Gem State Tea Party endorses Props 1, 2 & 3; dissenter says fed/UN takeover afoot

The new group that consolidates Tea Party branches across Idaho, urges "yes" votes on the three 2011 education laws authored by Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna.

"FACTS and LOVE of Idaho's kids caused us to endorse Yes Yes Yes to keep Education Modernization Laws!" says the group in an email announcing a special edition newsletter.

The newsletter reprints content provided by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, including an editorial by Executive Director Wayne Hoffman.

Also included is a dissent from Bob Compton, a veterinarian, who questions the laptop mandate and says "Luna is encouraging implementation of a federal/UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) program for our students that will move Idaho's education system even further away from local control."

Compton says investing in teachers, not laptops, makes more sense, citing Finland's high-scoring students. "...Finland's educational success is training up 'great' teachers who attain at least a Master's degree becuase they are eligible for employment," he writes.

The newsletter wasn't yet loaded on the Gem State Tea Party website Tuesday morning, but a PDF is available here.

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I'm absolutely shocked

I tell ya, just absolutely shocked. Oh, and surprised, too. Yeah, that's it...Sunny...

Silly conservatives

Tea Parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.


was funny!! And Sunny...ya took the words out of my mouth. And to those that don't believe this is part of a larger agenda...schools back east in large districts are using this model..with 200 kids to one teacher in a room with computers. The computer uses programming to decide what each needs to learn everyday. I believe this bad legislation is just a foot in the door to bigger uses of tech as the teacher.

Luna laws

If the tea party endorses them, and Melaleuca's Vandersloot is throwing money at the election, those are reasons enough to vote against them for me. The whole thing smells like a dead fish when you look at the link with profit-making k-12 inc, not to mention the closed door secrecy that allowed these laws to pass, with zero input from either the public or the teaching profession.

Truth about the Luna Laws

You better do some research on the Props. Not a single one will benefit our children. The college credits the students can earn will not transfer to most colleges, waste of money. Merit pay is not given to the best teachers, it is given to schools that achieve according to Luna. Schools with students who have learning disabilities that restrict their learning will never get these bonuses. The teachers who work in these schools have a greater challenge than teachers who teach in an affluent school. Don't tell me that teachers will work harder because of merit pay. Teachers don't just turn it on and off like a faucet. They already work harder than most people in society and get less recognition. And on the topic of laptops, the school districts in Idaho do not have a computer system that can handle all the computers that Luna wants to buy. In short, the systems will crash and and the laptops will not connect to the servers. Online textbooks are hard to use because you cannot jump back and forth in a timely manner, and those online textbook contracts have an expiration date for usage. Now you know the fact, not lies. Be informed and vote NO.

Just another

really good reason to vote no on all three.

I was undecided

thanks Teaparty buffoons for making this choice one less I have to think much about. The kiss of death, I tell you...the freakin' kiss of death!


Idaho has a teaparty? I thought they were called the Republican Party?

Tap Dancing Marxist Clowns

Hate Props 1,2,and 3. They want to use the teachers unions and taxpayer supported schools to further their perverse agendas. The clowns are mendacious corruptors of our society, and hide under the label of "Progressivism". These "Union" loving SEIU and Neo ACORN tools do not want to help your children, they want to shape and own them. They give a "bad odor" to both trade unions and honest hard working teachers. These clowns do not represent the well thought of teachers and schools of the State of Idaho, they represent the Neo Marxist NEA and other Leftist organizations promoted by the Obamunist movement that is attempting to destroy the historical roots and values that represent the exceptualism of this republic. Vote YES on props 1,2, and 3 and stop the Marxist Tap Dancing Clowns attempts to continue the takeover of our schools and our children. Vote YES for the incentives to excellence in Idaho's schools and classrooms. Vote YES to free our teachers, schools, and students from the pernicious influences of the Marxist Tap Dancing Clowns!


Vote yes to put education on the track for UN control. Vote yes to stuff taxpayer money into large corporations that really do care for nothing but profit..This type of education aims at making an army of minimum wage workers for the power elite. To stop the programming of your children HOMESCHOOL! It is easy to do in one is better equipped to teach a child than its parent...our schools here are matter what system is used to fund them. Oh..hi tow-whatever

Tea Party Hypocrisy

I like the Tea Party’s message of not spending money that we do not have as a country via tax revenue. Why is it, though, that most tea party members support the Republican Party? The days of Republicans being fiscally conservative were over decades ago. Now they are no different than Democrats with tax and spend policies that simply choose different areas to spend tax dollars. You rarely hear of a Republican or Tea Bagger criticizing spending on a military budget that we as a country cannot afford. I am not hearing any logical discussion coming from them on realistic costs of laptops from one of these initiatives. Spending money on education and social programs is going to make this country stronger and safer. Going to war and increasing the bloated military budget is going to have the opposite effect. This initiative endorsement is another example of the Tea Party not seeking the “freedom” they espouse, but hypocritically pushing un-American and un-Patriotic perspectives that simply lack critical thinking and forward progress.

The only thing dems can do is they can

way out-spend Republicans....

Listening about overspending from a dem is very funny....

Not a Republican, nor a Democrat

Both parties overspend, they just over spend in different areas. Take your blinders off.

What about the stupid Tea Party? They are the subject?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Correction: Democrats tax/spend...Repubs cut taxes/spend

If you are a Repub you must just looooove deficits.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Boisepoet....too much home brew affects the


But I agree....Republicans and Democrats need to solve these issues quickly....Reagan was able to work with Democrats and Clinton was able to work with Republicans....

Hopefully, those days come back....

Mind is okay Ugly, but the other day I think I passed my liver.

No big deal. It was just getting in the way...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Boisepoet....not sure what to think on liver, if you

saying surgery or a hangover?

Hopefully the latter....remember moderation....

As a Republican, hate to see the Democrats lose a voter the bad way....

That is why I have to stay with oly or Bud-lite....I like Beer too much....

Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing ?

The dawg loves ballet.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Thats what I thought..

Thats what I thought..


Thought the basic tenet of the Tea Party was reducing governement spending with a bit of return to local control.
Must have been wrong.
How foolish of me to think that buying laptops for kids and taking more authority from local school boards was unnecessary spending and loss of local control.


Neo Marxist NEA? Implementation of federal/UNESCO program. Huh?

You guys are wacky. Thanks for the laughs Idaho Tea Party.

Explain please

You seem to be an "expert".

You seem

You seem to be TowM8ter.


however thanks for the complement.


That's c o m p l i m e n t.

The dawg ain't used to that.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Way to go!

I see you used as many buzz words that you could think of to make the opposition of the Luna Laws out to be part of some massive left wing conspiracy. Acorn, Obamunist, socialism? What you are doing here is called DEMAGOGUERY and PROPAGANDA. You throw out these words to make people scared and use their emotions to cloud their basic reason and logic.

The real conspiracy is actually IN these laws, but I wouldn't expect you to see it through your thick left-wing obsessed skull. I bet you still think Obama wants to paint the White House black, too?


Aw shucks,

Usually you are proud of those descriptors. Or do you only describe yourself that way in your meetings Comrade.

What an Endorsement!!!

What an Endorsement for voting against Props 1, 2, 3. Thanks Tea Party for coming out, you harmed Luna more than Luna could do to himself (which is difficult). Proven: Tea Party's "less government" is farce.

Dems are dumb....

they have helped big-time in destroying the economy of past 6 years and continue their stupid mantra of QEs....

We are in serious trouble cause the golfer wants to spend silver and hide it....and store extra food cause dems will be hungry and need it....

Someday we will wish for the America that once was....

Also, I am a Republican and Tea Partier an probably will vote no on the 3 props....

So you want to wear wigs and go in an outhouse?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


That just reaffirms my no vote.

Yea, baby! That right. and

Yea, baby! That right. and so should everyone else. Dang I got to start going to the meetings again. I'm missing a lot of fun.

You mean you didn't know?

You mean you didn't know? How dare they do this without the court jester being in attendance.

Props stink.

Figures the TP's wamt to give their tax money to private firms instead of having it go to the counties. Private firms will benefit from these Props. Luna has an appropriate name. When is he up for reelection, anyway?

Next Headline News

Can't wait for the next story about Luna's automobile being vandalized by his son again to gain sympathy for his phony Props.

The real question now is .....

where do the "Occupiers" stand on this?

They just sit around.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


So now the teaists are enamored of Wayne Hoffman? It follows that they also don't approve of revealing to the public who funds your programs. Those who have a need to hide, have reasons for hiding.

Oh no,, their organized, I

Oh no,, their organized, I wonder if they pay dues..

Go to a meeting in Boise and

Go to a meeting in Boise and find out. They would love a good laugh.


Republicans laugh? Not in public....

you haven't been listening

you haven't been listening to the garage band hero again have you ?

Nothing like a goofy TP story to open the Silly Party convention

Which one of you is Walrus -----?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Dems....Obama lost the debate again tonite but he did

show a more likeable side to him....Obama debated better this time than last....But Romney had good points in that Obama is the prez and he has had his chances....

The same is with got to show the whys better....Obama did not convince me, especially with his past 4 years, that he can really change things for the better....Luna has not been convincing either....

In school bonds, they usually show what it is about, how much it is, and what it will cost each property tax home owner, and when it will expire....thus, I usually vote 90% in favor of school bonds and other stuff that clearly show the need and results....

My opinion, this is where Luna has failed....I like VanderSloot and I could care less who all the donors are....I am just not convinced now of props 1,2,3....

Thus I am voting for Romney and NO on all props....

I say this as a Republican, a Tea Partier, and a Libertarian mindset....

The people voting yes are fine....myself, I just havent seen enough data to be convinced yet....maybe next time?

Finland's success

"...Finland's educational success is training up 'great' teachers who attain at least a Master's degree becuare (sic) they are eligible for employment,"

In Finland, students have to pass a comprehensive written exam to get into high school and college. No multiple choice exams! Finland does not offer an undergraduate degree in education, nor do many other countries. Instead, the would-be teachers must get their bachelor's degree in some other field, and only the top 10% of graduates are eligible to pursue a Master's in education. Because of this emphasis on academic excellence, starting in high school, very few American teachers would be hired by the Finnish school system.

While college is essentially free in Finland (paid for by taxes), it is only available to those students who have demonstrated an ability for academic achievement. College students are encouraged to focus on good grades and take as long as necessary to complete their degree programs. Consequently, the typical first-year teacher is around 28 years old and has considerable emotional maturity.

Finally, another thing Mr. Compton should keep in mind about Finland, it is a nation of 5 million people, the majority of whom share a common language, a common race, and a common religion. For this reason it is an apples & oranges situation to compare their public school system to ours, but I do agree the United States can and should do a better job educating teachers. Until then, voting yes on 1,2, and 3 is a baby step in the right direction.

Dear TP: Maybe they SHOULD. Would serve you right.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Only five years F.O.?

I could have sworn you have been around here as long as I have, 2003.