Gary Segers: Greenbelt should be truly open to all users

For more than 30 years, Garden City officials have blocked the creation of a bicycle path through Garden City, says cycling advocate Gary Segers.
On Nov. 6, voters can and should take matters into the own hands by approving a pair of ordinances allowing cycling on all city Greenbelt paths.
Wrote Segers, in a guest opinion: "The Boise River Greenbelt should be a truly open Greenbelt for all users. This was the intention of those visionaries who first contemplated the Boise River Greenbelt system. Garden City elected officials have made a decision that serves the interests of Riverside Village homeowners at the expense of the rest of our citizens as well as our adjoining communities to the east and west."
Segers wrote in response to as guest opinion from Garden City elected officials, who oppose the cycling initiatives and say their passage would force a costly tax increase.
Here is the link to Segers' guest opinion.
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Pretty easy to see the right answer here is allowing bikes on that part of the Greenbelt.

The south path will be great! The north side should be an option for the people on the north side too.

Vote YES for an open Greenbelt.

Bicyclists the loud greasy wheels....

That section of the greenbelt was not intended to be used by bicyclists. There is a section in Boise too, a nature perserve that does not allow bike. Do you want to change that too? or are bike so special they should allowed to go wherever they want?


That section used to allow bicyclists. I rode a bike on (mostly) asphalt there before- in the late 90's. The signs were added only recently.

How can you say it was not intended for bicyclists when it used to allow biclycles? It was intended to be and used to be an extension of what you know of the regular Greenbelt. There was not diffentiation and the long-term plan was to extend it into Eagle- WITH bike use. Otherwise YOU are saying GC 'planned' back in 1985 to end the bike path at Glenwood and yet Eagle added a bike path to a walking path. If what you think were true, then you would be admitting to nonsense on part of GC and Eagle Greenbelt planning efforts.

The walking nature preserve you write of has been that way since the beginning AND there has always been a suitable route around the walking path (in River Run). It is also in a much more densely populated area of the Valley. It does not interfere with bike commuters.

If you, and Riverside Village HOA, want a walking path, create one- right next to the Greenbelt path.

How many bike commuters would use this section?

Is there a reasonable estimate?
I see cars there every day of people who come to this section of the path to walk.

I guess we'll find out after the election.

path or pond

I have "used" that section 3 times this summer, a week day and 2 weekend days. Saw maybe 2 or 3 people on weekends and no one on the Thursday afternoon.

The principle is more important the numbers.