Weigh in on Boise State's black uniforms and listen to Chris Petersen's take

By Brian Murphy

Boise State will wear black uniforms for Saturday's game against UNLV (1:30 p.m., NBC Sports Network).



The uniforms are drawing rave reviews from outside observers (best black helmets ever, "outstanding") and Boise State players, like model/senior linebacker Tommy Smith.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen was asked extensively about the uniforms during his weekly press conference with local media on Monday. Listen here to what Petersen had to say about the uniforms.

"Our guys enjoy it. This is hard work, these kids grind and work harder than more people year round, so whatever you can do to make it fun for them," Petersen said. "That’s one of the things."

Said safety Lee Hightower: "I liked that black a lot. I'm excited to wear them. ... You always want to look good when you’re playing."

But some fans have e-mailed me and contacted me on Twitter to express disgust with the uniforms. What seems to have fans the most upset is that Boise State is wearing "an Idaho Vandal color." Idaho wears black, though it is not one of their officially designated colors (those are silver and gold).

Some fans have even suggested they will boycott the fan "black out" for this reason.

Here is an example: "I WILL NOT WEAR IT ON A GAME DAY” as it is a VANDAL Color not ours! ... Where’s the respect due to the BRONCO FAITHFUL! I don’t remember a vote to change BSU Bronco colors. WE ARE “NOT” IDAHO VANDALS!! Our BSU Bronco colors are BLUE & ORANGE! We hope you are not saying we are attending a funeral at next weeks game & need to wear BLACK. WE WILL NOT WEAR IDAHO VANDAL COLORS to our game."

So what do you think? Do you like the uniforms? Will you wear black to the game?

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Best Unis Ever

And I was always a guy who said I wouldn't ever want to see the Broncos in Black. Yet now that I see these...I am sold. Fantastic!

Seriously People are talking of Boycotting this? Get a grip people.


Why black? Black is not a BSU color. I don't get it. It's a good looking uniform though.

Not a BSU color?

Neither is White. So what?

And last year when we wore grey how come people didn't get all bent?

Good point...

about the grey. But I don't like that either. I understand the marketing behind all the different uniform looks, but I still disagree with it. I'd prefer the traditional look. Truly great programs don't do it. I'd give Oregon a pass since they started it and it's kind of become their gimmick. But Oklahoma, Alabama, Southern Cal for example, still wear the same combo's they've always worn.

what color did BJC wear for away games?

white - it's always been a bsu football color

Just Do It!

The players have been looking forward to it, just wear the black! It's not that big of a deal. And this has nothing to do with the Vandals and their black uniforms. Be a real Bronco fan, wear black and quit whining!

why any color

This whole conversation is because there are 3 more games where BSU is dictated by an Evil Mountain West and a cry baby of a coach, Rocky Long, I am guessing that next year it will be Blue and everyone will be happy let them have their fun.... Why do people have to cry about every last thing.

When you own the Vandal's

When you own the Vandal's you get to put your logo all over their colors.



It's more like when you steal most things from the Vandals

you may as well steal their colors too.

silver and gold

enough said

bsu doesn't own the vandals you foolish person

bsu does lead the overall series 22-17-1 - that's only 5 games ahead - bsu's longest win streak is 12 years - idahos longest win streak is also 12 years - you must be a bronco bandwagon fan

Since vandal football

is in peril, I'd say that could very well be the Final record of the series. Unless BSU throws the vandies a bone every 20 years like they do ISU.

Fact is that record is old news. It is not any concern of a bronco or a vandal anymore. The Big sky will not afford the vandals the ability to rectify that record anytime in our lifetimes. And comparing a Big sky school with a BCS school will be silly.
Funny how the Vandals cry about BSU not scheduling them and then turn around and point to the "streak"

If BSU scheduled them every year going forward then the streak would end up being the largest of any football program ever. That is because BCS schools do not schedule FCS school every year. The same school. See, UI is prolonging the inevitable. And it is sad that it had to happen to any school but the NCAA and the BCS killed a football program. Not BSU, not Idaho's poor play and facilities. The BCS did it. And Idaho is the first casualty.

Overall it is a Dam shame.

But it couldn't happen to a nicer fanbase!

Ain't you got that backwards, Tater lover?

U of I isn't in a scandal like ISU, nor is their football program in peril.

So go kill the chips you love and feel confused no more.

Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Killing and loving?

those are a stalkers two favorite words.

I am not confused when you post, I am comforted and happy. I need you.

No big deal

So many teams wear black now that it is not a big deal at all. Had not even associated it with the Vandals until it was mentioned on a message board.

Gray is not one of the BSU colors and they wear gray jerseys several times a year including this past week.

The players want to do it and recruits like it so what the heck.

I Love It

Did anyone see the BYU game Saturday? They were in their all black. Looked great!


I was at a game.... score did not seem so good

No problem for me

I get it that the variety of uniforms are a recruiting tool and the players like to mix it up a little. The black-out thing seems to have some traction this year and it doesn't bother me at all that BSU is jumping on it.

Besides, put those uniforms on Lyle Smith Field and call the defense what it really is - the black and blue crew.

I like that!

Black and Blue Crew...sounds good.

who are Vandals??

Grey is not a color of BSU...but Grey crept in the color scheme and there was no uproar. So to BSU's Fashion Police....Shut Up! This uni looks GOOD!! Go Broncos!!


I like the look. We wear gray AND white all the time. Neither are BSU colors.


the best black unis yet, and that matte helmet is especially BADDD! Overall, better than anything Oregon has shown.

Black n Orange

You folks do realize black n orange are ISUs colors don't you.

Unis are so so to me just don't put them in camo pants like South Carolina did, now that was ugly.

Man those were

ugly, ugly uniforms SC wore.

Is it Halloween already

What a slam to U of I. Since BSU is the premiere football power of Idaho they can wear whatever d a m n color they want. Looks great.

OK but not orginal

I think the uniforms are O.K., but certainly not an original concept. Seems like everyone is doing the "black out" thing anymore. I like it when we go our own way...this feel like a ploy to sell a lot of "Black" gear to the fan base.

complain to nike

they're the ones responsible - it's their nike marketing strategy - to give teams black uniforms - that's how nike makes money - duh

The Black Helmet

Those helmets are SICK!! Much better than the white, and would look really good with the orange jersey/pants.


I remember in 2008 when Oregon first wore black vs. Oregon State, some similar reactions due to school colors. The Huskies did the blackout routine in 2010 and beat UCLA. Good to see BSU trying black for the first time. Compared to Western Michigan's black uniforms (Adidas), Nike's use of basically the same logomark and mascot name is far superior.

Georgia Southern's are a LOT nicer!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Here is an idea

How about uniforms printed as naked warriors...now that would be original:)

Hate 'em!

It seems every team wants these lame imitations of the even more lame Oakland Raiders.


You can call the Raiders lame but they gave fellow Bronocs a chance at the next level.
Chris Carr, Drisan James, Kyle Efaw...

Awesome Look!!

Lots of schools do black - UofI doesn't own the color. Get a grip you silly people and WEAR BLACK to the game

I agree!! Let's Go Broncos!

I agree!! Let's Go Broncos!

Nice! Love expanding my Bronco gear wardobe...

Not that I need an excuse...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

I agree,

Just dont wear gold,,


Single for the weekend...

I personally think they look pretty cool,

and I guess if we can't wear all blue unis, black is the next best thing....Sunny...


The Vandals official school colors are silver and gold. Black is unofficial; it is just as much an official school color as grey is to BSU. Stop being stupid. You are allowed to wear whatever color you want to a BSU game. Don't refuse to participate for such a ridiculous reason.

Black Rocks

These will look great on the Blue Turf. The Vandulls are Gold and Silver last time I checked. And who cares what they do anyways. We will make this(Black Uniform) look 10X better. With this MT West deal no Blue on Blue at home. I think this is a great option.


I like the look of the uniforms and have no problem with the players wearing them. But I do have to agree with the comment "We hope you are not saying we are attending a funeral at next weeks game & need to wear BLACK." I think the fans should keep with blue or orange.

Love them

Best one yet. Screams WE ARE BAD.

No, we were bad at the start of the season, now we aren't.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

I'm good with it

If the players are excited about it, potential recruits like it, and it can make a few bucks for the program, then why not?

Uniforms look stupid....must be top BCS to do stuff like


May rename to 'Boise State Vandals'....Get rid of ridiculous Bronco logo....

Where Boise is football and Idaho is education....

Ugly has Spoken !!!!


But as per usual nobody has any idea what you were saying.

Jealous much???

Eat your heart out! These unis rock!

Someone get a fork,U of I is done! Go back to the big sky already or do us all a favor & quit. The Great State of Idaho doesn't need to be embarassed by the bottom feedeing grazers from Moscow. BSU is the only real University & only team worth watching! U of I is a joke. ahahahaha!!!!

Go Broncs!!!!


I went to Idaho for an education, not football....football was a sideline entertainment, but once the game was over, it was over--back to school....

We are not embarassed at all....

Football is a sport and we want the Vandals to succeed, but also because Boise State is in Idaho, we want them to succeed as well....

Moscow is a great, small town and a very nice University....