Ada County Commissioner candidate Larry Rincover supports Yzaguirre recall

Ada County Commissioner candidate Larry Rincover said he supports recalling Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre.

It is not known if anyone has started gathering signatures to recall Yzaguirre.

Rincover issued the following press release Wednesday:

“The Dynamis fiasco has demonstrated that Commissioner Yzaquirre is not protecting Ada County interests. A $ 2,000,000.00 loan that is now unsecured guarantees that Ada County will never see that loan repaid. According to the Statesman, Dynamis promised collateral then turned around and pledged the same collateral elsewhere. That alone should have been an awakening. With Sharon Ullman losing her primary, largely due to this issue, and on her way out the door, Yzaquirre still doesn’t see the writing on the wall. He’s stubbornly defending his, and her position while the evidence piles up that Ada County has been taken for a ride. ‘I believe that Commissioner Yzaquirre will be a divisive personality in the two year term remaining on the Board Of Commissioners. Every candidate on the ballot for District 1 and District 3 is opposed to the Dynamis project meaning that after January, with Ullman gone, Yzaquirre will be alone in his resolve to protect Dynamis. Ada County has seen, in years past, the problems a contentious Board can cause. There are too many positive issues to work on to be distracted by the divisions that will result should Yzaquirre remain in office. Therefore, I will support any, and all efforts to see that Commissioner Yzaquirre is shown the door by any responsible citizens initiative.’
We need a County Commissioner who will be responsible to the citizens rather than special interests.”

Under Idaho law, recalling an elected official is a Herculean task.

To trigger a special recall election of a county official, a petition must contain signatures equal to 20 percent of the number of registered voters in the county as of the last general election.

In the 2010 general election, 215,357 people were registered to vote in Ada County, according to the county’s elections office. To qualify for the ballot, recall organizers will have to collect signatures from 43,701 voters.

And that’s just to get it on the ballot.

For the recall to succeed, a majority of voters in the special election must vote in favor, and the number of votes cast must equal or exceed the number of votes cast in the previous general election. In the 2010 general election, 122,175 voters cast ballots, so at least that number would need to vote in the recall election.

Rincover, a Democrat, is challenging Republican Jim Tibbs for the District 1 seat.

Republican Dave Case, Jon Howard, an independent, and Democrat Thomas Howell are vying for the District 3 seat.

The new commissioners will be sworn in Jan. 14.

Yzaguirre still has two years left in his term for the District 2 seat.


The County's interest?

He certainly wasn't protecting the County's interest when he stole money from his sales tax, Fish & Game, lottery receipts when he operated 2 convenience stores in Eagle. Using the money for his campaign expenses instead.

$70,000 during years 2001 and 2000.

"It's easy to blow off the tax commission in the short term." He added that the tax commission should be "more aggressive in their collection process." Yzaguirre said that the money he'd collected for sales tax was not paid because his store needed inventory like beer, cigarettes and gas to stay open.

In 2003, The Statesman Editorial Board called for his resignation.

10 years later...


Rincover is an idiot. Didn't he already lose to Yzaguirre and got spanked if I remember? Seems like this is just a publicity stunt to get his name out before the election. He absolutely knows there is no way that Yzaguirre will get recalled yet he is still pursuing it. Looks a little political to me and not logic. Too bad because he had my vote until now.

Bad or Worse

This whole dump burner fiasco ought to show everyone in Ada County that they need to clean house and start over with some candidates that have some brains and integrity. This should have never gotten off the ground until there was a complete due diligence done, public hearings and reference / background checks. Since this company and their "technology" hasn't installed anywhere else should have been a sign. As for Rincover...too much about someone with some Education and real business management experience?