Thomas Howell pledges to bring true change to Ada County commission

It's also rebuttal season, as candidates begin responding to Statesman endorsement editorials.

First out of the gate is Thomas Howell, a Democrat running for Ada County commissioner. Howell touts his experience in health care — and says he will push for "true change" in courthouse politics.

An excerpt:

"True change in the Ada County Commission takes someone willing to stand up and fight to stop Dynamis from becoming an expensive boondoggle. True change takes someone to bring all of Ada County’s leaders together to plan for the new round of growth that is coming. True change takes leadership in health care issues in which I have more than 30 years’ experience. True change takes someone who will not only talk about fiscal responsibility, but hold to that responsibility, including a top-to-bottom review of all departments to see where we can do better. True change takes someone who values county employees who work hard every day and deserve respect. True change takes someone willing to end the redundancies and administrative burdens, which the county has been unwilling to change, that drive us all bonkers. True change is the leadership to end the backroom deals, divisiveness and destructive behavior we see now."

Here is a link to Howell's rebuttal. And a link to Sunday's editorial endorsing David Case, the Republican incumbent.

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