Statesman endorsement schedule

The Statesman will begin publishing fall election endorsements Friday, running through Nov. 2.

Here is the schedule:

Friday, Oct. 12:
Ada County sheriff (Gary Raney, Ted Dunlap)
Canyon County sheriff (Kieran Donahue, Robert Muse)

Sunday, Oct. 14:
Ada County commissioner
• District 1 (Jim Tibbs, Larry Rincover)
• District 3 (David Case, Thomas Howell)

Tuesday, Oct. 16:
Ada County Highway District
• District 1 (Jim Hansen, Carol McKee, Neil Piispanen)
• District 2 (Rebecca Arnold, John Carver)
Garden City greenbelt initiatives

Wednesday, Oct. 17:
Legislature, Districts 15 and 16, Boise and Garden City
• District 15 Senate (Fred Martin, Betty Richardson)
• District 15 House Seat A (Lynn Luker, Richard Keller)
• District 15 House Seat B (Mark Patterson, Steve Berch)
• District 16 Senate (Les Bock, Joan Cloonan)
• District 16 House Seat A (Grant Burgoyne, Lee-Mark Ruff, Jeffrey Laing)
• District 16 House Seat B (Hy Kloc, Graham Paterson)

Friday, Oct. 19:
Legislature, Districts 17 and 18, Boise
• District 17 Senate (Elliot Werk, Judy Peavey-Derr)
• District 17 House Seat A (John Gannon, Kreed Ray Kleinkopf, Gus Voss)
• District 17 House Seat B (Sue Chew, Chad Inman, Mikel Hautzinger)
• District 18 Senate (Mitch Toryanski, Branden Durst)
• District 18 House Seat A (Julie Ellsworth, Janie Ward-Engelking)
• District 18 House Seat B (Phylis King, Brad Bolicek)

Sunday, Oct. 21:
• First Congressional District (Raul Labrador, Jimmy Farris, Pro-Life, Rob Oates)
• Second Congressional District (Mike Simpson, Nicole LeFavour)

Tuesday, Oct. 23:
Legislature, Districts 14 and 20, Boise, Meridian and Eagle
• District 14 Senate (Marv Hagedorn, Al Shoushtarian)
• District 14 House Seat B (Reed DeMordaunt, Glida Bothwell)
• District 20 Senate (Chuck Winder, James Mace)
• District 20, House Seat A (Joe Palmer, Caitlin Lister)

Wednesday, Oct. 24:
Legislature, District 19, Boise
• Senate (Cherie Buckner-Webb, Paul Nelson O’Leary)
• House Seat A (Mathew Erpelding, Mike Washburn)
• House Seat B (Holli High Woodings, Don Howard)
Ada County prosecutor (Greg Bower, Ron Twilegar)

Friday, Oct. 26:
Legislature, Districts 10 and 11, Caldwell, rural Canyon County
• District 10 Senate (Jim Rice, Leif Skyving)
• District 10 House Seat A (Brandon Hixon, Travis Manning)
• District 10 House Seat B (Darrell Bolz, Angel Zeimantz)
• District 11 Senate (Patti Anne Lodge, Victoria Brown)

Sunday, Oct. 28:
Propositions 1, 2 and 3 (the Students Come First referendums)

Tuesday, Oct. 30:
Legislature, Districts 12 and 13, Nampa
• District 12 Senate (Todd Lakey, Melissa Sue Robinson)
• District 12 House Seat A (Robert Anderst, Tracy Volpi)
• District 12 House Seat B (Rick D. Youngblood, F. Lawrence Dawson)
• District 13 Senate (Curt McKenzie, Matthew L. Greene)
• District 13 House Seat A (Brent Crane, Clayton Trehal)

Wednesday, Oct. 31:
Legislature, Districts 21 and 22, Boise, Meridian and Kuna
• District 21 Senate (Cliff Bayer, Kirsten Hooker)
• District 21 House Seat A (Steven Harris, Craig Krieser)
• District 21 House Seat B (Tom Dayley, Erin Zaleski)
• District 22 House Seat B (Jason Monks, Sharon Fisher)

Friday, Nov. 2:
Constitutional amendments
• HJR 2 (right to hunt, fish and trap).
• SJR 102 (jurisdiction over adult felony probation and parole).

Like waiting at the dentist's office.

It would be helpful if you added links for their websites AND included your Board's review of their website information and maybe the candidate's social media presence. So one element of the endorsement would be "Social Media"; especially since "online learning and computer literacy" is one of the big issues this year.. And in your interview ask to see their phone- smart phone capable? I would frown on the yahoo voting for laptops when they don't even have a decent website, and are unfamiliar with the modern phone/internet capabilities.

For Props 1, 2, & 3 and The Amendments, perhaps interviewing a representive for each position would be more helpful than just another rehash of the Editorial Board's opinion.

Typo fixed ...

... and as for the propositions, we have interviews next week with parties on both sides of the debate — and that audio will be posted.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

Disappointed you won't be endorsing the Prez race...

But understandable seeing how Romney is a lock for taking Idaho. Can you at least give us the point spread for Idaho? If I take Obama and 25 points am I ok?

Thanks for the rest of the schedule.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Kevin is already embarassed about his '08 endorsment.

I'll give a dumb college kid or an uniformed person a pass on an '08 Obama vote. But Kevin, a grown man, informed, has no excuse. So, he dosen't get a pass.

Do you really think a candidate with a relationship with a domestic terrorist, a racist minister, and a land deal with a mob felon would even get a second look in a Presidental election? KR and the MSM really blew this and they can't back Romney (the guy thats going to fix things).

You'll see. On the 25 points put me down for a yard on the OVER.


A candidate who puts millions is secret bank accounts to avoid taxes, is a racist minister, and bankrupts companies and sends American jobs to third world countries. Only one difference. Your "facts" are made up.

I'm not aware of any pre taxes dollars goingto offshore accounts

please explain. On Romneys tax return.

Its called "journalistic cowardice".....

The flaming liberalism burning within KR compels him to vote for Obama. However, he can't publicly endorse BHO because of the President's miserable record that even KR can't defend. So what to do? Tell your readers you just don't know enough about the candidate because you haven't been able to interview him. How could KR be expected to endorse someone he really doesn't know much about? It's the only reasonable thing to do, right? Coward!

Call Kevin anything, but not a COWARD...

You don't deserve ANYTHING simply because you demand it.

Call him a hack, call him wrong, Call him Kevin...

but lay off your infantile garbage talk. Neither of you have the right.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Foreign, you're just kissing up to Kevin

hoping he'll allow you to continue posting on this blog. Surely he's considered blocking you entirely.

Back to topic, the Statesman endorses Idaho candidates, primarily. If it chooses to endorse someone for President, fine; if not, OK. An Obama endorsement in 2008 was not unreasonable, unpatriotic, or inappropriate.

Hardly, Probably. Whatever. Thanks for posting.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<