What you're saying about Boise State's 20-10 victory against Fresno State

So close

We're almost a great team. Unfortunately we lack in the most important position. We've got a marginal 1AA qb at best and a top level d1 coaching staff and the rest of the lineup. WTF?

Ask Stanford

and Michigan St what a 1AA qb looks like. Defense wins championships. BSU will be fine.

doing better

I LOVE the BSU Defense!! Go Broncos

A milk can

is worth fighting for!


Carr's a great QB, probably better than Southwick. Just doesn't have the team to go with his skills. Anyway, Carr since you cannot beat BSU as you will likely not have the chance to play them again, just take down the banner. No one would blame you. If on the unlikely chance you meet again in a bowl game, you can put it up again. BTW: You played a great game. Good luck with the remainder of your season.


i find it pretty scary for broncos future if coach pete truely believes southwick is by far our most capable QB.