And the big-money legislative race in the Treasure Valley is ... (UPDATED, 5:20 p.m. Friday)

UPDATED, 5:20 p.m. Friday, with more filings.

Wednesday was a key deadline for legislators and legislative candidates to file campaign finance reports.

And based on what has been posted on Secretary of State Ben Ysursa's website by this afternoon, the costliest legislative race in the Treasure Valley is the Senate race in West Boise’s District 15.

Betty Richardson, a former U.S. attorney and congressional candidate, has raised an eye-popping $87,443.72 through the Oct. 10 deadline, tapping a long list of prominent Democrats. Republican Fred Martin has raised $61,957.34, including donations from several current GOP senators. That's normally a huge figure in a legislative campaign.

Another startling gap in fund-raising is in Southeast Boise’s District 18. Democrat Janie Ward-Engelking — who lost to Republican Julie Ellsworth by nine votes in 2010 — has raised $58,359.25 so far for the rematch. Ellsworth reported raising $11,265.

Several legislative leaders contributed heavily to incumbents and newcomers — perhaps setting the stage for leadership elections. Active again, as he was in the GOP primary season, is House Assistant Majority Leader Scott Bedke, R-Oakley, expected to challenge current House Speaker Lawerence Denney of Midvale. Also active: Senate GOP leaders Brent Hill, Bart Davis, Russ Fulcher and Chuck Winder — even though Winder faces a Democratic opponent on Nov. 6.

The dollar figures reflects money raised so far this calendar year (and does not reflect carryover money from before 2012, or cash on hand heading into the final four weeks of the campaign). If you’d like to dig in deeper, I’ve attached links to all the reports.

Several reports were posted Thursday morning, after the deadline. Several are still not posted — most notably reports from incumbent Boise Democratic Reps. Sue Chew and Cherie Buckner-Webb. I'll update this post if more reports are posted.

Here's the rundown in the Valley's contested races:

District 10

Jim Rice, Republican (incumbent): $31,613.83. Notable: Idaho Power, $1,500; Idaho Association of Realtors, $1,250; Senate Majority Caucus Chairman Russ Fulcher, $450; Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, $100.
Leif Skyving, Democrat: $5,189,55. Notable: International Brotherhood of Teamsters, $250.

House Seat A
Brandon Hixon, Republican: $17,389. Notable: Scott Bedke (House assistant majority leader, candidate for House speaker), $1,250; Idaho Power, $500; Mike Moyle (House majority leader), $500; Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, $100.
Travis Manning, Democrat: $9,031.38. Notables: Idaho Education Association, $1,000.

House Seat B
Darrell Bolz, Republican (incumbent): $8,878.21. Notables: Idaho Power, $500; Monsanto Co., $500; Simplot Shared Services $500.
Angel Zeimantz, Democrat: $559.62.

District 11

Patti Anne Lodge, Republican (incumbent): $44,330. Notables” Idaho Power, $1,000; Idaho Association of Realtors, $2,000.
Victoria Brown, Democrat: $4,726.68.

District 12

Todd Lakey, Republican: $35,942. Notable: Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis, $2,000; Senate Preisdent Pro Tem Brent Hill, $500; Education Networks of America, $250; Idaho Association of Realtors, $750; Idaho Power, $2,000.
Melissa Sue Robinson, Democrat: $0.

House Seat A
Robert Anderst, Republican: $28,622.19. Notables: Idaho Power, $1,500; Bedke, $1,000; Alex LaBeau (lobbyist, Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry), $500; M3 Builders (Eagle-area housing developer), $500; Gov. Butch Otter, $200; Idaho Association of General Contractors, $500; Idaho Association of Realtors, $1,925; Micron Technology, $2,000.
• Traci Volpi, Democrat: no report posted.

House Seat B
Rick D. Youngblood, Republican: $8,990. Notables: Bedke, $500; Idaho AGC, $500; J.R. Simplot Co., $300; Education Networks of America, $250; Idaho Power, $500; AT&T, $250.
F. Lawrence Dawson, Democrat: $174.96.

District 13

Curt McKenzie, Republican (incumbent): $35,200. Notables: Simplot, $500; Idaho AGC, $250; Microsoft, $250; Idaho Association of Realtors, $750; Verizon, $1,000; Davis, $300; Anheuser-Busch, $500.
Matthew Greene, Democrat: $0.

House Seat A
Brent Crane, Republican (incumbent): $10,325. Notable: CenturyLink, $500; Verizon, $1,500; Idaho Realtors Association, $750.
Clayton Trehal, Democrat: $4,766.51. Notable: Teamsters, $200.

District 14

Marv Hagedorn, Republican (currently in House): $27,39.90. Notables: Idaho AGC, $250; Hill, $200; Blue Cross of Idaho, $500.
Al Shoushtarian, independent: $8,343.94. Notable: Lisa and John Grasser (John Grasser is an Eagle City Council member, Shoushtarian a former council member): $410.

House Seat B
Reed DeMordaunt, Republican (incumbent): $13,127.16. Notables: CenturyLink PAC, $1,000; Blue Cross of Idaho, $250.
Glida Bothwell, Democrat: $485.85.

District 15

Betty Richardson, Democrat: $87,443.72. Notables: Marc Johnson (Gallatin Public Affairs, form chief of staff to Gov. Cecil Andrus), $150; Margaret Henbest, former state representative, $100; Bill Mauk, former state Democratic Party chair, $500; PAC for Education (the Idaho Education Association’s PAC), $1,000; Gail Bray, former state senator, $175. Bob Huntley, former state Supreme Court justice, $150; former Gov. Cecil Andrus, $300; former U.S. Rep. Richard Stallings, $100; former U.S. Rep. Larry LaRocco, $100.
Fred Martin, Republican: $61,957.34. Notables: Hill, $750; Fulcher, $400; Sen. Chuck Winder, R-Boise, $550; Davis, $1,000; Sen. Dean Cameron, R-Rupert, $500; Sen. Bert Brackett, R-Rogerson, $500; Micron, $1,000; Sen. Shawn Keough, R-Sandpoint, $500; Idaho Power, $1,000.

House Seat A
Lynn Luker, Republican (incumbent): 12,557.46. Notable: Idaho Power, $500; Bedke, $800; Idaho AGC, $250; Idaho AFL-CIO, $200.
Richard Keller, Democrat: $2,570.56.

House Seat B
Steve Berch, Democrat: $38,567.54. Notables: Andrus, $100; A.J. Balukoff, Boise School Board member, $2,000; John Rusche, House minority leader, $1,000.
Mark Patterson, Republican: $23,125. Notable: Idaho Power, $500.

District 16

Les Bock, Democrat (incumbent): $8,890.08. Notables: Bill Roden (former legislator, prominent lobbyist), $150; Idaho AGC, $250; PACE, $1,000; Idaho Trial Lawyers PAC, $2,000.
Joan Cloonan, Republican: $3,265. Notables: Davis, $1,000; Fulcher, $250.

House Seat A
Grant Burgoyne, Democrat (incumbent): $16,610.29. Notables: Mauk, $1,000; Balukoff, $250; PACE, $1,000; Roden, $150.
Lee-Mark Ruff, Republican: $2,345.11. Notable: Rep. Gary Collins, R-Nampa, $100; Rep. Christy Perry, R-Nampa, $150.
Jeffrey Laing, Libertarian: $0.

House Seat B
Hy Kloc, Democrat: $23,517. Notables: Andrus, $50; Balukoff, $500; Marilyn Shuler (formerly of Idaho Human Rights Commission), $150; Stan Olson (former Boise schools superintendent), $100; former state Rep. Bill Killen, $200; PACE, $1,000; Idaho AFL-CIO, $500.
Graham Paterson, Republican: $16,649.81. Notables: Bedke, $500; retiring Rep. Max Black, R-Boise, $200; Blue Cross of Idaho, $50; CenturyLink, $1,000; Idaho AGC, $250; Idaho Power, $500; Perry, $150; Phil Reberger (lobbyist, former aide to Dirk Kempthorne and Steve Symms), $200.

District 17

Elliot Werk, Democrat (incumbent): $39,799. Notable: PACE, $1,000; Elaine Clegg, Boise City Council member, $00; Shuler, $100.
Judy Peavey-Derr, Republican: $6,455. Notables: Anheuser-Busch, $400; Ada County Republican Women, $200; Davis, $500; Blue Cross, $250.

House Seat A
John Gannon, Democrat: $15,170.96. Notables: Killen, $700; former Rep. Ken Robison, $150; retiring state Rep. Elfreda Higgins, D-Garden City, $100; PACE, $1,000; Idaho state AFL-CIO, $500; Balukoff, $500.
Kreed Ray Kleinkopf, Republican: $460.
• Gus Voss, independent: no report posted.

House Seat B
Sue Chew, Democrat (incumbent): $26,463.04. Notable: PACE, $1,000.
Chad Inman, Republican: $2,898. Notable: former legislator Rachel Gilbert, $100.
Mikel Hautzinger, Libertarian: $0.

District 18

Branden Durst, Democrat: $29,859.69. Notables: Andrus, $50; Higgins, $100; Olson, $100; Mauk, $250; PACE, $1,000; AFL-CIO, $2,000; Sen. Michelle Stennett, D-Ketchum, $200; Killen, $200.
Mitch Toryanski, Republican (incumbent): $26,449. Notables: Davis, $1,000; Fulcher, $450; Blue Cross of Idaho, $500; Winder, $800; Idaho Power, $1,000; Hill, $500; retiring Sen. Shirley McKague, R-Meridian, $100; Idaho AGC, $250; former Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, $250; Hagedorn, $200; Perry, $100; Collins, $200; CenturyLink, $500; Idaho Association of Realtors, $1,500; Microsoft, $250; Sen. John Tippets, R-Montpelier, $250; Cameron, $500; Education Networks of Idaho, $500.

House Seat A
Janie Ward-Engelking, Democrat: $58,359.25. Notables: Andrus, $250; Killen, $350; Mauk, $400; PACE, $1,000; Olson, $150; Huntley, $150.
Julie Ellsworth, Republican (incumbent): $11,265. Notables: Bedke, $300; Idaho AGC, $250; Jonathan Parker (former Idaho GOP executive director), $40; AT&T, $250; Idaho Pwer, $500; Rep. John Vander Woude, R-Nampa, $250; Rep. Stephen Hartgen, R-Twin Falls, $100.

House Seat B
Phylis King, Democrat (incumbent): $22,775. Notables: Balukoff, $350; Mauk, $150; former state Rep. Anne Pasley-Stuart, $250; PACE, $1,000; Shuler, $100; Olson, $100; Higgins, $100.
Brad Bolicek, Republican: $2,874. Notables: Hagedorn, $100; Collins, $150.

District 19

Cherie Buckner-Webb, Democrat (now serving in House): $30,192.94. Notable: CenturyLink, $750; Dave Navarro (former Ada County clerk), $100; Johnson, $150; PACE, $1,000; Roden. $150; Stennett, $200; Simplot, $500; Idaho AFL-CIO, $500; Walt and A.J. Minnick, $200.
Paul Nelson O’Leary, Republican: $3,050. Notable: Fulcher, $200.

House Seat A
Mathew Erpelding, Democrat: $26,845.26. Notables: Roden, $150; CenturyLink, $300; retiring state Rep. Wendy Jaquet, D-Ketchum, $50; PACE, $1,000; Blue Cross of Idaho, $250; former U.S> Rep. Walt Minnick, $200; Idaho AFL-CIO, $500.
Mike Washburn, Republican: $266.

House Seat B
Holli High Woodings, Democrat: $20,341.50. Notables: Cece Gassner, aide, Mayor Dave Bieter, $175; PACE, $1,000.
Don Howard, Republican: $1,009.

District 20

Chuck Winder, Republican (incumbent): $21,800. Notable: Idaho AGC, $750; Hill, $250; Education Networks of America, $500; Idaho Association of Realtors, $1,000; Fulcher, $250; Blue Cross of Idaho, $1,000; CenturyLink Idaho PAC, $500; AT&T, $500; Microsoft Corp. PAC, $350.
James Mace, Democrat, $3,054.

House Seat A
Joe Palmer, Republican (incumbent): $26,725.00. Notables: Idaho Power, $1,000; Idaho AGC, $250;
Caitlin Lister, Democrat: $0.

District 21

Clifford Bayer, Republican (now serving in House): $15,380. Notable: Idaho Power, $500; Hill, $200; Fulcher, $250; Winder, $250; CenturyLink, $500; Idaho Association of Realtors, $1,250; Education Networks of America, $250; Anheuser-Busch, $500.
Kirsten Hooker, Democrat: $205.

House Seat A
Steven Harris, Republican: $11,750. Notable: Idaho Power, $500; Idaho Bankers Association, $100.
Craig Kreiser, Democrat: $3,400.60.

House Seat B
Thomas Dayley, Republican: $7,800. Notables: Bedke, $1,000; Idaho AGC, $250; Idaho Power, $500; Blue Cross of Idaho, $250; Trent Clark, former state GOP chairman, $125.
Erin Zaleski, Democrat: $1,433.97.

District 22

House Seat B
Jason Monks, Republican: $18,607.75. Notables: Idaho Power, $500; Bedke, $500.
Sharon Fisher, Democrat: $510.

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I feel bad for both....

Melissa Sue Robinson and Caitlin Lister, both dems and both have raised a reported $0....

Cannot anyone spare them at least $1?

How can you put flyers on cars without $$$$

Yeah, maybe Idaho Power,

Yeah, maybe Idaho Power, they seem to have allot of money.

Betty Richardson

I looked at the reports for both the District 15 Senate race candidates and Betty has raised $87k and Fred Martin has raised $90k. That is a lot of dough for a Idaho Senate seat!!! No wonder the other candidates can't raise money!!!

Idaho Power gives to Republicans

When I pay my power bill, I'm helping Republicans- how special. Guess I'll have to live without electricity if I want to be neutral.

What type of money?

In the Richardson/Martin race, it would be interesting to see how many of the "personal" contributions actually come from legislator's campaign accounts rather than their personal accounts.
I wonder if those who give to candidates realize how often their money ends up going to other candidates who they may not support.


I am disappointed that a couple of candidates did not post reports on their donations.

This includes Sue Chew (Dist. 17) and Tracy Volpi (Dist. 12). While Volpi may be forgiven as a challenger, Rep. Chew is an incumbent and should be setting an example for others.

We have candidates like Mary Sue Robinson, Matthew Greene, Jeffrey Laing, Mikel Hautzinger, and others who reported zero dollars. Despite showing no money donated, they took the time -- as did all the candidates who did receive money -- to do so.

I have grown weary of local, state, and federal elected officials either not revealing all of the facts on issues or on seeking to divert attention away from their errors.

The least an incumbent or challenger can do is disclose from where they received donations -- especially an incumbent. This allows me, as a voter, to look at their voting record with more information.

Thank you.

What has campaign money got to do with their voting record?

And NO, I'm NOT naive or suffering from dementia!

I think you need more sleep, it will clear your spirits up.


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