Rooms: Writers in the Attic


The Cabin 2012
148 pages

Synopsis: At least peripherally, everyone is aware of the The Cabin. It’s that great log structure snuggled between the Boise library’s main branch and the Boise River on Capitol Boulevard. The Cabin is a staple of the writing community and has been in operation since 1996. Its mission “To inspire a love of reading, writing and discourse throughout Idaho and the region.” Traditionally, The Cabin has concentrated on encouraging children to write, but is now adding a focus for adults.

This year, for the first time it published an adult anthology of short stories from local authors. The entries had to be 1,000 words or less, and about a special room in the writer’s life. The book is titled “Rooms. Writers in the Attic” and features 29 of the best entries.

The portrayals of the impact of a particular room are varied. The narratives include the process of recovering from a son’s death, bygone childhood dreams, a refugee longing for his lost country, and life in a maximum security prison. The stories are sometimes stark, most leave you asking questions and wanting to know more.

Michael Philley’s, “The Congo Room” is a perfect snapshot of a refugee’s emotional assimilation to America. He deftly weaves glimpses of memories of his war-shattered homeland with the anxiety he battles to adjust to his new country’s bewildering customs. He opened an extremely enlightening peephole into a life ripped apart by war.

“Waiting Rooms” by William Ferree will cause chuckles. If you have more than one child you know the urgency of the first visit with your child to an emergency room, but how subsequent visits are reduced to “Okay, I guess we should go. Let me get my keys. Let me set the TiVo.”

The publication is more than simply a book. The arts exist to encourage people with dreams. Vincent Van Gogh said, I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it. Future writers, artists, and dancers need a venue in which to learn their craft. By purchasing the book you will do much to fuel their determination to continue.

Please note: The book will be officially released at its launch party on Dec. 15th, but you can order it now directly The Cabin at

My Rating: Should Read

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