Boise State to wear all-black uniforms against UNLV

By Brian Murphy

Boise State will wear all-black uniforms for its game against UNLV on Oct. 20, the school announced at halftime of Saturday's game against UNLV.




The program's recruiting Web site, promises black "head to toe" and includes matte black helmets. The above pictures are from

Boise State is also asking all fans to wear black for the game.

The Broncos are just the latest program to go for the all-black look. BYU, for example, will wear all-black against Oregon State this weekend.

Boise State is expected to make an official announcement at halftime of Saturday's game against Fresno State.

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The all white is far superior to this disgusting looking color.

I disagree that they are

I disagree that they are disgusting, but I do prefer the all white. Can't wear white at home though.

All White?

All white as most people know isn't great in rain! I prefer the black or gray any day.

Why does that rapper want "All White Everything"?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


You should wear all white in the rain just for me....

"asking all fans to wear black"

ah, I get it. This is all a boost for the apparel marketing department.

SL, You are

absolutely correctamundo....Sunny...

Black is back, all in we're gonna win...

Terminator X-1 in the house.


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just wear a trashbag

fight the power!

Very Cool..

This beats having to wear the gray uniforms at home. And why should they wear white at home? I also wonder why they are not wearing blue on blue. If I recall, the MWC is not going to share revenue with them anyway so i would shove blue up their nose. But black is very cool and goulish.

Because. . .

Because Petersen, Kustra and Coyle aren't trying to be spiteful. Play nice and leave on good terms, that's what good, respectable programs do. The new uniforms look sharp, better than all orange. My eyes took a week to heal after that game.

White is for away games!

The visiting team is supposed to wear light-colored or white uniforms!

Not gross

I like it, just don't wear it to often.

Probably just a Halloween

Probably just a Halloween thing.


I think the uniforms look sharp, but I don't understand the why. I definitely don't agree with the fans wearing black, stick with blue or orange.

Black uniforms may look cool but they aren't our colors

Agree - the uniforms look great, but we should wear our own colors at home games. There has been much work to market our blue/orange image so why confuse things. Go "Big Black" and "black collar team" just doesn't sound right. It feels like selling out to a marketing ploy and losing our identity.

For one game?

Come on, go with the flow. It's a cool little one game gimmick.

If all it does is make the school a few extra bucks, I'm good with it.

I don't have the money for new clothes right now, why BSU?

It's a braindead idea.


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FO doesnt have the money for TV

or a shirt. FO: Here is an idea. use me as your sugar daddy. I would love to "shower" you with "gifts"

You are german right? Cool, I hear that can be very adventurous.

Why don't you hang with Little Red Riding Hood?

She was bitter and you think you are sweet.



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I could get with that. I'll bet you like lemonaid.

That is a good nickname for you to call me during pillow talk.

Really cool

and if you don't agree, you are not.

The helmets are really cool,

The helmets are really cool, but it seems like everyone else is already wearing black and I hate being copy cats.

Another way to honor the Vandals

Would be to schedule a game with them, instead of RIPPING OFF their colors.

We are taking Black too

Just as we have taken everything else you Vanals hold dear, we are now taking your precious black. Try and take it back! I'd like to see you try!

Oh, gee, Lumpy, leave young Theodore-I mean the Beaver alone!


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I dont like beavers

I like FOs

Most vandal fans don't

Most vandal fans don't realize that their colors are silver and gold.

BYU is wearing black today

BYU is wearing black today

Well that settles it then,

Well that settles it then, black IS cool! (rolling eyes)

There will

be a large gay fan base after that game.


Stupid. Can't believe Peterson is allowing this. Boise States colors are blue, white with orange trim. There's no black.


With an E. If you're a Bronco, how can you possibly continue to spell his name wrong? If you're not a Bronco, why waste time commenting? Either way, thats whats stupid.

It always amazes me to see the crybabies. Yes its a marketing ploy. Yes its been done by other schools. The players (who are the most important) dig them. Recruits love them. Its different and new AND its a one time thing.

The atmosphere was awesome today, and it will be next week. If you dont like it, who cares? 35k strong will support it.


Wow, you get upset over the strangest things. He misspelled Petersen. I doubt that he is the only one to do this. Anyone with the name of Petersen or Peterson is probably used this this.

Great game today...Way to go BSU!!

Because it shows a lack of knowlege dude...

Uneducated fans spell it Peterson.

End of story. Next whiner?

Knowledge and Intelligence are 2 different things entirely.

Being aware of how to spell ones last name falls under the category of "Knowledge"
- Congratulations young man! You have knowledge.

Becoming overly irritated at the site of a mispelled name however does not qualify for "Intelligence" but more so "Lack there of".
- Sorry, not all can have equal common sense.

Besides, I've spelled it Pedersin for years and I'll slap anyone who tries to correct me, POW!!



Φ Doubt that JL

is irritated at this "site", where this "misspelled" name appears. However, he appears not to appreciate the "sight" of a well-known name, often misspelled, by those who should know better.

JL wasn't attempting an "intelligence qualification" test. He needn't.

ps - "thereof" is one word.

Done with purpose...


Email coming.

Edit: Sent

Φ Got it and replied

to all.

Front Page Yahoo has an article on the Unis

Good comments too...

At last he won't sell you a car...

That's MARVIN.


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My only problem with it...

is that black is not a Bronco color. Other than that, it think they look pretty sweet.

Thinking that

Bronco stadium will look pretty cool with the black surrounding the Blue.

Φ Who are you?

Wanna fight guy?

Agree. A sea of black will look very cool. But, what if the BSU players start to blend in with the rubber pebbles in the turf? Black uniform masked by a black cloud. Not fair!

UniWatch on calls

UniWatch on calls this "Black for Black's sake". This is a silly thing that has gone on in pro sports for some time. I'm bummed that we're on board. And PLEASE don't tell me it looks intimidating. Not one single UNLV player is going to want to get back on the bus when they see them.

How much?

So how much does the uniform for one game cost?? seem like a waste of money to me

You're kidding right?


Exhibit A


Get your case back up.


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