Boise State 40, Southern Miss 14 (final)

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

HATTIESBURG, Miss. — The Boise State football team collected five more turnovers Saturday at Roberts Stadium to trigger a 40-14 rout of Southern Miss.

The Broncos led 23-0 at halftime on TD drives of 11, 35 and 44 yards. They scored on a 27-yard drive early in the third quarter, then put together a 10-play, 69-yard scoring march that put away the win.

Quarterback Joe Southwick was 18-of-27 for 195 yards and three touchdowns with an interception and a sack. Kirby Moore, Matt Miller and Chris Potter each made touchdown catches.

Tailback D.J. Harper led the ground game with 47 yards and two touchdowns. Jay Ajayi added 40 yards.

Southern Miss outgained Boise State 424-310 but the Broncos only committed one turnover.

Boise State improved to 4-1. Southern Miss fell to 0-5.

Boise State wide receiver Mitch Burroughs left the game with an injury. He had a brace on his right wrist after the game but coach Chris Petersen didn’t provide any information on his status. Third-string quarterback Jimmy Laughrea didn’t make the trip. Petersen said that was for medical reasons but did not elaborate.

Game updates

First quarter

BSU — Matt Miller 11 pass from Joe Southwick (Michael Frisina kick), 6:08. Key play: True freshman linebacker Tyler Gray picked off Ricky Lloyd and returned the ball to the Southern Miss 11-yard line. Drive: 1 play, 11 yards, :05. Boise State 7, Southern Miss 0

Second quarter

BSU — D.J. Harper 11 run (Frisina kick), 14:06. Key play: Defensive end Kharyee Marshall forced a fumble and end Tyler Horn recovered at the Southern Miss 35-yard line. The Eagles got a third-down stop but a face-mask penalty gave the Broncos a first down. Drive: 4 plays, 35 yards, 1:37. Boise State 14, Southern Miss 0

BSU — Frisina 21 field goal, 9:51. Key play: Redshirt freshman tailback Jay Ajayi carried twice for 10 and 12 yards. Drive: 8 plays, 41 yards, 2:56. Boise State 17, Southern Miss 0

BSU — Chris Potter 33 pass from Southwick (Frisina kick blocked), :06. Key play: Defensive end Sam Ukwuachu stripped quarterback Ricky Lloyd and recovered the fumble. Drive: 2 plays, 44 yards, :16. Boise State 23, Southern Miss 0

Third Quarter

• Boise State wide receiver Mitch Burroughs is on the sideline in street clothes and a cast on his right arm. He appeared to injure his wrist on a first-quarter pass in the end zone.

BSU — Harper 19 run (Frisina kick), 12:49. Key play: Tracy Lampley muffed the Broncos’ punt right into the hands of cornerback Josh Borgman. Drive: 2 plays, 27 yards, :35. Boise State 30, Southern Miss 0

USM — Anthony Alford 4 run (Corey Acosta kick), 4:10. Key play: Francisco Llanos made a 7-yard catch on fourth-and-3 but lost the ball as he went to the ground. The officials ruled the pass incomplete but it was called a catch on video review. Drive: 13 plays, 75 yards, 6:20. Boise State 30, Southern Miss 7

Fourth quarter

BSU — Kirby Moore 27 pass from Southwick (Frisina kick), 13:23. Key play: Southwick tossed a screen pass to Miller on third-and-9 for a 9-yard gain to get the initial first down of the drive. Drive: 10 plays, 69 yards, 5:34. Boise State 37, Southern Miss 7

USM — Desmond Johnson 2 run (Acosta kick), 9:24. Key play: Alford threw a strike to Justin Sims for 44 yards on fourth-and-6. Drive: 10 plays, 76 yards, 3:52. Boise State 37, Southern Miss 14

BSU — Frisina 30 field goal, 2:41. Key play: Chris Potter’s XX-yard punt return gave the Broncos excellent field position. Drive: 6 plays, 10 yards, 3:36. Boise State 40, Southern Miss 14

Pregame notes

• QB Jimmy Laughrea did not make the trip. The Broncos brought three quarterbacks: Joe Southwick, Grant Hedrick and Nick Patti. Quarterback coach Jonathan Smith said Laughrea was the No. 3 quarterback this week.

• QB Grant Hedrick, who has been banged up early in the season, is expected to play against Southern Miss.

• TE Hayden Plinke did not make the trip because of an injury sustained this week in practice. Redshirt freshman Jake Hardee made the trip. Junior TE Gabe Linehan is also out for the game (hamstring).

• RB Drew Wright did not make the trip. Wright was injured in the Broncos' victory against BYU.

• WR Geraldo Boldewijn (NCAA suspension) is on the trip and in uniform.

* Boise State is wearing all-white uniforms — white pants, white jerseys and white Pro Combat helmets (with the number on the side). It is the same combination (without the helmet numbers) that the Broncos wore against Georgia in last year's season opener.

• Former Boise State defensive end Tyrone Crawford, a rookie with the Dallas Cowboys, attended the game.

— By Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman

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Lets go...

I want to see Ajayi...

Φ We just did

and he was very effective ... until BSU got inside the 10. Then they go away from what got them there. Why?


Gets the ball inside the 5 and Prince calls 2 pa-ss plays and a run to Jack.

Huh? It's little things like that...

Head scratcher

for sure....

looks like the defense

keeps getting it done. Turnovers and a short field make the offensive growing pains less bothersome.

Odd stats....

17-0 but being outgained in yardage......

Φ Primarily because

So. Miss can't hang onto the ball and keeps taking penalties. Short field for BSU today, so far.

Love the hitting. BSU was ready to play.

Perhaps the equipment trucks

drive through New Mexico was an inspiration to the defense and special teams... Hit um' hard!

Seems like those stats

are every game now.
Sure am sick of watching soccer, mariner, UW, seahawk comercials....

Φ Root Sports

(the old FoxSportsNW) having this game means that most, if not all, of the northwest is getting it (no western games underway). Maybe a future recruit or two is getting a (now) rare look at the Broncos.

I find it hard to believe that some

recruit will make his decision based on watching a channel that is big sky oriented and lives in the northwest that has never heard or considered BSU. You get recruits winning a bowl game on ESPN, not So Miss on Root. But it is a lame point anyway. Its better than Channel seven that is for sure. But the commercials are annoying for me on a personal level just because I HATE soccer and HATE everything seattle. So..... it is just a personal thing. It is stupid to watch mariner highlights when they are one of the worst teams in baseball and the postseason is upon us.

Back to football.
Just still disappointing with the offense. The defense and special teams looks absolutely fabulous. (minus Firisna)

Still looking for the 80 yard drive that ends with a TD and burns 5 minutes off the clock.


Frustrating game, love DJ but the freshman bring the buzz.

Lotsa potential

Looks like there is a lotta potential in these freshman.

On the 3rd. down play

before Frasina kicked the field goal, Southwick had a hole so big you could've driven a cow-killing semi through it, and insted of running in untouched, he opted to throw an incompletion. Thank goodness Frasina didn't miss (for a change)....Sunny...


I was yelling so loud at Joe to run it the dog is still hiding in the bedroom.

I want to see some a whooping in the 2nd half

Not this easy going ho hum attitude. Win the game 41-7. Step on them and end it.

0-6 on third downs

Southern Miss is handing us the game - but 0-6 on third downs and a missed PAT.

Need more Ajayi in the second half.

Would love to see a

10 play drive right here

Would love to see a quarterback who is a leader,

has the ability to make a decision, and take control.

Southwick has had a good

Southwick has had a good game - not sure which channel you are watching.

Or maybe you are just part of that large group of people that hears something someone else says and you just regurgitate it over and over again rather than thinking for yourself.

Southwick and good game

I agree with EagleWing

One bad throw at first. But everyone makes mistakes. I think the whole team looked a lot better. Not bad at all for a rebuild year. Way to go BSU!!!!

Φ QB change

Why wasn't Alford the starter all along? Bet he will be after this.

That side-to-side run for a first down was special. And, his first stint results in a TD.


Joe I take it all back

good thing we got that on-side kick

The defense is sucking wind after being on the field so long. I liked the change up with Hedrick and Southwick in at the same time.

You like it? Hedrick is

You like it? Hedrick is garbage.

Shutting it down with over 7 to go?????

Over 7 min on the clock and we are shutting it down? Garbage plays with Hedrick at QB and Southwick split out wide? Started on the 50 yard line too.

Would prefer another 7 on the board personally.

Play calling in the 2nd half is garbage

Put a dagger in these guys and end it already.

I didn't see it that way...

I saw it as a good opportunity to work on some different plays without the threat of losing the game. Course, what do I know? I'm just a girl & I've never played the game myself. :)

I wouldnt go so far as to say Southwick had a good game....

Third down and redzone along with the lack of a long sustained drive would kill us if we were playing a team that was better, or even a team that held on to the ball. This is a good confidence builder for joe but it is far from a defining game for him....

Are you Fing

Kidding me?!!!!!!

Bumped for a big sky game???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on razor go ahead and defend that one for recruiting purposes.....


For this fact alone the big east will be a good move. TV contracts.

I'm still watching the game -Channel 307

Channel 307 on cableone. What channel were you watching?

Φ Surprised me, too.

Root must have had an obligation to start the Big Sky game on time.

We may have been lucky to get any TV on this one.

We got to see it

Better than listening...

Saw the whole game on Fox Sports

Surprised that you got cut off. I didn't realize the game was on more than once channel. Got to see the game till the end.

Root Cuts the Game Short

Now Root Sport just cut away from the game! Nice - thanks Root Sports. At least I wont be dizzy anymore from the camera man losing the ball and trying to correct quickly.

One of the worst productions I have seen on a Boise Sate game and to add insult to injury, they don't even cover the entire game!

Are you kidding me?!

Ugh, I have to agree- this station sucks! I will be glad to be out of this conference and the crappy tv coverage we have had to endure. And really? They cut it away to show this pre-game crap? Unbelievable!


Root Sports you SUCK!!

Hmmm, could we be talkin pizza......

I'm thinking so.......

Glad for the win but what a

$#!# show.
First. lucky charms cereal should not be a kickoff party food.
Second. the camera work was high school level at best.
third. It took me several minutes to figure out exactly which fox sports channel called root to record

Forth. At least no one saw our "trickeration" because no one watched it.

Fifth. third down and red zone are still a huge factor.
Sixth. Defense is beast like because of turnovers. Get them better at stopping the run and we will be elite.

Looks like Idaho is going

to get a win......


I could swear

you said Idaho and win in the same post.

Great job BSU

Defense played well, gave Petersen his turnovers and he opened up the play book. Offense played well across the board. Coaches punted when they should and kicked field goals when they should.
Nice to see some BSU football, 2 thumbs up.

Great job BSU

Defense played well, gave Petersen his turnovers and he opened up the play book. Offense played well across the board. Coaches punted when they should and kicked field goals when they should.
Nice to see some BSU football, 2 thumbs up.

Watched the game on dish--417

I was impressed with the coverage and they always told who the defensive and offensive player was and what state they was from. I enjoyed fox's showing of the game.

Quality Win ?

Souther Miss is 0-5...are you kidding me ? Fresno State is going to drill Boise !


let me know how much you would like to bet on it.

This cinches it

BSU should be ranked in the top five.

Root Sports

Our group was pretty upset that Root left the BSU game with more than 2 minutes remaining. It was worse that they didn't even start the Montana game, but just showed tail-gating interviews and talking heads. We hope BSU will not allow Root to carry future games and that Bronco Nation will urge the Athletic Department to dump Root Sports.

Thanks, Chadd!

Thanks for the great work in tweeting key information during the game, Chadd! I had access to the ESPN game tracker, but no TV and your updates were invaluable in filling in the details. Thanks again, Chadd!


Chadd has had a top-10 season so far.