Boise State football team's defense 'not running to the ball fast enough' for coaches' liking

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team’s defense swarmed BYU ball carriers throughout the Sept. 20 victory, when the Broncos held the Cougars to 200 yards.

The effort hasn’t been quite the same the past two weeks, when missed tackles contributed to New Mexico generating 374 yards and Southern Miss accumulating 424.

One of the best way to avoid missed tackles: gang tackling.

“We feel like we’re not running to the ball fast enough,” defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake said. “We’re really stressing that this week, and every week. We want to continue to build, continue to have our guys swarming to the football.”


Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor on Saturday’s game against Fresno State: “It’s going to be a fight. We know it’s going to be a fight. We’ve just got to go out there and keep swinging. The momentum’s going to shift back and forth, maybe. When it does, we’ve just got to make sure we get it back on our side.”


Fresno State linebacker Patrick Su’a told The Fresno Bee he doesn’t want to hear any more about the Broncos’ dominance of the Bulldogs.

"I'm tired of it," he said. "They're a great team. They've got a good program. But it's the new 2012 Bulldogs football team here. We've got a new strategy, new plays, new players, same players with new abilities. I want it done. We're going to go get it."


Boise State junior left tackle Charles Leno Jr., on the offense’s improvement: “The biggest thing is getting a lot of good holes in the run game. And the second thing is, playing with a better sense of urgency. ... We’re just moving a lot faster, a lot more fluid.”


Leno, on protecting the quarterback’s blind side each of the past two years: “I’ve got to give extra effort to make sure my quarterback doesn’t get killed.”


Boise State junior wide receiver Aaron Burks on replacing injured receiver Mitch Burroughs: “It’s not really going to fall on one person. Everybody is going to have to pick up the slack. We’re going to pick it up as a whole instead of one individual. We’re going to definitely miss Mitch. He’s going to be there on the sideline, vocally. … He’s our senior leader. He’s the more vocal one.”

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Boise State can have numerous problems and probably

still win the remaining schedule....

Not sure if this is a sign of a very weak remaining schedule; or just shows that Boise State is still above average as compared to most other cfb teams....

time will tell....

Above Average

Its good that you're not sure, maybe you're showing signs of an open mind.

My opinion is that this is an above average team but not quite deserving of a AP top 25 ranking. If they win out they'll earn a top 25 spot irregardless of their schedule.

Top 25 dont mean jack

top 16 and ranked higher than an AQ champion means something.

Just like last year and the year before. You can say that BSU shouldn't be ranked and are not top 25.... Blah blah blah. They ARE ranked. So that is what they are ranked. That is why polls are so silly. But I suppose you know more than all the voters about BSU huh?

And why are you picking on the AP anyway? It is the coaches poll and the harris poll that factor into the BCS not the AP.

BSU is a top twenty five team, not because they deserve it or dont deserve it but because that is what they are ranked.

Sucky unfair system yes!

About time we benefited from it: absolutely.

If BSU somehow miraculuosly wins out no one will really think this team is better than last years team. But we could go to the BCS anyway. all part of the weird world of CFB.

I like the idea of BSU and Nevada meeting with a BCS on the line. It is good prep for a BE championship game next year

Mr Potato Head....

I actually agree with you this time (wont admit that in public though)....

If Boise goes 11-1, they deserve the Orange Bowl just as much as West Virginia or Virginia Tech got their gifts....

Boise State should have had the BCS offer in 2011....this time maybe? fair? who cares....

I have always said the BCS made Boise State famous back in days when other said Death to BCS....

Where would Boise be today without the BCS and the non-AQ system?


It's regardless.


I could care less. :)

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sweetheart? I am waiting for you.

Irr-Regardless and "could" care less.....

I'm not the post police but the classic butchering of my two favorite terms within the same thread is worth some recognition. Nice work.

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The Orang meant he saw no concerts.


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