Treasure Valley legislative races: a look at the money trail (UPDATED, 1:14 p.m.)

(UPDATED, 1:14 p.m. Wednesday, with new filings.)

Today is a key deadline for legislators and legislative candidates to file campaign finance reports.

I’ll be poring over the results and analyzing the trends, but I thought it would be useful to post some data from the reports already filed.

The dollar figure reflects money raised so far this calendar year (and does not reflect carryover money from before 2012, or cash on hand heading into the final four weeks of the campaign). If you’d like to dig in deeper, I’ve attached links to all the reports.

Notably, some legislative leaders are contributing to incumbents and newcomers — perhaps setting the stage for leadership elections. Active again, as he was in the GOP primary season, is House Assistant Majority Leader Scott Bedke, R-Oakley, expected to challenge current House Speaker Lawerence Denney of Midvale.

Now to the filings.

District 10

Jim Rice, Republican (incumbent): $31,613.83. Notable: Idaho Power, $1,500; Idaho Association of Realtors, $1,250; Senate Majority Caucus Chairman Russ Fulcher, $450; Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, $100.
Leif Skyving, Democrat: $5,189,55. Notable: International Brotherhood of Teamsters, $250.

House Seat A
Brandon Hixon, Republican: $17,389. Notable: Scott Bedke (House assistant majority leader, candidate for House speaker), $1,250; Idaho Power, $500; Mike Moyle (House majority leader), $500; Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, $100.

House Seat B
Darrell Bolz, Republican (incumbent): $8,878.21. Notables: Idaho Power, $500; Monsanto Co., $500; Simplot Shared Services $500.
Angel Zeimantz, Democrat: $559.62.

District 11

Victoria Brown, Democrat: $4,726.68.

District 12

Todd Lakey, Republican: $35,942. Notable: Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis, $2,000; Senate Preisdent Pro Tem Brent Hill, $500; Education Networks of America, $250; Idaho Association of Realtors, $750; Idaho Power, $2,000.
Melissa Sue Robinson, Democrat: $0.

House Seat A
Robert Anderst, Republican: $28,622.19. Notables: Idaho Power, $1,500; Bedke, $1,000; Alex LaBeau (lobbyist, Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry), $500; M3 Builders (Eagle-area housing developer), $500; Gov. Butch Otter, $200; Idaho Association of General Contractors, $500; Idaho Association of Realtors, $1,925; Micron Technology, $2,000.

House Seat B
Rick D. Youngblood, Republican: $8,990. Notables: Bedke, $500; Idaho AGC, $500; J.R. Simplot Co., $300; Education Networks of America, $250; Idaho Power, $500; AT&T, $250.
F. Lawrence Dawson, Democrat: $174.96.

District 13

Curt McKenzie, Republican (incumbent): $35,200. Notables: Simplot, $500; Idaho AGC, $250; Microsoft, $250; Idaho Association of Realtors, $750; Verizon, $1,000; Davis, $300; Anheuser-Busch, $500.

House Seat A
Clayton Trehal, Democrat: $4,766.51. Notable: Teamsters, $200.

District 14

Al Shoushtarian, independent: $8,343.94. Notable: Lisa and John Grasser (John Grasser is an Eagle City Council member, Shoushtarian a former council member): $410.

House Seat B
Glida Bothwell, Democrat: $485.85.

District 15

Fred Martin, Republican: $40.020. Notables: Hill, $750; Fulcher, $400; Sen. Chuck Winder, R-Boise, $550; Davis, $1,000; Sen. Dean Cameron, R-Rupert, $500; Sen. Bert Brackett, R-Rogerson, $500; Micron, $1,000; Sen. Shawn Keough, R-Sandpoint, $500; Idaho Power, $1,000.

House Seat A
Lynn Luker, Republican (incumbent): 12,557.46. Notable: Idaho Power, $500; Bedke, $800; Idaho AGC, $250; Idaho AFL-CIO, $200.
Richard Keller, Democrat: $2,570.56.

House Seat B
Mark Patterson, Republican: $23,125. Notable: Idaho Power, $500.

District 16

Les Bock, Democrat (incumbent): $8,890.08. Notables: Bill Roden (former legislator, prominent lobbyist), $150; Idaho AGC, $250; PAC for Education (the Idaho Education Association’s PAC) $1,000; Idaho Trial Lawyers PAC, $2,000.

House Seat A
Grant Burgoyne, Democrat (incumbent): $16,610.29. Notables: Bill Mauk (former state Democratic Party chairman), $1,000; A.J. Balukoff (Boiuse School Board member), $250; PACE, $1,000; Roden, $150.
Lee-Mark Ruff, Republican: $2,345.11. Notable: Rep. Gary Collins, R-Nampa, $100; Rep. Christy Perry, R-Nampa, $150.
Jeffrey Laing, Libertarian: $0.

House Seat B
Hy Kloc, Democrat: $23,517. Notables: former Gov. Cecil Andrus, $50; Balukoff, $500; Marilyn Shuler (formerly of Idaho Human Rights Commission), $150; Stan Olson (former Boise schools superintendent), $100; former state Rep. Bill Killen, $200; PACE, $1,000; Idaho AFL-CIO, $500.

District 17

Elliot Werk, Democrat (incumbent): $39,799. Notable: PACE, $1,000; Elaine Clegg, Boise City Council member, $00; Shuler, $100.
Judy Peavey-Derr, Republican: $6,455. Notables: Anheuser-Busch, $400; Ada County Republican Women, $200; Davis, $500; Blue Cross, $250.

House Seat A
Kreed Ray Kleinkopf, Republican: $460.

House Seat B
Chad Inman, Republican: $2,898. Notable: former legislator Rachel Gilbert, $100.
Mikel Hautzinger, Libertarian: $0.

District 19

Paul Nelson O’Leary, Republican: $3,050. Notable: Fulcher, $200.

District 20

Chuck Winder, Republican (incumbent): $21,800. Notable: Idaho AGC, $750; Hill, $250; Education Networks of America, $500; Idaho Association of Realtors, $1,000; Fulcher, $250; Blue Cross of Idaho, $1,000; CenturyLink Idaho PAC, $500; AT&T, $500; Microsoft Corp. PAC, $350.

House Seat A
Caitlin Lister, Democrat: $0.

District 21

House Seat A
Steven Harris, Republican: $11,750. Notable: Idaho Power, $500; Idaho Bankers Association, $100.

House Seat B
Erin Zaleski, Democrat: $1,433.97.

District 22

House Seat B
Jason Monks, Republican: $18,607.75. Notables: Idaho Power, $500; Bedke, $500.

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What this trend shows me is that Democrats are


Cmon dems, support your candidates with the falling dollar....donate!

More small ball from KR and the Ed Board.......

you can pore over the results all you want to - no one cares. The middle east in going up in flames, Europe is going down the drain, terrorism didn't go away with OBL, the President is frozen without a teleprompter, there is a cover up going on in the Obama administration that makes Watergate look like childs play. Instead of asking, "what did the President know and when did he know it?", KR and the Ed Board ask, "how much more did Bolz raise than Zeimantz? So where is the next Woodward and Bernstein - not sure, but I know they are not at the Idaho Statesman.


Tetpilot, for someone who doesn't care much for the Idaho Statesman, you sure seem to write a lot of drivel. Just sayin'. Maybe you can answer why we should vote for Mitt Romney. You know Mitt. He's the fella with an army of tax accountants. Yet, he chose not to take $1,700,000 in tax deductions on his 2011 federal income tax return. The spin is that he didn't claim the deduction so his tax rate would come in at a respectable 14% tax rate. Wait. Isn't Mitt the brilliant businessman? And he conveniently "forgot" to claim $1.7 million dollars in deductions? I don't think I want to trust the American economy to Mitt if he can't even file his own tax returns. Oh, and are you willing to make a $10,000 bet that he files an amended tax return right after the elections? You know. An amended tax return where he suddenly rediscovers the tax deduction. What's your take on Mitt's 2011 tax return, Tetpilot?

An American Ambassador, another State Dept official and......

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Those issues are only the tip of iceburg....

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"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


be ready for the fiscal meltdown when QE3 becomes the last straw....printing more money, to buy more US debt, to lower the dollar that is widely becoming negated by other countries as a 'World' reserve....

The US Dollar is losing interest and it is starting to show its affect in the USA, that is why the QE1, QE2, and soon to be QE3....

Yes, Clinton left office with a budget surplus and a National debt of $5.7T....
Yes, Bush left office with negative budget of $500M and a National debt of 9.9T....
And, Obama has a negative budget of over $1T and a National debt of $16.2T....

I dont know how Romney will do....all I know is we need different directions for next 4 years....if Romney does poorly, then we are in bigger trouble and he'll lose in 2016....

I think many democrats know we are in 'big' trouble and that is why donations are small to most democrats, other than Obama who has a very, very wealthy donor list....

My opinion is we will see the meltdown within 5 years if drastic budget changes are not made now....

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Open forums for discussing the primary topic with occasional banter between the regulars is one thing, but completely off-topic trollish behavior like this should be removed.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Cover what?

tetpilot, do I take from your post that you think that the Statesman should cover national politics exclusively? That it should completely ignore state and local elections? If so, you are an outlier on this one. Most of us would disagree. Heartily.