New Plymouth schools chief: Prop 2 give teachers 'skin in the game'

Throughout the debate over Proposition 2 — the teacher merit pay law — the New Plymouth School District has emerged as the proponents' poster child.

In a guest opinion, superintendent Ryan Kerby credits his districts pay for performance plan with helping to improve student scores on reading and standardized tests.

Writes Kerby, in a guest opinion: "Our children deserve to have a touch of free enterprise mixed into the compensation system for their educators. Allow teachers a little skin in the game for affecting student achievement. Proposition 2 only slightly adjusts the educational pay system, but it will have a major, positive impact on student learning over time. With Proposition 2, teachers’ pay this year will be based approximately 95 percent on the system we’ve used for many years, experience and education, and 5 percent on improving student performance."

Here's a link to the full guest opinion.

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Pay for performance....

what a concept.

Excellent concept-


Excellent concept- unless you are a teacher

who is a non-performing Teachers Union member looking at having to "shape up" to prevent loosing what they have come to think of as "their babysitting pay".

Not about the concept

It's about the method, or lack of method, of evaluation. Say, for example, we decide the concept is also good for legislators. You know, those farmers who aren't that busy in the winter and like to hang around in Boise, get a stake in PERSI, and vote the party (lobbyist) line.


There is this thing called an election. It's kind of like pay for performance or lack of performance if you like.

HellsCanyon, what district is that over there? Are there any schools there?

Bonus defined:

Earning back your pay cut.

You mean, your entitlement

That's the mentality the union fosters, "That's OUR money to begin with!" Bwahahaaahaaahaaaaaa!!!

That's the Idaho taxpayers' money--not yours and not the unions. Get over it.

Vote Yes on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!


Welcome to the recession. Maybe you haven't heard about it.

Prop #1 - YES Prop #2 -

Prop #1 - YES

Prop #2 - Yes

Prop #3 - Yes

It's about the kids.


It's about being a republican party shill....

pay cuts

i guess you assume teachers are the only folks who receive pay cuts through their working lives when the money is short?

new plymouth is the best example of why these laws aren't needed

obviously they were able to set up this program without these new laws,by working with all the stakeholders, including teachers

unnecessary double posting

unnecessary double posting after correction.

SLF, you might stop to

SLF, you might stop to consider the school district was ahead of the curve and incorporated the principles of the legislation in its administrative program. Thus, the pay for performance for its teachers.

Exactly slfisher...

VOTE NO on Props 1, 2, 3!!!!!

Luna Laws Hypocrisy

Funny how when New Plymouth teachers are asked about how they increased student achievement, they point to more planning and collaboration time. Do you people really think that teachers, who spent thousands on dollars to enter the profession, don't care at all about kids and that giving them the hope to earn back a mere $1000 dollars a year ($83 a month) suddenly makes them care?

As a conservative, I find it laughable that supporters of Props 1,2,3 really think that the answer to education is more government regulation and centralization.

Instead of Prop 2, why not replace the current salary schedule with one that gives pay ranges for experience, leaving it up to the local building principal to decide who gets a paid more. This is more like what one finds in the private sector. Instead, we have bureaucrats in Boise deciding who the effective teachers are in Post Falls. Ridiculous.

Where's the rigorous research design?

Mr. Kerby seems to associate free enterprise with performance. I'm not going to address that assumption except to say that this association may not be valid for all professions... the clergy for example.

With that said, let's look at Mr. Kerby's article. As written, it is an anectdotal report and nothing more. I would like to know about the research design. Was there a control group? What other variables influenced test scores? Is it possible that the institution of professional learning teams or coordination of the curriculum has an effect?

Perhaps, one could go back and analyze New Plymouth's information and subject it to data mining. I certainly would be interested in seeing the correlations. However, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of pay for performance, one first needs a good research design and that is what is missing.

I also wonder

why conservatives are going for this, and why they believe that more government regulation is the answer to this. These laws are all about what conservatives usually oppose vehemently. I thought most conservatives were against big government spending and regulation?

I'd also be a little more apt to be for the pay for performance if people who worked with me were choosing who was an effective teacher, etc.

manderly....dont worry

be happy....

Im a conservative and Ill probably vote no on two of the props, maybe all three? Ill bet the conservative districts support education more than the liberally dominated districts....I've seen that from past votings on School Bonds that were necessary....

We are not Joe Biden where we laugh and interup all the time....we listen....


Running for Luna's job already?

I was ready to study props

I was ready to study the Propositions 1, 2, and 3 to make up my mind. However, when I read how much Frank was donating to support them and saw one full page ad of his I knew I can simply vote no without study and be correct.

As far as merit pay being fair goes, I would be skeptical. Who gets to decide, and are there ever going to be family and friends involved in the decision process because of the jobs they hold? Excuse me, free enterprise is an incorrect term to use here, he is using it as a catch phrase.

Further, tenure may not be a perfect model for retention decisions, but it is inherently far more fair than the nepotism and favoritism it is likely to be replaced with.

I have a friend who teaches

I have a friend who teaches in a small rural Idaho school district. He was going to get no performance pay this year, then I family with 4 kids with the worse test scores in the district moved out of town. Suddenly, he is getting an extra $4,000 in "performance pay" this year. I don't think his performance has changed.

Any why Statesman have you run at least 3 reader views form the Yes side and none from the no side?

Pay for perfomance is for long haul truck drivers.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

conservatives against 1 2 3

There's actually a fair number of conservatives against the bills, too -- like, when we can't afford textbooks, why are we buying students laptops? I attended the God and Country Candidate Forum yesterday, and I had some No on 1 2 3 literature with me, and it sparked some pretty lively discussions.

Best part is that my daughter was sitting at my table and when I was busy people were asking her about 1 2 3, along the lines of "But wouldn't you like to get a computer and learn online?" My daughter, who has been using computers in her small rural school for years and took online courses this summer, has plenty of her own opinions on the subject. :)