Otter, Little host 'Cow Camp Chuck Wagon Dinner' for Lodge, Brackett

The governor and lieutenant governor host this western-style dinner, a fundraiser for Sen. Patti Anne Lodge and Sen. Bert Brackett, 5 to 7 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 11 at the Sandbar Spot on the Snake River, 12 Sandbar Ave. in Marsing.

The evening will feature Idaho Preferred products and western music. On the menu: Brackett Ranch tri tip, Lodge Ranch cow camp corn and Circle Bar onions, campfire applesauce and chuck wagon potatoes. Sour dough rolls and fresh Sunnyslope apple cake round out the menu.

Tickets are $10, RSVP by Tuesday, Oct. 9 to or 867-6034.


us commoners can afford to get in.

Strat, for ten bucks

that's a bargain. Can't get that in a restaurant for a ten spot. Plus, you don't have to leave a tip. Downside is that ya gotta drive over here. Downside #2 is that the Spot doesn't have a liquor license. Upside is that I have a fairly good supply of liquor at my place, and I'm only a couple miles away. This might be more entertaining than a presidential debate, and there just might be fewer lies told....Sunny...

Drinks will be flowing

There are companies/caterers you can hire that provide their own liquor/beverages, beer/wine and liquor licenses. I assure you this won't be a "dry" event.

Sunny, don't get your hopes up about truth-telling at this event

In today's political world, including Idaho, many falsehoods come from extreme, narrow views of the world, not necessarily specific facts. I would expect this fun-sounding event to include lots of stories - in this case, stories about the wild west, cowboy myths, with musical themes like "git along little dogie."

Come to think of it, today's political parties often live in storyland - for Idaho Republicans, those stories come from Limbaugh, Drudge, Hannity, John Wayne, et al., and may not be "true" at all. They may just be stories, totaly unrelated to actual human life in a modern world.

It happened over two weks ago, No leftovers!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<