Formerly homeless 'Man with the Golden Pipes' voices campaign ad for Durst

The Branden Durst campaign has released a web ad with voiceover work by Ted Williams, also known as the "Man with the Golden Pipes." Williams is the formerly homeless man who gained fame in 2011 after he appeared in a video clip that went viral on Youtube.

Durst said he told Williams about his efforts as a legislator to help homeless and struggling Idahoans.

"I am grateful to Mr. Williams for his willingness to help me and my campaign. My commitment to fighting for the less fortunate has never been stronger. Low income families deserve an advocate and that is exactly what I plan to be." Durst said.

Check out the ad on Durst's campaign website:

Durst, a democrat, is a former state representative from District 18 and a current candidate for the
state Senate. He is running against Mitch Toryanski, a republican.

In a world of election, one man dares to voice over it all.


You fry wants with that?

Branden Durst

Folks, have you talked with Branden Durst? Have you gone to a community meeting in which he participated?

You should be listening to his words and watching his actions. He should not be sent to the senate. He needs to earn a living and support his children. What does he really do for a living?

He is not a consultant. This is someone who filed for unemployment after he lost the election.

He was unemployed, I gather. Can you Romney any better?


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I'm pretty sure that Branden Durst is a consultant. Allow me to direct you to his website.


Sorry, but filing a business name with the state a few weeks after the primary in 2010 and creating a website hardly constitutes being a consultant or business owner. notice on "his business website" he does not have any client testimony nor does he have a portfolio of previous work. Im going to go with what was said before that he was unemployed. Not shocking seeing how he hasnt been able to hold a job more than two years...and people actually think this guy is a good representative???!!

You're just JEALOUS!

Because Potato2 never makes improper suggestions to YOU!


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branden durst

he is NOT a consultant, just someone trying to explain one of the many gaps in his work history.

I haven't had a good job since 1997-envy the cat.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<