Boise State still has tickets available for Fresno State game; Read our chat replay

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An open letter to Bronco Nation

It is truly amazing to me that the Boise Valley cannot summon 37,000 fans for a game. I am a Bronco fan who lives in California. I actually travel to some of their road games. My sons and I would give anything to be able to go to watch them each week on the Blue. Get off your couch, buy a ticket and go to the game. I know its expensive for some folks, but for most of you its just much easier to watch the game on tv. Shame on you. Take advantage of the fact that you have a top 25 college football team playing in your city in a stadium with no bad seats in a place that is easy to get in and out of. Bronco Nation can talk all it wants about how great it is, but if you can't sell out 37k seats for a rivalry game, you aren't worth a grain of salt. Start appreciating the gift that is Chris Petersen and the unique spectacle of Bronco Stadium. The players deserve your unabashed support and they only get it when the opponent is a name brand team. Do you see empty seats when you turn on a Va Tech or a TCU game? I don't. Its time for Bronco fans to put their money where their mouth is.

Very Sincerely,

A Lifelong Bronco Fan and Boise Native

Shame on YOU

I quit going to Boise State games YEARS ago and I USED to have season tickets for years. But when they basically DOUBLED THE PRICE of those season tickets in the space of 18 months - I said FORGET IT.

I will HAPPILY watch the Broncos from the comfort of my living room on TV rather than attend the games in person any more. Especially considering the fact that they have cut the parking areas by roughly HALF in the last ten years (and now you have to either pay through the nose for parking OR walk a mile to get to the game). And they plan to eliminate even MORE parking in the future.

For YOU to sit there in California and try to pass judgment on people here in Idaho who refuse to pay the outrageous prices currently being charged for tickets to these games is simply LAUGHABLE. SHAME ON YOU - CLUELESS ONE!!!!

P.S. My hat goes off to those who STILL DO pay these outrageous ticket prices for these games and put up with the ridiculous parking (or lack thereof I should say). But you will NOT see me at ANY Boise State games ever again. They lost me as a paying customer A LONG TIME AGO.


I think that BSU tickets are about right for the product. We have had season tickets for years. It is hard to block out 6 satrurdays in the fall. So sometimes we have extra seats. I would gladly donate my ticket to you for one of the games I or my wife can not attend.
Yes, not everyone can afford tickets. But that is life. It really isnt all that much.
What I am unhappy with is the giant student section that sits empty for the games. Those tickets are lost revenue. While Students should definitely be able to go to the game, they dont seem to want to. BSU is a University that does not have a big "college experience" for its students. Some of them dont live on campus and some are part timers. We could debate why that is for days but ultimately, for the price it is pretty doable. A student is allowed a guest ticket and if you make nice with a student you can get one for about 25-29 dollars. When put into perspective that isnt much. I mean you probably would spend that much to go to a bieber concert anyway. So really it is all about priorities. If yours is to spend 60 bucks a month for year round cable TV to watch the broncos well, you are probably paying more than me to watch the games. I dont mind that games cost more than 20 years ago and big sky games. I like the product. Gas is 370 a gallon and bread is 6 dollars a loaf.
I dont begrudge BSU pricing their tickets what market value says they are. Now if BSU wanted sellouts they could drop the price but I tend to think that even that would be too much for you. Say they dropped 10 dollars, you would go to the games? Sounds like your grudge runs deeper than 10 dollars.
But my offer stands. Which game would you like to go to?

Would I like cheaper tickets? Yup
Would I like a better experience? yup
Will I be in my seat later? Absolutely.

As for parking:

Fish and game has free parking and is a pleasant greenbelt stroll to the game. Seriously takes me 5 minutes and I will probably see the herd of deer that likes to hang around F&G.

Ticket Prices at Bronco Stadium are actually....

cheap, when you compare prices to other top 25 BCS schools....they are expensive to many Broncos, but to Vandals they are a bargain....

On parking? that is why I proposed a New Stadium southeastern of Kuna where fans can exit the Gowen area or go thru Kuna via Meridian and easily head to the games with plenty of parking....this could be a New Stadium and an Business Park environment....

The Broncos will soon be out of the minds of top 25 BCS and BCS busting mainly because of finances and donations to the football programs....