Fresno State QB Derek Carr's mission: Take down that Boise State flag

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

No Fresno State Bulldog has more motivation to beat the Broncos, or is more important to the effort, than junior quarterback Derek Carr.

The younger brother of former Fresno State star David Carr lives with a Boise State flag on his wall — a message from his older brother. He can’t take down the flag unless he beats the Broncos, who spoiled David’s senior season with an upset in Fresno.

“My wife is begging me to take it down,” Derek Carr said. “I’m going to do my best.”

Carr is the triggerman for the Bulldogs’ spread attack — and it has been a perfect fit. He has thrown 18 touchdown passes and just three interceptions. His quick release, accuracy and decision-making allow him to get the ball to the Bulldogs’ stable of speedy playmakers in open space.

He also can run enough to avoid rushers and move the chains.

“He gets in and out of his reads very quickly, the ball is out of his hands,” Boise State defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake said. “That goes to coaching, and also you can tell he’s a very smart man, because he knows when he needs to get the ball out.”

Carr, the Mountain West preseason offensive player of the year, has completed 68.5 percent of his passes for 302.7 yards per game. His efficiency rating of 157.30 ranks 19th in the nation.

Last year, he completed 62.6 percent with 272.6 yards per game and a 144.5 efficiency rating.

“He’s a great quarterback and he really manages the offense well,” Fresno State tailback Robbie Rouse said. “You’d think he’s been running this offense the past few years and not just since spring.”


Boise State recruited Carr — he was in the same class as Broncos starter Joe Southwick — and Carr maintains a friendly relationship with Boise State coach Chris Petersen.

They chatted at Mountain West media days in Las Vegas this summer.

“I’m a big believer in what coach Petersen does,” Carr said. “I think the world of him, not only as a coach but as a person. … Every year that we’ve played him, he’s come up to me after the game and asked how I’m doing, how life’s going. He doesn’t have to do that — that means a lot. Even when I wasn’t playing, he’d taken the time to ask me. It’s like seeing an old friend.”


Boise State has used the swinging-gate PAT play more this year. It’s been in the arsenal for several years but mostly disappeared last year.

“We just want to be unpredictable with it,” Petersen said. “Some games, we won’t do it at all.”

Sophomore wide receiver Matt Miller runs the play. He tossed a two-point pass at New Mexico.

“It’s not as easy as you think,” Petersen said. “It’s difficult because we’re changing it all the time.”


Turnovers will be a big part of the story line Saturday. Fresno State has forced a national-best 18 and is plus-10 in turnover margin. Boise State has forced 17, the best per-game average in the nation, and also is plus-10.

“It can change a game so much,” Boise State senior defensive tackle Darren Koontz said. “It can change the energy of a game. It puts it on us to know we need to get those takeaways, too.”


Carr on the Fresno State defense:

“Our defense, it’s just been a joy to watch them. I think we had, what, (five) interceptions last year? Phillip (Thomas) has six himself. … My defense and my run game and my offensive line are my best friends. They make me look better than I am.”


Boise State’s linebackers have had a bad case of the drops this season. True freshman Tyler Gray is the only linebacker with an interception.

“We’ve done great as a group. We just need to learn how to catch balls,” senior J.C. Percy said. “We should be leading the (defense) in turnovers. I could have scored. Tommy (Smith), against New Mexico, could have scored.”


Random facts: Boise State coach Chris Petersen is 77-7 in his 7th year ... and Saturday is his birthday (he'll be 48).

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Carr's wife is going get rid of that flag is to move out of the house.

My mom had already graduated high school that year.


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by the way, I watched the Vandals game against NMSU last week. It was good game. I really like Blackman. That guy is like Cam Newton on steriods, and Farquhar...he's one of the best kickers I've seen in quite some time. That kid is the real deal and will probably have a long NFL career.

Hey, I still have your 'Death to the BCS' copy. Let me know how you'd life for me to return it to you. We could meet up here or I can mail it to ya. You know how to reach me

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Boise Football and their BCS is abit boring this year, thus not much to say....

BYU lost again....
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Happy Days comes the BCS Busters....

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Did not the University of Idaho donate surplus Idaho football uniforms and equipment to the fledgling BJC football team when BJC first fielded a football team?

It is a documented fact.

The BJC team (team mascot type name unknown at that time) did wear Silver and Gold uniforms (actually grey and light yellow numbers) for their first season. The practice unis were also, the game unis, so there was lots of sewing and repair and patching going on during the week.

Check it out in the Idaho State Museum by the Boise Zoo, off of Capitol. FYI - a museum is a place that is filled with many historical facts.

So, yes, in essence, the Idaho Vandals did give birth to the BJC football team which later went on to be known as the Broncos.

How did I make anything up?

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I am curious as to how you are gonna spin this post.


PS - Obviousdly you are not an Idahoan or you would have learned lots of this stuff in 5th grade Idaho History cla$ses.

the Bronco Banner Stays

I do love this story...I think they ran it last year as well. This is the kind of stuff great rivalries are built on. Glad we are playing them here with the 12 man...Derek is going to have the keeping the flag for a while longer and find a new motivation...I think this is the last game against the Bulldogs for a while. Boise State 37 Fresno 28

note to future recruits

it's better to go to Boise State and win than it is to sign with another program and hope for a victory over the Broncos! Perhaps David Carr's son will play against BSU someday just to try and get that darn flag off the wall.

What color sofa goes with Blue and Orange?

I have a loveseat, can't say.

My VIP 8-Ball is complaining of fatigue as well.


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Bulldogs will beat the

Bulldogs will beat the problem. A team who barely beats New Mexico State? Everyone knows the empire is crumbling. Go Fresno!!!

broken record

check your calendar, Boise hasn't played New Mexico St. in a couple of years.

Things are still Alien in Roswell though.


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Kicking a Buffalo's Butt ain't close

Beating up on Colorado...doesn't make you awesome over night. You may have had a chance if you were playing at home...the 12th Man will make the difference. Pray that Carr doesn't get knocked out of the game.

Happy Birthday Coach Pete

We share a birthday!!!

I think this is going to be quite the game. Either it's going to be a back and forth lots of scoring affair. Or, the team is going to tighten things up and win one by a few touchdowns. I'm hoping for the latter!


He's an American. Carr can replace it w/ a B. Spears poster!


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Goodnite Everyone....

'Coast to Coast AM' is on with either George Noory or Art Bell....