Idaho AD says Vandals will play at football independent in 2013, nearing full schedule

By Brian Murphy

Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear said the school could announce a 2013 football schedule as soon as this week. Spear made his remarks on the postgame show after the Vandals' 38-7 loss at Texas State.

“We have made the decision that we’re going to go down this independent route. I think we’ve invested too much time and money. I know there’s a lot people that feel otherwise. But the schedule’s coming along. I feel pretty good about having 11 secure games and Friday I thought I had 12. The way football scheduling goes, I lost a game on Friday, but I’m hopeful I’ll be able to pick one up this week and hopefully we can come out and announce that schedule," he said, according to Josh Wright of the Spokesman (Spokane, Wash.) Review.

The Vandals could open the season at Arkansas State as part of a home-and-home deal, according to a report by Spear told the Idaho Statesman on Monday that he does not have a signed contract for that game.

Idaho has four games scheduled for 2013 — vs. Northern Illinois and at Washington State, at Wyoming and at Mississippi. The Vandals need five home games as per NCAA rules. Spear has also suggested that Idaho and fellow WAC leftover New Mexico State could play twice next season.

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Hmmm "nearly" a schedule?

Now having FOUR games scheduled equals "nearly" having a full football schedule huh?

Well, that's great, now that they "nearly" have a full football schedule for 2013 maybe they can turn their attention to "nearly" having a football team. Oh, wait a minute, they ALREADY "nearly" have a football team. LOL


Stick to stealing our colors (fight song, jazz festival) and having 46 year old bsu students organize million muppet marches. It suits your school better.

No Need To Steal

What BSU proposes normally always goes off without a hitch. BSU has lots of fans that like to attend their football games. When Idaho tries anything it's usually a waste of time and an exercise in futility. You see BSU has administrators with a vision of success unlike the retched refuse up north.

It's nice though, because U

It's nice though, because U of I has actual alumni... not hick bandwagon fans.

Maybe those "actual alumni" could.....

locate their checkbooks and try to rebuild a once proud, highly respected program.

Money wont solve Idaho's CFB is

location that kills Moscow for big time cfb....

Moscow needs to center on Student-Athletes going for engineering, law, forestry, agriculture and so forth....and they need to be committed to either Independent or Big Sky....

We will leave Communication Studies and History for the majors at the Blue (Black?)....

Just seems like all those...

rich engineers, lawyers, and so forth could contribute much more than the historians at poor little BSU.

They do donate to Idaho, not just football but

mostly to academics....

Boise State is known for football and that is it....

What famous research or projects are coming from Boise State?

Yes, Boise State dominates Idaho in Football....and sadly, that is it....

Have you seen Micron lately? Twenty years ago the engineers were mostly from the USA and many from ISU and, mostly from other countries....

Keep playing football....

and Moscow's major employer is.....


Probably Albertson's


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


Actually, most Vandals are the 'owners' and not the 'employees'.

So, not many employers of Vandals.

A few scattered here and yon - but not that many.



Ugly, good post

We may differ on many things.

I may hate the UI. But you are correct. The Uof I used to be and still is somewhat a great school with agriculture and law and forestry. Many great potato engineers come from the UI. I root for UI to provide a better education for our youth. I also know that BSU has even greater challenges academically. And they should focus more on that as well.

location kills moscow for big time cfb?

you must be on crack - moscow is just a handful of miles from a PAC 12 school - vandals problem isn't geography - problem with vandals is that vandal fans don't care enough about vandal football to go to vandal boards and talk vandal football - thats what kills the vandals - if vandals don't care about vandal football - why should anyone else care about vandal football - learn it - love it - live it - and leave bronco football to broncos - doing that will help vandal football

The only person on crack is the one who thinks the palouse can

command the recruiting population for 2 schools. WSU has a hard time recruiting and it is a PAC 10 school in a populous state with more funding. Dont be an idiot.

recruiting a 4 star QB to Northern idaho and the town of Moscow would be impossible no matter what idaho's conference was.

Why do you think USC and Miami have good recruits?

Beach? Big cities, and tradition. VS cowpastures and racists....

Your type of thought process shows ignorance of the reality of the situation or of CFB in general.

potatolander - you want to kick Vandals out?

I am a Vandal

I do not care about Vandal Football. I want the Vandals to go to the Big Sky or eliminate football entirely.

I care only about academics at the University of Idaho, and not about the Football.

I do not care about Bronco academics. I don't care if any BSU students learn anything of if any cla$ses are even held at BSU.

I care only about football at Boise State University, and not about the academics.

Even though the majority of Bronco Nation are basically Vandals (as is verified factually by the membership statistics and numbers of the Bronco Athletic Association), the Vandals should be kicked out of Bronco Nation and have no business being supporters oif Bronco Football, according to you?.

The majority of people who buy tickets for BSU Bronco Home Games are also, Vandals - what a loss of revenue if you kicked the Vandals out of Bronco Nation?

So basically you are advocating that Bronco Nation should be composed of only Broncos and Vandals should be banished an ostracized from Bronco Nation?

Did I undersand your position correctly?

If I musunderstood your position, if so, please correct me, or just remain silent and don't respond, as a non response will be interrpreted as you confirming the correctness of my evaluation of your posting.


Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

While VNDL is wrong about

his silly "majority" statement. He is right about everything else.

Vandals only ask to be make fun of as long as they insist on following this ridiculous rout and abandoning the academic education of Idaho's youth. Such pride is misplaced.

Stop trying to be BSU and start trying to make idaho proud.

I have started a drive for academic support to try to help the Vandals in thier quest to be ivy league. They are currently ranked in the 160s by US news and World report. Broncos need to donate screens for the windows, money for abortions for sorority girls and book donations because the neo nazis in the area like to have bonfires.

Good recruiting!

The Vandals are the majority of the BAA

and that is a fact.

In fact, that fact, has not been factually disputed by any posters to this board, bacause the facts would not support it.

The Bronco Athletic Association is composed of a little over 5,000 members (even B1234567 will not dispute that fact).

3,000 of the base of 5,000 BAA members are Vandals who are also members of the BAA (myself, ugly, SIF, and Broncos81 are examples). Also, not factually disputable. While Broncos81 does not like being in this category, he is simply a Vandal - due to his bachelor degree being from Idaho and ergo - a Vandal who is also a member of the BAA). That is a fact. B81 a BAA member will not dispute that fact.

2,000 of the base of 5,000 BAA members are either Broncos or others who are simply members of the BAA. Razor, a Washington Husky and Eastern Washington WhateverTheyAre, a non Bronco, and a non BAA member, will not dispute that fact.

In essence 60% (3,000 of 5,000) of the BAA membership is composed of Vandals, while the remaining 40% (2,000 of 5,000) of the BAA membership is composed of Broncos or others (non Broncos - prolly high school drop outs that made big bucks as plumbers and such in the voc tech trades, but live in Boise and like a semi-pro type team in Boise, too).

The reason that the statement of the 'majority' of members of the BAA are Vandals has not been factually disputed on these boards by members of the Out To Lunch Bunch or anybody else, is because they can't be.

These numbers are directly from the Bronco Athletic Association offices. Even their receptionist/secretary is a Vandal.

If you want, you can always go down to the BAA Front Office, talk to her (the Vandal receptionist) and verify my posting/facts/percentages.

If it bothers you so much to have the Majority of Bronco Supporters being Vandals and not Real Broncos, then you can always get your Bronco Friends to join the BAA.

Are you a member of the BAA?

What is your BAA Member Number?

Have you contributed any money to the BAA for the Expansion of Bronco Stadium Prject (Fundly).

Please take a moment to join the BAA if you have not, alreadly:

How many shares of Bronco Stock do you own.

The vast majority of Vandals I have recently spoken to are shocked about the reason for the recent Idaho/LSU Body Bag Game, with that reason being, for Idaho to make one million dollars (per President Nellis and AD Spear comments).

The administration at Idaho is not listening to the Vandals and Vandal Alumni. They are clinging to the dream of chasing BSU and being like Big Brother.

It will ruin Idaho if they keep scheduling games, that the football players know they don't have a prayer to win, only so the university can make money?

Is that what football at Idaho has deteriorated to? Being like BSU's football Program - a money and business revenue driven operation - devoid of student alumni participation or representation of anything about the actual university other than the cartoon character of a school' mascot? Not to mention just the mere stereotyping and identification of a person as a 'Vandal' or a 'Bronco' or a person who falls out of windows (Vandals) or a person who spends lots of time in jail and facing criminal charges of verious types (Broncos). Are we not beyond all of that in our on-board posting society. We simply do not have to act like Broncos, to be supporters of the Bronco Football Team.

I can be a responsible citizen and still suppport the BSU Bronco Football Team. I don't have to spend time in jail, to establish my bona fides as a Supporter of the Bronco Football Team.

Going so far down the scale to the BSU Bronco football level of existing to just make money for the university? We hear and read that time after time on these boards and in the media - the reason for this for the Broncos is to make money for the university - the reason for doing that is for the university fo make money from the football team gear sales or Pronto Pups sales - ad nauseum.

I am all for eliminating football at Idaho, and so are so very many other Vandals. We want Idahio to focus on academics and will use the BSU Bronco Football Team as our version of a semi-pro sports team from Boise, Idaho for entertainment and to eventually give Boise national recognition for something.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

you is a dummy - you dummy

majority of baa mambers are not vandals - if they were - majority of baa members would have fallen out of the sky box during baa meetings

Quote VNDL

"The majority of people who buy tickets for BSU Bronco Home Games are also, Vandals - what a loss of revenue if you kicked the Vandals out of Bronco Nation?"

Prove it.

And while you are at it prove your other statement with facts. Not, go talk to a secretary but actual facts.

You know quite well that I am a Season ticket holder.

In all my years going to BSU games sitting in my section, in general admission, in the student section on a guess pass and in the Sky center I have never ever sat by a vandal.

Potato2 is potatoheadliner?

I was chatting with potatolander.

How did you get into the conversation?

Are you potatoheadliner?

I really had no idea it was you who I was resonding to, or I would have been more vitriolic in my response. But anyhoo, you are here so I will respond.

None of your Out To Lunch Bunch have ever disputed the fact of a little over 5,000 BAA members being Vandals and the remaining 2,000 being either Broncos or others.

This discussion has been going on since last April.

You are prolly not aware of this as you are only a recent contributor to these boards, having been absent in the Spring and Summer.

When I renewed my BAA Membership last April, I asked the BAA receptionist, who is also a Vandal and is the sister of my neighbor accross by country road street, who is also the middle school math and shop teacher at our local school; what the actual breakdown of membership of the BAA was Vandals wise.

She said she has been asked this question often, but usually in a friendly way, which is the veing I was posing the question. She said a little over 5,000 members compose the entire BAA membership (this has been verified by B123456 in sevral of his kposts stating that 'there are over 5,000 total BAA Members'. She also said that about 3,000 of that 5,000, are Vandals (meaning graduates of Idaho, Idaho alumni, current students of Idaho, former students of Idaho, friends of Vandals, family members of Vandals, people with dual degrees from both BSU and Idaho (such as B81 and myself). Those same criterion was applied to the remaining 2,000 members of the BAA with many being wither Broncos or 'others' (meaning people like yourself who are graduates of Carrol College and not connected with BSU in anyway other thatn to join the BAA and support Bronco Football).

We have discussed these numbers and statistical facts on these boards, ad nauseum, and those that know the BAA and are actually members of the BAA and receive the BAA e-mails and such, have not been disputed.

razor, an 'other', who is not a BAA member, per his own admission, has not disputed the numbers.

B12345676, an 'other' who is a BAA member, has not disputed the numbers.

B81, who is a Vandal and a BAA Member, has not disputed the numbers.

windex, who is a Bronco and a BAA Member has not disputed the numbers.

SIF (Sportsisfun1960), who is a Vandal and a BAA Member, has not disputed the numbers.

ugly, who is a Vandal and a BAA Member, has not disputed the numbers.

I, am a Vandal and a BAA Member and I do not dispute the numbers.

Apparently, you are the lone 'other' and I am guessing to be a season ticket holder, a BAA Member, who disputes the numbers.

Isn't it interesting that of the 8 on these boards who have wieighted in on this discussion since April, 7 are members of the BAA and 1 is not - and of the 7 BAA members - 4 are Vandals, 1 is a Bronco, and the remaining 2 are 'others'?

Please try not to be argumentative, but instead just try to be objective and realize that this is the reality of the shakeout of the composition of the board members who have become engaged in this discussion about the composition of the BAA membership being composed of 60% Vandals or not - when you SEE ONLY 1 Bronco listed as BAA Members.

I am not making this stuff up. You were not around to read the stuff from last Spring or last summer. I understand how you could not know. You were not read in.

Ask ugly, SIF, even B81 or windex, or B12345.

Regarding to where you sit in your section:

There are thousands of Vandals that go to Bronco Home Games and wear Bronco Gear and Bronco Colors. You can't judge a book by its cover. Didn't you ever learn that?

I read a statistic the other day that it is estimated that there were approximately 17,000 Vandals in the seats at Bronco Stadium for the most recent BSU Home Game with Fresno State.

I do not know how they get those numbers or statistics, but I would not doubt it.

The difference between Vandals and passing Bronco Fans is most of us are primarily Idahoans firsst and Vandals second. And if supporting the BSU Broncos march toward a National Championship will help get that championship for the greater glory of our Great State, we are all behind it - most of us anyway. The others - nah, they really are not about realy supporting Idaho or BSU, but about having a team to root for, tune into, and wear the gear and look cool - no real loyalty to their state or anything bigger than themselves. There are such unfortunates.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - You never did tell us your BAA Member Number? I am guessing you have one, as a season ticket holder?

PPS - Vandals built BJC. Vandals built BSC, Vandals built BSU, Vandals built the BAA. Without Vandals, there would be thousands of empty seats at Bronco Stadium at Bronco Home Games. Think about it.

Lies lies and more lies

Huh, I am kinda seeing why everyone ignores you.

P2 - no lies

Hopefully, you will ignore me in the future also.

Thank you in advance for not responding to this post and ignoring it, as well as ignoring many more of mine in the future.


abit is long enough for one post....


I will vouch that when I became a BAA member and also donated to Stadium Expansion, I told the secretery that I was a Vandal donating to Bronco Football....She laughed and said "don't worry, there is you and plenty others. We accept Vandals too. Thank you for your support...."

ON windex, I dont think he is a Bronco....during our good breakfast meeting he elaborated his education and it was from the east....(I wont discuss anymore unless windex wants to)....So he could be another BAA member that is not a Bronco....

I know many Vandals that live in Boise that are Bronco Boosters and BAA dad, a Vandal, is also one....

You bring up an excellent point....How many BAA Members are actually Boise State University graduates?

Φ Well, that lasted

less than 21 hours. Why will nobody be surprised at ugly? He'll say anything.

Boiseans, Boise Fans, Friends and Foes....Ugly must quit for
Submitted by ugly on Mon, 10/15/2012 - 8:54pm.


I post and blog to throw a different posts are not the normal 1D or 2D stuff....they are 3D, actually 4D--yes, my posts have length, width, height, and time....


l x w x h x t = Uglys Posts

You must be able to read not only the depth but the time of it, and most Boiseans are incapable....

I post to stir debate, not emotions....I post to stir Boiseans, not anti-Idaho rhetoric....

I want to keep the spirit of these blogs, thus I must leave for not to cause too much emotions in the negative way....

Best wishes and regards,


PS....Kelogg45, keep up the good will be treatd just like Ugly, VNDL, and SIF....also, bought some silver rounds from the Kellog Mine in Pocatello....they are cool....

and all this drivel coming from a Non BAA Member

Why are you so stuborn, as to dery yourself a Bronco Supporter, yet you refus to join the BAA or contribute any money to help support the Bronco Football Team or the Brobnco stadium expansion project?

I have never really understood your resistence to join the BAA, yet you state you are a supporter of the Broncos.

And why all the Extreme Vandal Hatred you constantly exhibit.

Were you not selected for admission to Idaho in your youth?

Were you not selected for employment at Idaho during your career?

Were you told by Vandals that "you are just not good enough"?

Usually, people that have an Extreme Hatred of Vandals have a reason and can articulate that reson.

P2 for example has always been straight up about his Extreme Vandal Hatred and it goes back to his childhood when Idaho ruined his life for some reason by controlling the State of Idaho.

He has never had a problem beibng honest about it.

So what is your reason for your Extreme Hatred of Vandals?


Why not join the BAA and be a True Bronco Football Supporter?

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - you can join the BAA by using this link:

You look like a fool, again

But whats new, huh?

razor is a BAA member and I happen to know this for a fact. You continue to run your mouth and pretend to be somebody. You're not half the man razor is, in character and stature. But you knew this. Thats why you attack him. He has too much honor to engage your nonsense, but Im young and arrogant and happy to do it.

Why would have razor wanted to attend moscow? I believe razor went to UW. You know, that school that puts your pathetic school to shame. In every way. But no worries, he doesnt hate the u of i. Just you. And so does just about everyone else.

It burns you up the Broncos are passing the lowly vandals in everything these days. Its funny. You post and post and sound so desperate. You may not be alive when it happens, but the new FLAGSHIP will be Boise State in 5 years. Academics, athletics, all in Boise. Pretty cool huh?

And Bronco fans everywhere thank you for the whopping $37 you donated to the BAA. I mean, you could have used it to renovate that cave troll you crawl out of so a real thank you. Such generosity!

CHEERS soggy bottoms!

Φ Isn't it great?

Not thrilled either with Pullman or Moscow. Never had Coug hate like so many Dawgs; never cared a hoot about the Vandals ... they were always sort of "over there". Spokane and EWU were a-okay. Husky because I grew up there.

Bronco Athletic Association number 10515059

Go Broncos! Go Huskies!

Good Job Razor !!!!

Another non-BSU grad with a BAA membership....

With only 5,000 BAA members, it begs the question of how many of the 5,000 members have graduated from Boise State University?

That not a question of critique, just of interest....Sounds like Boise State Grads are getting a Bronco Football Free-Ride from the rest of the Nation....

PS....the 105 digit, is that corral or above?

Φ Atta boy, ugly.

Keep on posting.

At least you're no good at quitting.

ps - BAA memberships ALL have to be Corral or above. So, yes.

razor has stated several times

that he is not a BAA Member and is not going to join, as he has contributed enough money to BSU by paying to tuition to get both of his daughters thru BSU.

If you are honest, you have read those posts, too and even commented on them, as I remember, by stating something along the lines of (and I am paraphrasing here) "razor doesn't have to join the stupid BAA if he doesn't want to".

If you are honest, you will also recall how your comment about the BAA being 'stupid' led into a week long flame war last Summer about whether or not the BAA was 'stupid' or not, with you and the B123456 guy tkaing the position that it is pointless to join the BAA as long as Vandals wre joining and 'wasting' their money by joining the BAA, thus saving Broncos money from having to join the BAA.

FYI - I have contributed well, waaaay, a wholebunch more, over $37.00 to the BAA.

You have not told us why you have such Extreme Vandal Hatred. You have been asked that question many times, yet you refuse to answer it.

I will ask it again:

Why do you have such an Extreme Hatred of Vandals?

Is it because you were denied admission?

Were you not selectex to be a 'walk-on for the Vandal Football Team, yet tou walked on for the Broncos and played during the Broncos 'down years, and your Broncos of those days were dominated by Vandals.?

Were you not selected for employment by Vandal Boss?

Did you find out in the Maternity Ward that you were a Second Place Finisher to a Vandal?

Did you not deliver the pizza in under 30 minutes and had to make up the difference from your own minimum wage pay to your Vandal Boss?

Just curious.

Hugs and kisses.


Aren't Flame Wars fun?

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Yup, they are fun...

I liked maternity one...


Φ Classic case

of not reading before posting.

JL - Kudos

for getting the humor.

A Tip of the 'Ol Sombrero to ya, for figuring out that you are not the Dad to your own kid, but a Vandal is, lolol.

Vandals Lead The Way !!!!!!!

Ya Gotta admit, only a Thinking Man would get that one.

I am guessing, in all seriousness, you don't have any kids?

Vandals don't have that 'fertility' problem.

A case could be made that many Greek Vandals could not pass a polygraph, when asked how many kids do you have, as they might not know the actual truthful answer. It is not that they are being deceptive or not telling the truth, it is prolly that they just don't know for sure, what with the hordes of nubile babes always wanting dates and Private Time and all. It gets hard to keep faces straight after a while.

Vandals didn't have much to worry about Bronco Babes, though, as nubility and/or nubilnous was never a trait of Bronco Babes, ergo, no contact between Vandals and Bronco Babes.

Again, congrads on picking up on it. I really did not think any of the Out To Lunch Bunch would have the Mental Acuity to Get It.


PS - Even an Extreme Vandal Hater, such as yourself HAS TO AGREE, being totally honest, with my observation about Bronco Babes, after taking a good look at the Prancing Percherons of the Bronco Dancers from now and going back a few years. Especially Fiesta Bowl I.




I loved your post about him not reading it first. I saw that after I posted the above post, regarding kudos.

Apparently, you are the mentally acute one of the Out To Lunch Bunch.

Who would have guessed !!!!



ugly - I will correct my post's statistics based on new info

Since I posted my above post, I have learned several things:

1. Windex is not a Bronco, but an 'other' member of the BAA,

2. razor is not a Bronco, but an 'other' member of the BAA.

In the above post, I stated, en parte: " . . . Isn't it interesting that of the 8 on these boards who have wieighted in on this discussion since April, 7 are members of the BAA and 1 is not - and of the 7 BAA members - 4 are Vandals, 1 is a Bronco, and the remaining 2 are 'others'?"

With the new information it appears that 8 on these boards who have weighred in on this discussion since April, 8 are members of the BAA - and of the 8 BAA Members - 4 are Vandals and 4 are non Bronco 'other' members of the BAA.

It looks like there are NO BAA Members who are actually Broncos, that have chosen to join this robust discussion.

Isn't that interesting.

Actually, I am guesing that when the BAA Receptionist tells me that of the 5,000 BAA Members of which 3,000 are Vandals and 2,000 are Broncos or 'others', that the percentage of 'others' in the amount of 2,000 is weighted heavily toward others' being the majority of that minority category of BAA Membership with Vandals being 60% of the majority category of BAA Membership.

As we both know, statistics tell the story. and, the story is not very pretty for Broncos. But,

It is the story, pure and simple.

There are waaaaaay more Vandals that are members of the Bronco Athletic Association than are actual Broncos.

If I were singularly a Bronco I would hang my head in abject shame and failure.

Surely, all these 'others' who are BAA Members have at least a few friends of theirs that are actual Broncos that they could cajole into joining the BAA, if for no other reason than to be able to factually portray the picture of there being more Bronco members of the BAA than Vandal members of the BAA.

I am waiting to learn the results of P2's fact finding mission of visiting the BAA Offices and getting statistics from the Vandal receptionist.

Do you think Coach Pete thinks Vandals should not be allowed to sit in seats in Bronco Stadium, because they are Vandals?

Do you think President Kustra thinks Vandals should not be allowed to be members of the BAA or be able to buy season tickets to watch Bronco Home Games?

Do you think there should be some sort of questionnaire attached to the sales tags of Bronco Gear, to weed out the Vandalsfrom the Broncos and 'others' at the time of sale of Bronco Gear?

If Vandals were kicked out of being Bronco Football Supporters by BSU, does that mean that andals won't have to ever pay any of their personal Income Tax money into BSU, in the future?

ugly - you and I and SIF know the truth:

Vandals built BSU and the Bronco Football Team.

The Broncos need the Vandals much more than the Vandals need the Broncos.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I gotta admit, sometimes I do need a Bronco to clean my propane BBQ machines and patio equipment, when I get so very busy with really important things in the Spring, and just don't have the time to do the cleaning. I am sure you are in that boat too, and have to get a Bronco to do some stuff for you, from time to time. None of us live in a vacuum and we all need each other at times. So yes, there are times that Vandals do need Broncos, I guess.


My first response to this went to spam, thus the statesman group will get to read it and review....

Ill try again....

Yes your unbiased sampling analysis is have shown that 7 of the 8 bloggers that are BAA members have college degrees elsewhere....thus 1 in 7 graduated from Boise State University....

Using that data set then, (7/8)*5000 = 4,375

Thus, about 4,375 BAA members graduated at another college (such as Ugly, VNDL, windex, razor, sif, B81, etc.) and about 700 members have graduated from Boise State University....

I would like to hear a Boise State grad dispute or verify this significant data....
Also, could anyone on the OBNUG blog propose this and see what happens?

VNDL, this is your best research to date and may have some significance to the BAA on marketing....

Do you think that this is why fundly had a goal of $250,000 and had to lower it to $75,000 cause the CBF just does not donate?

ugly - great analysis

The real truth is there are many fine members of Bronco Nation who are not Broncos nor are they in anyway conncted with BSU. Actually it is the vast majority of the members of Bronco Nation, if the truth be known.

The vast majority of members of Bronco Nation are devotees to CFB and the Boise based Broncos, because they represent Idaho.

If a meaningful and statistically valid impartial survey was actually taken of the citizens of Bronco Nation, I would predict that only a few of the members of Bronco Nation care one way or another if BSU existed for any academics, whatsoever. Most Broncos I know are people who buy Bronco Gear and watch Bronco games on TV and then get together throughout the week and discuss 'their' team - as well as other teams of 'their's' (BYU, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and etc.

This noon I was at a luncheon in Jerome and sat next to a farmer who was wearing a "Hook 'em Horns" hoodie and a blorange Bronco baeball cap. When we got done with the luncheon we went to the parking lot and a few of us continued the BS session for a bit. He got into his rig and drove off. He had a BYU Cougar logo sticker on the back of his rear window. Others had Idaho/Joe Vandal logo stickers and such on their rigs as well as Bronco stuff.

It only takes a few Extreme Vandal Haters to try and poison the well for other Bronco Nation members.

But you and I and SIF know the real truth:

There are more Vandals at Bronco Home Games sitting in seats at Bronco Stadium, than pure Broncos. B81 knows it too.

Your analysis is very telling.

There really are not many actual Bronco Graduates that really support the Bronco Football Team. It seems it is primarily Vandals and a few 'others' who fill the void and provide support for the Bronco Footbal Team and the BAA.

Possibly the graduates of BSU leave Idaho in search of employment where a BSU sheepskin is not known nor recognized? It looks like they don't hang around Idaho. At least your analysis doesn't show that they do.

As always, ugly, your postings are succor to a hungry man. They are fact filled. You continue to amaze me, as to how you are the most intelligent poster on these boards.

Probably it is because you are like SIF and me, also, 3D Thinkers (of which Vandal Graduates have to be, to begin with). It is a shame that B81 has chosen to throw his 3D Thinking ability away and went over to the Dark Side.

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

VNDL....first of all, good post and interesting on your

lunch meetings with other cfb fans that also like the Broncos....

I need your help though....

We need to expand this analysis to a better data set....yes OBNUG. The data on this blog shows that 7 of 8 bloggers that donate to BAA did not graduate from Boise State University....what about OBNUG?

At OBNUG, there is no way a Vandal could propose that hypotheses without getting you think I should ask a Bronco on this blog to propose that hypotheses on OBNUG so that this finding can be verified on a wider and more Bronco scale? The question could be subtle--

'A Scientific Analysis from an unbiased survey committee has shown that 7 of 8 folks that donate to and are members of the BAA do not have a college degree at Boise State University. Bronco Fans at OBNUG, what do you say?'

VNDL....what you say on that? This is needed to verify research and have conclusions to the premise....I dont know, I dont want to stir a hornets nest....

ugly - regarding the OBNUG Conundrum

I know of only a few who have mentioned OBNUG:

razor and P2.

Apparently they are posters to that site and are familiar with their tenor.

I don't think it would stir the hornet's nest, at all if P2 or razor were to pose that question.

However, I do not think razor or P2 are intellectually mature nor honest enough to carry that type of water. They are not interested in ral facts, but would somehow 'skew' the question from what you originally intended.

I think you should ask either razor or P2, though, and see if they are honest enough to pose the question on OBNUG as you wrote it.

As always, you are trying your best to get information and dsta for the benefit of all board readers and posters. Once again yo prove yourelf to be of great service to these boards in your unselfish acts, deeds, and thoughts.

If an election were held right now, I have no doubt you would be elected as the Best Poster to these boards. We alrady know you are the Smartest Poster to these boards.

It is just a crying shame that you did not go to Idaho when I went there, so I could learn even more about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of the Silver Market from you.

You are truly an inspiration to all of us. And, I believe I can say that for all the posters to these boards, at this time.

Go with God.


PS - Also, thanx for taching me how to make a chart and Matrix Type Management for when I do my Random Acts of Kindness and the specific acts to be done at the specific times/dates, for the specific people. It really helps.

v-guy, I shouldnt respond, but...

I just went through the contact list on my phone and made a list of all those who I knew were BSU season ticket holders that require BAA membership. There were 20 including myself. Of these 20, 18 are rough rider level or above, the other 2 I'm unsure about. I made a chart of where each of them went to school, as all of them have degrees. I might add they are all successful professionals, business owners, and the like.

Of the 20:
11- went to BSU
2 - went to Id State (including myself)
2 - went to U of Utah
2 - went to BYU
2 - I'm unsure of
1 - went to C of I

Not one of my contacts who is a Vandal is a season ticket holder, and I'm quite sure none are BAA members either. I do have some Vandals as contacts. The architect who designed my house, my kids 7th grade math teacher, my former neighbor who is a lineman for Id power and some friends who were in my doctorate program with me. These guys in my program are good, fun-loving guys, but they finished toward the bottom of my class cuz they would rather party than study, but who wouldn't?

Anyway, it has been a long time since I have taken statistics, so I'm not sure what the p value of this sample is. However I think we can all agree that based on this sample, over half of BSU season ticket holders are BSU alum, and very few Vandals, if any, are BSU season ticket holders.

windex - are you stating for statistics purposes

that 'went to BSU' equates to graduating from BSU?

It makes a big difference in the Stanard Deviation.

Congrats on your PhD. What was it in?

We should call you Dr. Windex, out of professional courtesy, as you should call me Dr. VNDL and it should be Dr. ugly, as well. As long as we are being professionally formal, that is.

Yes, I can see it has been a long time since you have taken statistics. You can always take a refresher class, on-line, from the University of Idaho.

I can get you some information on it, if you want.

It is interesting to note that of the 4 Vandals who are identified as members of the BAA who are on these boards, are also, none of us season ticket holders.

VNDL is a Vandal BAA Member, but not a season ticket holder.

ugly is a Vandal BAA Member, but not a season ticket holder.

SIF is a Vandal BAAA Member, but not a season ticket holder.

Broncos81 is a Vandal BAA Member, but not a season ticket holder.

So much for your theory, huh? Kind of evaporated like smoke up a chimney.

See, it is possible for Vandals to be members of the BAA and yet not be season ticket holders.

So what have we proven and learned by and from, the use of your theorum:

A person does not have to be a Vandal to join the BAA and buy a season ticket for Bronco Football Home Games.

That is what you are proving. Is it not?

It is along the same vein of thinking that a person does not have to be a Bronco to join the Vandal Athletic Association and buy a season ticket for Vandal Football Home Games.

I can readily deduce that your Doctorate Program was not heavily weighted with philosophy, reasoning, debate, nor logical/critical thinking skills. I am guessing you are a pharmacist or something along the Medical/Health/Counseling or hospital administration lines?

But hey, thanx for responding with your stab at what the data means.

I wish more posters would take the time to care enough to respond in an intelligent manner as you have demonstrated.

Your posting was that of a gentleman, and it is appreciated.

We are able to have an intelligent discussion without the need for rancor.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

you are a vandal - you don't support vandal football

you are an example of what's wrong with vandal football


Do I have to be a supporter of Vandal Football to be a supporter of the University of Idaho?

See, that is where uneducated morons like you can't relate with people like me- real education is of no importance to you.

Real education is of importance to me. Supporting a real university to provide real higher education and learning for Idahoans is important to me. Hence, my support of high academics and not football at Idaho, duh !!

Also, my entertainemnt and passion for College Football is important to me.

I like to lead a balanced life.

The importance of work, of family, of my God, of education, of sports, of entertainment, of fly fishing, so on and so forth. A balanced life - not necessarily living for CFB a few months a year.

Idaho does not have a snow ball's chance in He!! of ever winning a National Championsjhip at the highest level of college football.

Pragmatic people that follow CFB know that. As a native Idahoan who wants only the very best for our Great State, I want Idaho to have a college football team that can bring back a National Championship Trophy to our Great State. We know that the only CFB team that is Idaho based and can achieve that lofty goal is Boise's State University Football Team. That is why I am a Bronco Football Supporter, belong to the BAA, own multiple shares of Bronco Stock, and have donated money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium (a venue I cannot physically visit, but I support the expansion of it because it helps the prospects of someday having the Broncos being a National Championship Trophy back to Idaho).

I am the type of person (as are most Vandals) who is a mature 3-D Thinker and believes that a university's reason for existence is to provide high quality academic education to its students and that the football team merely provides mindless entertainment for the student body.

BSU has a football team that is a money making and revenue generating operation. That is cool with me. Idaho gets its revenue from research grants and land grants and grant money connected with academics and learnilng and research. There is nothing wrong with BSU making money by selling Bronco Gear and marketing their Main Froduct - the Bronco Football Team (see PS below). I like CFB and have quite a large selection of Bronco Gear in my workshop. I do cheat sometimes and get the free bright orange aprons from Home Depot and stick on some Bruster Bronco head stickers and pretend it is Bronco Gear. The aprons are free and so are the stickers. They don't sell work shop apparel or aprons at the BSU Bookstore, so I got to make my own.

I even got some Bronco Buckets which are Bright Orange and has a cartoon pic of Homer the Home Depot guy on it. I use that bucket for sawdust, nails, scraps, empty soda cans, and hamburger and fry wrappers and other junk.

Home Depot colors are Bright Orange. Why not have Bronco Bob get his Marketing Folks geared up and chase that market. It is nationwide - and - possibly could do some joint advertising, using the joint orange color theme.

Think Bigger Bronco Bob - there is gold in them thar hills.

So yes, Bronco clored gear is important to my work, too.

I am a Vandal that supports the BSU Bronco Football Team and you can't get rid of guys like me, as long as BSU has a Football Team that is part of the National Picture.

The BSU Broncos are purely mindless entertainment for me and an opportunity for Boise's semi-pro Football Team to bring some type of national recognition back to Boise.

Having the Birds of Prey thingy was great for Boise for a couple of years way back when after it first came out, as well as the big water slide along the freeway, now they are both kinda old and forgotten. There is no more River Festival in Boise, and not much else going on for Boise other than the Bronco Fotball Team.

So yes, Vandals can support the Bronco Football Team and not care about the Vandal Football Team - cuz - Vandals are concerned with Idaho being an academic university while letting BSU be just a Footbal University that provides mindless entertainment for Idahoans.

If I was King for a Day, I would bull doze the classrooms on the BSU Campus and make more parking lot and tail gating stations for Bronco Home Games - and,

bulldoze the footbal practice field north of the Kibbie Dome and make it into a classroom or research facility of some type.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - You know, I got an entire mind filled with hundreds of ideas for Bronco Gear to get sold at laborer and worker clothing and supply outlets. For example, why is there no orange hard hat with a blue horses head logo on the sides, for sale at finer laborer clothing stores? Or hammers, or drill sets, or aprons or jumpsuits, or, or, and the list goes on and on. Bronco Bob should hire me cuz I gotta million ideas that could make BSU some money!!!!

PPS - What about the orange vests that flaggers wear when they reroute traffice? Why not have a BSU fotball logo on the shoulder of those?

ugly - even BSU History studies are circ@mspect, I think

Remember, we have seen a Bronco History Program Graduate School graduate with his thesis about the Battle of the Little Big Horn and he didn't get the facts straight about Reno and Benteen.

So, I am not at all convinced, the History major at BSU is all that solid. Maybe it is a 'buy a degree' type program. I dunno.

Didn't mean to rain on your parade about the adequacy of the BSU History Program, but I could not pass up an opportunity to get the record straight.


VNDL....Yes I forgot about the History Major and his takes on

the events at Little Big Horn....

I was surprised too about his take on Benteen and Reno....

I cant remember but did he say if he ever even visited the Battle Field?

I took a tour with tour guides with a white guy and Native American Laday as the instructors of the tour and was quite impressed....the battlefield left a sad impression on me cause of its significance....

your colors are silver and

your colors are silver and gold

You're just mad because the

You're just mad because the Las Vegas Bowl looms large for the third year in a row...enjoy Vegas.

vegas has been fun. I hope

vegas has been fun. I hope you enjoy lewiston


Spear reminds me of the band on the flagship Titanic playing as the water lapped at their feet.