no bare hands approach. But Berryhill doesn't do that himself... :-(

What they don't show

Is that the bacon just sits there precooked. I don't care how fancy schmancy the bacon is: give me some bacon that's freshly cooked, especially for what they charge. I can wait for it. I don't mind.

I like bacon on my bacon.

Unhealthy as h-ll but we all need a vice. Our local bakery creates a sweet muffin with chunks of apple-smoked bacon and the frosting is maple with .....chunks of bacon. They are to die for. Have maybe 2 a year because it sends me into carb-coma but worth the price and the experience. hmmmmm......I have only had one this year and here it is October. It's what's for dinner! :)

I may have to try this place again

I went not long after it opened and found the bacon to be yummy, but the rest to be mediocre and overpriced. It looks like they have improved the menu. I have heard they make a killer Bloody Mary.

Bacon Geography

Friends and I do dinner&movie night each week. There are so many great dinning choices in and around Boise. But, this week....we have got to go to BACON!!!

Funny thing about the Food Paradise episode is that they placed Boise on the map of Idaho about where Howe,Idaho is. lol

How Idaho is what?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<