Wayne Hoffman: 'Prop 1 is about union power, nothing more'

A couple days back, I posted the Idaho School Boards Association's argument for Proposition 1, the Students Come First collective bargaining rewrite that will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Agree or disagree with the conclusions, it was a reasoned argument for local control, and for allowing locally elected trustees the latitude to craft contracts. (I will rerun the piece in Sunday Insight.)

For a counterpoint — from the same side of the issue — let's take a gander at Wayne Hoffman's weekly column, a series of broadsides directed at teachers' unions.

Here's one among many: "In a memo to supporters last year, an Idaho Education Association official wrote, 'it's easier to get the public riled up about laptops and online classes than contract issues.' So it is surprising that the union would even mention Prop 1. But they figure they've come up with a line that you will fall for — pretending that the education unions are most motivated to protect the interest of kids.

"But if that were true, we wouldn't need to have Prop 1."

It should be noted that Hoffman, unlike the school board members who co-signed the ISBA piece, is a conservative lobbyists who doesn't have to negotiate with teachers and their unions. As if that weren't obvious.

Here's a link to the Hoffman column.

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Why do we need another free mouthpiece for Wayne Hoffman?

Why does Wayne Hoffman get so much free access to this blog? He has his own column. Readers interested in Wayne's curious opinions can find them there. Kevin Richert, I understand that it's a slow news day for you, but acting as Wayne Hoffman's free megaphone and echo chamber certainly gives your readers to question your journalistic integrity. It's not Wayne's way or the highway. Wayne is not the Decider.

Agree totally "badams"

KR is just being fair & balanced.
Balancing his informative articles with the crazy, unfounded opinions of 'ol what's his name.

You simply can't handle the truth!!!

Can't debate the issues so you attack the messenger.

Typical union thug tactics.

Vote Yes on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!


You claim to wish to debate the topic. Well, you call my post union thug tactics. Really? That's what union thugs do? They post online comments? Okay, let's skip that part. Lets read your debating skills regarding your support Prop 1, 2, & 3. Oh, there wasn't anything in your post. Wow, brilliant post, Towm8r.

All of this trash

from a shill that claims non-profit status but won't disclose his financial backers.
If you are going to continue printing Hoffman's babble, Kevin, then why not print some of the other local media's commentators articles. Bill Cope would be a good start.

Teachers' unions...bad for students, bad for Idaho

"Not once did I read a union labor contract that put student issues first. Not on class sizes. Not on safety. Not on school supplies. To the contrary, unions came first in every contract. Always. In contracts negotiated in secret, union bosses made sure the union's interests were placed ahead of everything else."

Read more here: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/10/05/2299842/wayne-hoffman-prop-1-is-about.html#storylink=cpy

Wow, that's a truly enlightening discovery. The teachers' union tries to spin itself as THE authority on students' needs.

Essentially, the only reason they oppose the laws is because the teachers' union will no longer come first--students will.

Decoy ads, deceptive claims, union thuggery...all traced back to the Idaho Education Assn...who'd a thunk it!

Vote Yes on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

Wayne Hoffman is correct!

Wayne Hoffman is correct!

Hoffman is right

Prop 1 is about union power. Why don't we stop pretending it's about education reform?

Oh God! terrible Idaho unions, and they're soooo powerful (Not!)

Must be something in the water; paranoia and Idaho goes together like peas & carrots, bacon & eggs, Bourbon & branchwater.

Consider this you fools....Idaho passed right-to-work in the 1980s when coincidentally, Idaho's per capita income was 37th in America. Since then, it has now fallen to 49th, just above fellow r-t-w state Mississippi, in Q2, 2011. And that's a fact, Jack.

While that per capita number bounces around a bit, the trend line is unmistakable.

Ugly's decisions thus far

prop 1 = probably Yes
prop 2 = dont know yet
prop 3 = a definite NO!

Ugly's decisions thus far

prop 1 = probably Yes
prop 2 = dont know yet
prop 3 = a definite NO!

sorry, didnt mean to hit twice....