Boise State coach Chris Petersen on Fresno game: 'That's going to be a slugfest'; WR Mitch Burroughs 'out for a while'

By Chadd Cripe
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The final installment of a 12-year series between the Boise State and Fresno State football teams could be one of the best.

The Broncos (4-1) and Bulldogs (4-2) are two of the top three candidates to win the Mountain West — Nevada (5-1) is the other — and they’re the top two teams in the country in turnovers forced.

“This is one of those games that’s going to be a slugfest,” Boise State coach Chris Petersen said Monday. “You’re not going to get a bunch of easy plays on these guys.”

Fresno State’s 3-4 defense ranks 31st in yards allowed (338.5), 21st in pass-efficiency defense (107.19) and ninth in sacks (20).

The Bulldogs rank 14th in the nation in passing yards (315.5 per game) with the new no-huddle, spread attack. Tailback Robbie Rouse ranks 14th in rushing at 118.5 yards per game.

First-year coach Tim DeRuyter has sparked a team that had gone flat under longtime coach Pat Hill.

“This is, by far, the best combination of quarterback and receivers (we’ve faced),” Petersen said. “The Miami of Ohio guy was a good thrower but he didn’t have the surrounding talent that these guys have, so that changes things tremendously.

“… I’m not sure if they knew what they were getting, the new staff, when they came there, but the style they implemented definitely complemented their talent level.”


Here is audio of Petersen's press conference.


Senior wide receiver Mitch Burroughs will be “out for a while,” Petersen said. He injured his wrist competing for a ball against Southern Miss. Burroughs had not met with the doctor yet, so Petersen didn’t have a timeline for his recovery.

Burroughs is third on the team with 12 catches for 124 yards. He also is the co-punt returner and co-kickoff returner. He was the Mountain West preseason special teams player of the year.

“We just miss him as an all-around player,” Petersen said. “… A senior who is all about the team, who does everything right on and off the field, who just wants to play and do whatever he can do and you really trust him because he knows our stuff inside and out.”

Senior wide receiver Chris Potter is listed as the starter at Burroughs’ position this week. Potter also will handle the majority of punt returns. Sophomore Dallas Burroughs and junior Geraldo Boldewijn also will help fill the void in the pass game. Dallas Burroughs is listed as the co-kickoff returner.


Petersen on Fresno State’s defense: “This is one of the better defenses I’ve seen, certainly that we’ve studied this year. They’re very, very aggressive. Really, really well-coached. That jumps out at you from a million miles away. They know exactly what they’re doing. They blitz a lot. And when they’re blitzing, the other guys aren’t just covering grass. They cover guys.”


Petersen on the Southern Miss game: “I’m really proud of our team from last game. I think our guys played well, they played hard, they made progress, and I’m proud of them. And hopefully we can keep making strides. … We’re still not as consistent as we need to be, without question, but we’re making progress.”


Petersen on Joe Southwick’s interception, and his ability to bounce back: “That was good to see. That one, we could have a really big play on our end of things, but he kind of short-armed it. He didn’t finish the throw, so it didn’t go where it needed to go. … After that, he kind of settled in and he made some good plays, he really did. He’s gaining confidence. He knows what’s going on out there, he really does. He sees things. We’re definitely headed in the right direction.”

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If I were a betting man

I would be betting on Fresno State - based on what I have seen of BOTH teams this year. Just being honest here.

Boise State is currently favored by 7 points. I'd take Fresno State and those 7 points and run with them - IF - I were a betting man.

Little faith

Ah ye' of little faith, BSU will be fine. I'm going to miss the Fresno games I hope we can get them set up again. I'm sure this will be a hard one but BSU will win. Go BSU!!!

I am a betting man

and when this game went from 9 to 6.5, I jumped all over it.

I'll give you 7 and take whatever pink-slip you have.


FSU 1-10 the last eleven years versus BSU and most of those games FSU was blown out.

More than an S.E. Hinton novel, 'That was then, this is now'.

Thinking this is the toughest FS team we've seen in a long time.
Still taking the Broncos.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


BSU needs to "get up" for this game. lately BSU has owned this matchup but it is evident that this is a different year and you can bet Fresno will be fired up. New coach means both teams can throw the history out the window.

BSU has supposedly been "this close" to putting together a complete game. This is the game to do it. If BSU "clicks" it is a blow out. If BSU continues to have offensive amnesia then fresno could pull out a win.

Go broncos! Win by 30!

Friends from Fresno

A couple of friends have 2nd homes here and usually show up for the games. Got a feeling this is going to be another of those 'heart in your mouth' games. Broncos will pull it out...they better...

Last weekend looked like BSU football

Thought the kids played good game last week, defense gave the coaches some turnovers and coaches opened the play book when on Southern Miss side of the field.
Overall thought offense, defense played a good game and coaches called a good game. Fun to see some BSU football. Good luck this week ya'll.

Just wondering,

are we busting out those orange uniforms for Fresno again? But MWC probably outlawed them for blending in with our end zones after all the points BSU dropped on Fresno last time.


Needs a STRONG 2nd half. Still weak in the Miss game. Gotta play all 4 quarters.