Boise State football lands at No. 22 in initial Bowl Championship Series standings

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team is No. 22 in the first Bowl Championship Series standings of the season, released Sunday evening. The Broncos are the only team from a non-BCS conference to make the standings.

The Broncos need to be the highest-ranked champion of a non-BCS conference, finish in the top 16 of the BCS standings and finish ahead of a BCS-conference champion to earn an automatic berth to a BCS game. The Big Ten does not have a team in the standings because Ohio State is ineligible, so it’s quite possible the league’s champion will not be ahead of Boise State if the Broncos finish 11-1.

The only threats from non-BCS conferences are Ohio of the MAC and Louisiana Tech of the WAC, but those teams will have a difficult time jumping Boise State with their remaining schedules.

Boise State is No. 22 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, No. 23 in the Harris poll and No. 20 in the computers — the three elements involved in the BCS standings. Boise State is as high as 13th and as low as 23rd in the six BCS computers.

The Big East, which Boise State joins next year, has No. 15 Rutgers, No. 16 Louisville and No. 21 Cincinnati.

Boise State has appeared in the standings for 38 consecutive weeks, the longest active streak in the nation.


The Boise State football team held its spot at No. 22 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday — the day the first Bowl Championship Series standings of the season will be released (6:30 p.m., ESPN).

The BCS uses the point total and Boise State did gain support this week — an increase of 74 points to 271. The Broncos are one point behind TCU and three points behind Texas Tech.

Texas Tech, which dominated West Virginia, and TCU, which blew out Baylor, jumped the Broncos this week.

Ohio of the MAC, the only remaining undefeated non-BCS team, is 27th. Louisiana Tech of the WAC is 29th.

Michigan is No. 25 — the highest-ranked bowl-eligible team from the Big Ten. Boise State can make a BCS game by finishing in the top 16 and ahead of a BCS-conference champion.

In the Harris poll, the other human poll that is part of the BCS, Boise State gained 153 points but lost a spot, dropping to No. 23. Ohio is 27th and Louisiana Tech is 29th.

In The Associated Press Top 25, Boise State held at No. 24. Ohio is No. 25 and Louisiana Tech is 28th. The poll isn’t part of the BCS, but the Broncos are only 29 points ahead of Ohio.


Boise State is up to 12th in the nation in scoring defense at 14.7 points per game. The Broncos are sixth in turnover margin (plus-11), eighth in sacks allowed (four) and ninth in kickoff returns (27.6). They’re 80th in scoring at 25.2 points per game.

TCU took over the takeaways lead with 20 in six games. Boise State has 19 in six games and Fresno State has 19 in seven games.


New Mexico won at Hawaii late Saturday night. The Lobos are 4-3 and need three more wins to become perhaps the most surprising bowl-eligible team in the country.


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (60) 6-0 1,500 1
2. Oregon 6-0 1,436 2
3. Florida 6-0 1,361 4
4. Kansas St. 6-0 1,296 6
5. Notre Dame 6-0 1,283 7
6. LSU 6-1 1,153 9
7. Ohio St. 7-0 1,071 8
8. Oregon St. 5-0 1,050 10
9. South Carolina 6-1 1,042 3
10. Oklahoma 4-1 994 13
11. Southern Cal 5-1 874 11
12. Florida St. 6-1 836 12
13. Georgia 5-1 753 14
14. Clemson 5-1 673 16
15. Mississippi St. 6-0 591 19
16. Louisville 6-0 574 18
17. West Virginia 5-1 552 5
18. Texas Tech 5-1 444 NR
19. Rutgers 6-0 405 20
20. Texas A&M 5-1 379 22
21. Cincinnati 5-0 294 21
22. Stanford 4-2 242 17
23. Michigan 4-2 177 25
24. Boise St. 5-1 133 24
25. Ohio 7-0 104 NR
Others receiving votes: Arizona St. 92, TCU 88, Louisiana Tech 38, Texas 25, NC State 11, Northwestern 6, Washington 6, Wisconsin 6, Nebraska 4, North Carolina 2, Tulsa 2, Arizona 1, Iowa St. 1, Penn St. 1.


Here’s the full USA Today Coaches’ Poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Alabama (59) 6-0 1,475 1
2. Oregon 6-0 1,414 2
3. Kansas St. 6-0 1,307 5
4. Florida 6-0 1,297 6
5. Notre Dame 6-0 1,251 7
6. LSU 6-1 1,179 8
7. Oklahoma 4-1 1,021 10
8. South Carolina 6-1 1,012 3
9. Southern Cal 5-1 995 9
10. Florida St. 6-1 919 11
11. Oregon St. 5-0 839 14
12. Georgia 5-1 806 12
13. Clemson 5-1 741 13
14. Louisville 6-0 695 16
15. West Virginia 5-1 677 4
16. Mississippi St. 6-0 671 18
17. Rutgers 6-0 495 19
18. Cincinnati 5-0 456 20
19. Texas A&M 5-1 397 21
20. Texas Tech 5-1 274 NR
21. TCU 5-1 272 23
22. Boise St. 5-1 271 22
23. Stanford 4-2 215 17
24. Arizona St. 5-1 133 NR
25. Michigan 4-2 96 NR
Others receiving votes: Northwestern 77, Ohio 54, Texas 54, Louisiana Tech 24, Wisconsin 16, Nebraska 10, Nevada 7, Oklahoma State 6, Western Kentucky 6, Iowa State 5, Louisiana-Monroe 2, Northern Illinois 2, Toledo 2, Tulsa 1, UCLA 1.


Here’s my AP ballot. The most difficult task this week — figuring out how to treat these teams with terrible defenses that keep winning. I didn’t feel great about keeping West Virginia so high, but they’ve done more than the teams behind them.

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Florida
4 Kansas State
5 Notre Dame
7 South Carolina
8 Oregon State
9 Ohio State
10 Oklahoma
11 Georgia
12 Texas Tech
13 West Virginia
14 Florida State
15 Clemson
16 USC
17 Louisville
18 Mississippi State
19 Stanford
20 Rutgers
21 Boise State
22 Cincinnati
23 Texas A&M
24 Arizona State
25 Ohio

Dropped out: Texas, Michigan State, Louisiana Tech
Also considered: TCU


Here is Idaho Statesman Sports Editor Mike Prater’s Harris poll ballot:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Notre Dame
4. Florida
5. Kansas State
6. LSU
7. Oklahoma
8. South Carolina
9. Florida State
10. Oregon State
11. Mississippi State
12. Clemson
13. USC
14. Texas Tech
15. West Virginia
16. Georgia
17. Cincinnati
18. Louisville
19. Rutgers
20. Stanford
21. Texas A&M
22. Boise State
23. Arizona State
24. Ohio
25. Michigan

Dropped out: Iowa State, Texas
Also considered: TCU, Northwestern, Texas

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This is what I


Boise State in the driver seat....many top bcs 13 thru 22 play each other....

Oranges on the way?

With BCS? Harris, Coaches, and Computer? Boise will probably be 23rd or 24th also....dont know cause Miami (OH) lost again, BYU lost again, MSU lost again, Souther will be interesting to see how the computer comes out with that.....

I'll say 22nd

with a computer average at around 19

Noticed that 9 non-AQ teams received votes, not sure if that is high or low.

Seems high........

Hey funky...razor...dex

What will the season tell us later about the 1 loss the Broncos have versus the 1 loss La Tech has...factor in neither loses the rest of the year...

Had a discussion with a group of friends about it last night...Want some educated opinions from you three...


I think LaTech is too many points down (247) to get back in with BSU if both keep winning. I think LaTech has another issue as well, their last 3 games are against pretty good football teams that don't carry a lot of wait with the computers or humans. They will struggle in at least one of those games (Utah State, Texas State, San Jose State), which won't help their cause. I'm afraid Boise is going to be in the same spot TCU was last year (needing some final votes to get in) and fall short of 16.
If you look at the 21 ahead of BSU right now, I only see 4 for sure that will drop out and then about 5 toss-ups. Then you have the B1G deal, and for that we need our buddies Michigan State to come up big this week.

That's my thoughts on the deal.....

Φ "Carry That Weight"

Hahaha! You were the one who brought up the Beatles last night. You "Should Have Known Better", or at least "Your Mother Should Know".

Agree with your thoughts on LA Tech. May toss in more later ... going back to watch Demarco Murray. He reminds me of Ajayi.

along those lines

if we do make the bcs and it is in the orange vs nd, is anyone else nervous about that match-up? given swick's abilities and nd's run defense, i have concerns. a 7-6 win in the orange bowl would still be a win but.....

Φ Orange

against ND would be tremendous. That's so far off right now.

Give coach Pete a month to prepare and I'd like the Broncos' chances.

1 loss

I'm not sure which loss I feel was a more legit loss. I think la tech's looks better on paper right now. A and M is currently ranked, la tech got down big early and fought back and had chances to win, and the sec is much tougher than the B1g this year.
Michigan st. isn't as good as predicted and that was an ugly first game that by all accounts was a very winable game for the broncos.
As we have seen in the past though, it is better to lose early and I agree with funky, I don't see la tech overtaking bsu in the polls if both win out. I also think Utah st. will give la tech all they can handle.

Pretty good thoughts B

The three AQ teams behind us in the coaches poll could jump in front if they keep winning, but all three also have some tough games ahead. And, the three undefeated Big East teams have yet to play each other. Am hopeful for #16 which looks possible, #12 is highly doubtful.


I guess bsu is soooooooo lucky to be playing the cupcake schedule they have. Thank goodness they don't play another "tough" team this year. Oh yeah, the one tough team they played, lost to and couldn't score an offensive touchdown against now has 3 losses. It will be so much fun to have an 11-1 cupcake record and currently on NCAA probation this year and next to cheer for a BCS berth.

Coming from a guy

who's team represents the church that is well known for having the hierarchy that molests young boys. You guys are tied with Sandusky and Penn State. Losers all around....Sunny...

right on Sunny

Not to mention a coach who put some poor kid up in a lift to video practice in 50 mph winds.

When one can't defend his thoughts....

he sprews hate. You are a stupid shirt.


good one. let us not forget the coach they had for one week until they found out he falsified his resume.

We do not match up well with ND

at all......IMHO


ND is truly the best team that tithing can buy. BYU is a distant second....Sunny...

Φ So cheeseburgers

and air mattresses don't hang?

Why are you hanging cheeseburgers? Are you fasting?

I'd like furryorangatang's ideas on P2's ambiguous pa$$es while we're at it. I'm a b00b in theory only.

Jesus Clinton! Can't describe throwing a football to a receiver properly here.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Fun watching the kids play better each week.

Defense is playing lights out, all around good play by all the kids. Offense its nice to see Burks, Boldiwin, Ajayi doing better each week and of course some older kids like Potter for an example is always doing their job. Joe is managing the game well and not beating the team with sacks and bunch interceptions. Kinda appears with a couple score leads coaches are playing sec football in 2d half, thats bit of a change of pace for BSU fans, but can be fun to watch.
Good job everyone.

If ya watched LSU/SC yesterday----

Even if ya miss 1 field goal and make 2 others = ya can still win a close game. At least ya dont pump up the other defense by letting them stop ya on 4th and goal. Defenses just feel lucky if ya miss a field goal.

I cannot believe what I am reading....

Michigan State completely dominated bsu and currently with 3 losses with more to come.
bsu's SOS does not warrant BCS consideration. Has bsu beaten a team with less than 3 losses so far this year?



The BCS has made Boise State famous....I dont hear any Boiseans chanting 'Death to BCS' now....

The 22 ranking is a gift this year (albeit the BCS stiffed Boise in 2010 and 2011) with the extreme milk-toast schedule....but BCS rules are BCS rules....

Oh, ok....

thanks for pointing out how happy you are with the current system that rewards team with a cup schedule.


not saying the BCS is has always been fair to the non-AQ....

The system is flawed and it is showing again....

Φ Isn't it great?

Here we are talking about BSU possibly gaining a BCS berth when two weeks ago we weren't.

Isn't it great?

Orange Bowl?

Are you kidding...look at the teams the Broncos have played this year...even the best...Michigan St who beat BSU is now out of the top 25....

Eaglefan....and MSU is 4-3 and will

lose more....

BYU will lose more....

and the next 5 opponents to Boise have 8 wins and 25 losses, and all of them are in the bottom BCS what do the computers rate?

But by BCS rules, Boise State could be in the Orange Bowl....

Φ Yeah

Isn't it great?

A little perspective

Last year, Alabama's regular season schedule consisted of;

1 -FCS team
4 -7-loss teams
2 -6-loss teams
1 - 5-loss team
1 - 4-loss team
2 - Ranked teams

They were ranked #2 at the end of the regular season

Φ Hey, Fuzzy

Mathman. Why are you tossing facts at opinions? You know opinions always win ... until next week.

But, but, but ... they had to come to play, week in and week out. No team outside the SEC could handle a brutal gauntlet (as opposed to a vanilla-with-chocolate-frosting gauntlet) like that, and certainly not BSU!

Razor, I'm a little miffed at the moment

I'm in LA and the Giants game is blacked out.........

Tune into KNBR and youll be just

fine on the Giants game....

I'm listening to it over the Internet

But I should be WATCHING it.

I keep forgetting new technology....guess could listen on


Φ The Giants

beat the 'Niners, 26-3.

BSU #22 in the first BCS.

And 18.75 in the 'puters....

Who, I feel like ugly........

Not really :)

Φ Computer average is 20,

not that it matters a whole lot right now.

20, 13, 20, 22, 18, 23; throw out 13 and 23, you get the avg of 20.

C'mon Fuzzy!

ps - Do you feel (as in today's youth parlance) "like" ugly, or do you feel like the ugly in residence, continuously slip-sliding in the morass?

Ugh, got caught with projected......:(

.... Wrong again....

Φ Massey is slow

to get with the program this first week.

Could be updated at any moment. Right now has just the Coaches poll and Sagarin (and not even his own, which is 22); no Harris or the other 5 computer rankings.


all BCS Bowls are projections at this point....

Isnt it great


Φ Good time for ugly to make more predictions.

Then Razor's Discount Outdoor Supply and Pressure Wash Emporium can plan for the "ugnosticator® v2.0" release later this year.


I got some bad jay Ajayi news I'm sending you. Will you forward it to funky and Dex and 81?

Oh crap

Do I want to know......

Hint....Wal Mart has cameras


Don't buy a Wal-Mart camera!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<



Φ Got it and

see you included two others, so forwarding only to 81.


and wow.

Me too

Send it to me as well, please.