Boise State tops Fresno State, improves to 5-1

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State beat the rival Fresno State Bulldogs again Saturday at Bronco Stadium — a 20-10 decision that was their seventh straight victory in the series.

The Broncos left with the Milk Can. The traveling trophy, which started in 2005, was in the locker room all week.

“I told the linebackers at the beginning of the week, ‘This thing is not leaving Boise,’ and it’s not,” Boise State senior linebacker J.C. Percy said. “It’s a great feeling.”

The 24th-ranked Broncos’ defense led the way.

Boise State held its opponent without a first-half point for the fourth straight game, didn’t allow a touchdown until the final 3 minutes of the game, forced two turnovers and held a big-play offense to 4.4 yards per play.

Only one team — New Mexico (29), with its tricky triple option — has scored more than 17 points against the Broncos this season.

Fresno State had scored 25 points in each of its first six games.

“Those guys are playing extremely hard,” coach Chris Petersen said of his defense. “To hold Fresno to 10 points is really impressive.”

This was the closest loss for the Bulldogs (4-3 overall, 2-1 Mountain West) against the Broncos (5-1, 2-0) since beating them in 2005.

First-year coach Tim DeRuyter had instilled some much-needed swagger in the Bulldogs, but they didn’t make many momentum-turning plays.

“I’m extremely disappointed,” DeRuyter said. “We came into the game expecting to compete, expecting to win. It’s frustrating because I think we had the capabilities to get it done. I hope everybody in that locker room is pissed off. Because I’m pissed off.”

First quarter

BSU — Geraldo Boldewijn 10 pass from Joe Southwick (Michael Frisina kick), 3:01. Key play: Junior wide receiver Aaron Burks made a juggling catch for a 25-yard gain and Southwick tossed to tailback D.J. Harper for 6 yards on third-and-5. Drive: 8 plays, 67 yards, 3:21. Boise State 7, Fresno State 0

Second Quarter

BSU — Frisina 19 field goal, 10:59. Key play: Southwick threw an interception midway through the drive but the turnover was wiped out by a roughing-the-passer penalty. Drive: 10 plays, 62 yards, 5:08. Boise State 10, Fresno State 0

BSU — Harper 28 run (Frisina kick), 2:10. Key play: Harper rushed for 58 yards on four carries on the drive. The TD run including a spin move to shake a tackler off his leg. Drive: 6 plays, 80 yards, 2:28. Boise State 17, Fresno State 0

Third Quarter

FS — Quentin Breshears 39 field goal, 2:11. Key play: The Bulldogs converted two third-and-1s, but defensive end Demarcus Lawrence sacked quarterback Derek Carr on third-and-9 to force the field goal. Drive: 12 plays, 49 yards, 4:05. Boise State 17, Fresno State 3

Fourth quarter

BSU — Frisina 19 field goal, 7:31. Key play: Southwick hit tight end Chandler Koch for a touchdown on second-and-2 at the 3, but Koch had gone out of bounds before the catch. The Bronocs came up 2 feet short on third down. Drive: 9 plays, 43 yards, 3:58. Boise State 20, Fresno State 3

FS — Davante Adams 3 pass from Carr (Breshears kick), 2:15. Key play: Wide receiver Isaiah Burse made a terrific, leaping catch for a 26-yard gain to the Boise State 4. Drive: 9 plays, 80 yards, 2:46. Boise State 20, Fresno State 10

Pregame notes

• Tight end Hayden Plinke, running back Drew Wright and quarterback Jimmy Laughrea are in uniform for the game against Fresno State. None made the trip to Southern Miss last week.

• Fresno State wide receiver Josh Harper (24 catches, 333 yards, 4 TDs) and defensive end Anthony Williams are out for the game.

• Uniform watch: Boise State is wearing blue pants, gray jerseys and blue Pro Combat helmets (with numbers). Fresno State is wearing white pants, white jerseys and red helmets.

All-black uniforms for UNLV

Boise State will wear all-black uniforms for next week's game against UNLV. Click here for my blog post (with photos) on the black uniforms.

-- Brian Murphy

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nice runs on that last drive....

Ajayi looked good till we stalled at the 1, but the two prior runs to get down there he looked like a beast. Nice to see.

Φ BSU defense

plays with a serious 'tude. Those guys are flying all over the place! Lots of great plays in only 1 1/2 quarters.

Still a lot of

up the middle first down runs....

Φ For a while

and then DJ just gashed Fresno outside left. Great run. Knee must be feeling pretty good about now.

And Michigan State isn't very good. Third home loss today (to Iowa).

The O-line is doing

a really good job today as well

Φ Yes, the O-line

looks very good.

What do you think about those 2 late hits on Southwick? I thought the first one was questionable (even though Joe's head went a little sideways), the second looked like headhunting and just a hair late.

FSU had lots of "tout" coming into this game. BSU took it seriously. Best BSU performance (so far) of the year. FSU, 37 yards rushing in the first half.

Mack Brown will be taking some serious heat for this one. Ouch!

What is this Rutgers team I keep hearing about?


DJ has looked good today. Flashes of the pre-injury DJ. Quick!


2 minutes to go and a big run for first down. Me likey.


good job by our Broncs....

Glad we won, but

not impressed. Lotsa work to do. If it wasn't for our defense, we'd be in deep crud. The play calling of hand off to Harper, hand off to Harper, then pass, is waaay too predictable. Once again, Southwick's panties bunched up on him when he could've run in for an easy TD. I would call this our second worse game so far. Kinda like what the actors/actresses were called in the early years of Saturday Night Live, BSU is the "Not ready for prime time players." Having said that, I believe there's a tremendous amount of potential on this team, but it may not gel until next season....Sunny...


215 yards rushing....

Harper 5.8 average

Ajayi 6.1 average

Gotta be happy with the running game

Both those guys were great today

And an awesome job on many of those runs by the oline and wr's down the field.

Lots of work for Joe still. Its not the throws as much as just leading the offense. Managing situations better. Inside the 20 is just brutal at this point.

I would agree on Joe

He has come a long way, but he has a long way to go.

The inside the 20 thing is maddening. Maybe with Ajayi (and his 220 pounds) more and more playing time things will get better done there.

Understand what your saying.

But these guys keep improving. DJ is getting outside of the tackles, where he belongs, and Ajayi is complementing the heck out of him inside. The ground game is going to be our forte this year. Southwick would not have made it in on that play, I thot he would have until watching the replay. I'm liking what I'm seeing for a rebuilding year even though it's hard not to watch the explosive offenses we've gotten accustomed to.

Southwitck did the right thing

How would you feel if he had run the ball and was hit and injured? Have you watched Hendrick pass?-we would be in trouble. What is wrong with throwing an easy pass for a touchdown? He had no idea the receiver had run out of bounds.

PLEASE stop Boo'ing!

You do NOT boo college students. Period. End of story. These players are 19-20 years old...doing the best they can. Grown men (and women) should never boo college students. Such an amateur move. We're better than that. Clearly, some of you disagree, so I look forward to hearing the case for why booing college kids is 1) mature 2) helpful.

Did the crowd boo a player?

I heard lots of signs, some groans but no real directed booing. Of course I sat in a different location than normal today. I did boo the calls to kick fgs only because I wanted to put the knife in and end it. I do think they were the right call to kick but I wanted touchdowns.

I agree, booing young college studens is overboard. Being passionate and wanting to win and being a cla's'sless clown are two different things.

Φ Stop it, JL.

No more booing from you. We know who the culprit is and so do you. Your "agreeability" quotient is suffering.

Seriously, though, I watched the whole game on NBCSports HD and didn't hear any booing (if there was any, must have been localized away from network mics). Did pick up a couple of F-bombs (people obviously close to the booth, wherever that is) directed at the refs, however.

I saw a bunch of tweets

that it was very loud......

Φ At whom was the booing directed?

I REALLY didn't like hearing the F-bombs over the announcers' mics. Came after a call against BSU ... so clearly BSU fans. I know that happens in virtually every stadium (or court or arena) every game. As if the refs could even hear it.

Still, it was embarrassing.

Not the boooing

just the crowd in general

Φ That was a smashmouth

football game. NBCSports HD did a great job with replays and showed over and over the aggressiveness of BSU's defense. Atkinson, Lawrence, and Ricky were animals inside and intimidated Carr into throwing short most of the game.

Apart from the 2 INTs (one negated; the other better than a punt, down at the 3), Joe did exactly what Petersen wanted: 13-24, 120 yards ... decent enough to augment the rushing game. It's a different look Broncos team ... and shows that Chris Petersen adjusts. Pretty strong.

So, why was anyone booing? The Broncos are in good shape to head to Reno at 10-1.

I just got called out by this Korp dude

for wondering why Bronco fans find it so hard to spell PetersEn with an E. Or Chadd with two d's.

Im going to start booing ignorant fans who cant spell our coaches name right, and those who defend it!

Absolute dooooshes.

Φ G.A. Custer here

I'm a little busy at the moment.

Seems that Korp thinks you are bit tense and jumpy. Have a Pepsi.

Im going to drink two.

In honor of korpie


Oops, sorry did not mean to upset you that much. But I'm glad you are having a drink in my honor.

Andrew Jackson quote

a notoriously bad speller remarked, "I feel sorry for the idiot that can only think of one way to spell a word."

That's why I use $20 not twenty.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

It was the right call but I wanted touchdowns.....oh, brother.

I'm sorry, but I find that comment somewhat pathetic. They made the right call to guarantee a three posession lead. You acknowledge they made the right call, yet you boo and whine about it. Not cool at all.

I find you kind of

annoying, but carry on cause your a little humorous as well.

Φ Do you remember


oh, well.......:)

At least I'm not purposefully trying to be annoying, like some here.
I'm just naturally annoying. :)

Sorry natural annoying smiley face person

You missed the context of the comment. Must be a female poster. But Ill explain it...I mean in hindsight it turned out to be the right call to kick the fgs. As a fan, I find it frustrating we dont go for and/or get TDs in those crucial situations. 28-3 makes the game all but over in the 4th. Of course I trust the coaches, but AS A FAN, I LIKE TOUCHDOWNS. It has nothing to do with being pathetic. I think the Broncos are leaving points all over the field. I think Coach Pete will be the first person to agree.

You're posts always seem to come accross as holier-than-thou. The one below is the best rah rah one. Were you on cheer squad?

At least you are not patronizing

I got it. I'll try to be less holier-than-thou. I"m not saying you can't question calls or wish they had scored the touchdown. I don't think anyone would argue that they didn't leave points on the field. I was also disappointed that they didn't get a TD on that drive (and others). However, given the fact that they had not been terribly effective on third and goal/third and short, the decision not to go for it made perfect sense...not just in hindsight. Strategically, it was the best call at the time. Get the points on the board. I like touchdowns as much as the next guy, but I like wins even more.

So sorry to be rah, rah. I didn't realize that was a bad thing. I simply find the game much more fun when I don't have to listen to people constantly complain and second guess the coaches/players. If people want to rehash every play post-game, I get it. However, I see absolutely no reason to boo our own team just because they didn't make the call somebody wanted to see.

I have been going to Boise State games for almost 30 years and there are a few simple rules I always follow....always arrive before kick-off, never leave before the game is over and NEVER boo my own team. If that's too rah, be it.

I think

JL was abused as a child which explains the pattern of his responses. Notice his defensiveness.

Nope SIF

I was spoiled as a child, hence the arrogance.

How bout them vandals SIF? Are you and Nicky still sobbing?

It's the other way around.

You are spoiled because you wanted to be and it was the only way you would accept. Take it from me.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

I agree...starting with the opening

I am completely embarassed by our fans when they play the other team's fight song before the game and our fans boo. No class at all.
I did hear boos toward our own team and I find it absolutely unacceptable. I'm am so tired of listening to a bunch of blowhards, who probably played second string junior high ball, question every play and complain about the game when we are winning by 17 pts. Kellen is gone. Get over it. Stop acting like spoiled brats and support your team.

Lot of booing at the end of that Stanford game...

Clearly a touchdown, replay after replay. Boooooo!

I disagree

At first, I totally thought the refs blew the call. But, another poster (on ESPN) said the RBs elbow hit the ground. So, I went back and watched it. He was right! The RBs left elbow is on the ground BEFORE the ball crosses the goalline.

It is so obvious. The refs made the right call.

Props tfunky and razor

You both told the rest of us the Broncos would win games like this over a year ago. The grind it out, should win 38-3, but only win by a lot less. Theres plenty that Ive learned to like tho. Tough running. Great defense. 3rd down conversions....

Φ Stage set

This is now a running team ... and we didn't see Jack Fields today.

They just kept poking, poking, poking away at Fresno in the middle until figuring out how to bounce it outside. Fresno held up very well in the middle, but couldn't get to edges before DJ and Jay got there first (with some great blocking from the tackles, TEs, and wideouts). Nobody likes seeing runs for no gain up the middle, but there's a setup there and we saw it many times today.

That was a solid rushing attack and, as Woodson and the other guy were talking on the broadcast, BSU did take pressure off Joe by running effectively. It worked and was very cool to watch.

Yes, yes, I know Razor's has come out with anti-prediction software recently. Mr. Haney goes against policy and predicts Jay Ajayi plays in the NFL. Complaints against Mr. Haney, or to place an order, call 867-5309.


wish I could've seen what you observed today.

OK guys, my problem is

that you can quote all the stats you want, talk about how well the team is doing, how they're growing and maturing,blah, blah, blah,etc. etc. but they STILL keep their opponents within striking distance. If they don't get things taken care of right shortly, it's gonna come back and bite'm on the gludious maximus at the most inopportune time....Sunny...

100% agree

I want to see the killer instinct. The game should have been over and way out of reach early in the 4th.

Perception maybe Sunny

But Boise State was up by 3 scores with 7 minutes left in the game.

I think any coach or fan would take that any time all the time.

That said, they can get better at things (like red-zone scores). But there is more that is looking better each week than remaining the same, so I guess I gotta stick with my "blah, blah, blah" :)

You're correct,

and we can combine all of our blah, blah, blahs, and stats, and etc. etc's, and we still support our team, and we're still happy that we're only one loss. I guess I'm just splitting (red) hairs. We'll be conversing this week, which is good...Sunny...

Φ Darned good thing

you spelled "splitting" correctly.

Go Broncos!

razor, last night

would've been a different story....Thpthsunny...

Look forward to it