Boise State football equipment truck hits cow; Spencer Gerke steps up in multiple roles

By Chadd Cripe
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In each of the past two games, Boise State junior Spencer Gerke has played left guard and right guard on consecutive snaps. He’s also the backup center.

“You don’t really think about it,” Gerke said. “I don’t really think about it in a game. After a game, in practices, you start to think about it more. It doesn’t get confusing, but everything is backwards.”

Gerke, a Bishop Kelly High graduate, has been on emergency duty the past two seasons. He started when left guard Joe Kellogg was injured last year and replaced him in the lineup this year against BYU and New Mexico.

He moved to right guard for one play against BYU when Michael Ames’ helmet came off and for an extended period against New Mexico when Ames and Jake Broyles were injured on back-to-back plays.

“When you play center, you already know the whole scheme of things,” Gerke said. “So everything ties together. … (I’m) just kind of prepared for anything. It’s kind of scary when that guy in front of you goes down. Your heart jumps a little bit.”

Boise State coach Chris Petersen said since the middle of last season he has considered Gerke a starter, even though he's been a backup.

"He's been doing great," Petersen said. "... He plays different sides and plays center. That's asking a lot out of a guy, but he's really sharp, he cares a lot and he's very detailed."


Redshirt freshman defensive end Sam Ukwuachu has pressured the quarterback this season but still is looking for his first sack. He recovered two fumbles last week.

“Every third down is like a money down for me,” Ukwuachu said. “I’m thinking get up the field, get a sack, get some pressure. Beats me why I haven’t been able to get one.”


Southern Miss wide receiver Tracy Lampley on Boise State’s defense: “Boise is a very physical bunch on defense. They play with passion. They’re not very big, but they make up for it with effort.”


The Boise State equipment truck hit a cow Wednesday morning. A photo was posted on Flickr — creating a stir on Twitter today. The photo has been removed.

From Boise State: "The accident happened early Wednesday morning about an hour outside Albuquerque, N.M. The drivers were not injured and the trailer, including the contents, were not damaged. The company we contract with, Air Van, rented a new tractor and was able to proceed to Hattiesburg, Miss."

The truck was en route from Boise to Hattiesburg.

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Love it

Gerke sounds like he would return punts if asked. Whatever needs to be done, whenever it needs to be done. Another "our kind of guy" for coach Pete and the Broncos.

I would return punts

..if they asked me to. They haven't. But, I would. I'm not fast, but I am uncoordinated.

I think that makes me

...a Rob Akey kind of guy. HEYYY OHHHH!

Good or bad omen?

The BSU football equipment truck hit a cow on the way to Southern Miss.

Φ How did

Clarabelle come out of it?

Bad omen man...

Unless the cow died...

Razor, USC covers 13 1/2 tonight.

Φ USC @ Utah

Probably will cover. All ESPN lines are 14 or 14.5 at the moment. Hard to have much faith in Utah after they lost to Utah State and nearly to suspect BYU. USC has got to get going if they harbor any hope of challenging Oregon for Pac supremacy. Will be fun to watch.

Utah fans will be really fired up. When was the last time USC played at Utah? Ever? Maybe the Ute fans have figured out how to stay off the field.

As a Husky fan, I never pull for USC. It was big back in the late 80s, early 90s.

90 or so years

was the last time SC played in SLC. They played in Provo in 2004.

It's Duck-Hussy week. UW's OL needs to show massive improvement for them to have a chance - Aliotti is going to bring the heat all game long. I really like Oregon's defense in that matchup.

Φ Ida

I predicted somewhere in the last couple of days that it will be 53-37 Ducks at Autzen. That's 8-8 1/2 under the line (25 above the O/U), with Keith Price's feet perhaps giving the Dawgs a few more points. Just a guess. Oregon's speed and depth should prevail.


That seems really high to me. Look at Washington's schedule, and throw out Portland State. Against the other three opponents UW's offense has scored:

2 TDs against SDSU
1 FG against LSU (result of fumble by LSU)
2 TDs and 1 FG against Stanford

That's 34 points in three games. You think UW will put up 37 against Oregon's defense?

Φ Said it was a guess.

Every so often, Pac games erupt into scoring fests. There isn't anything impressive about Oregon's opponents to date. Fresno got 25 and Wazzu 26 on the Ducks (by whatever means). Even Arky State got 34 (garbage time notwithstanding, for a 57-34 final). So, yes, I can see Washington (if they play well on offense) getting 37.

It very well may not happen; just a guess.


It's Hussy-Duck Week


You fry wants with that?

Φ Okay, JL

Utah leads 14-0 (as the Trojans have shot off both feet) only 3 minutes into the game. USC in big hole now (28.5) against the spread.

They'll bounce back...

Couple straight TDs...

Razor Damn you

Its 754 and checking website before getting to my Utah USC match being recorded. Usually start the recording an hour into the game so I dont have to watch commercials or half time. You just ruined the first 1/4!!!!! Arghhhhhh! Enjoy the game.

Φ Geez, sorry

Haven't ever before heard here of scores-in-progress being discussed and making the DVR folks upset.

Just poking at JL, since we have been talking about this game over the past couple of days.

If you really want to avoid knowing scores and instant info ... well, you know the drill.

Φ You win. JL

Utah couldn't hold on to their gifts and the Trojans blew right on by and covered. Utah definitely looks like lower-level Pac.

This is why I don't wager.

I didn't even bother with "name the score" this week. Did take a shot with Washington @ Oregon, but that was it. This BSU team makes 7-6 seem as likely as anything. This could be another 10-7 type game, or maybe 41-14.

A lot of pi$$ed off people

...after Utah scored.

I didn't do a score either this week. Id like to think the Broncos cover easily but heLL who knows anymore.

Φ Yep, Utah reversed it

and covered. Still don't think they are any good. BSU is sitting at 9.5 right now. Let's hope for a couple of breakout performances to help define this team.

Actually she didn't......

I guess the cow didn't know how to run the triple option...........

Φ Good thing

we aren't playing the University of India.

PIGskin not varsity jacket!


You fry wants with that?

My boyfreind is back

Hi FO! Did you wscape from my basement? I am surprised you got the cuffs off.
I love you.

Nice :)

Nice take


Was pretty funny with some of the comments on that truck photo this afternoon.

@TeamSpeedKills: SEC fans complain that was the only real cow Boise State's truck will face all season.

@DanWetzel: Boise ground game continues to struggle.

@edsbs: "That was the year our truck hit a cow." Boise State fan summing up 2012.

I liked the response to the SEC one

@MattRHinton: It was a ranked cow, on the road!

Those are some of the funniest one liners I have ever read.

* Gotta go get a new keyboard now.


making one last moove on BSU.

what a pathetic picture

That clown in the pic looks like he is smiling

Second cow-vehicle incident I've heard of in two months...

Must be a guerrila cell.


You fry wants with that?

I would wear a gorrilla suit for you.

All this cow talk is making me hungry. Lets go get a burger, just me and you.

Φ Chadd,

Please alert Murph to his latest bit of brilliance on Idaho Sports Talk. While talking with Behler about the BSU potential "cow crash" liability, Murph came out with "... if it's a female cow ...".


He didn't!!

Dude is from North Carolina isn't he?

Φ Only about

8 times. It was hilarious. He and Behler were talking about "open range", which states have that (don't know about NM where Clarabelle went over the moon), and varying degrees of liability on the parties. Murph was laughing through this 15-minute piece (with callers). Strange. Funny, but strange.

Murph did say something about his NC roots, flying charter(s) with the Heels, and having shrimp cócktail, steak, and nice sandwiches during the flights. Almost sounded like he missed that gig.

Φ Question I bet we can't answer.

How many FBS teams ship their equipment cross-country OTR vs. air?

I saw the Oregon State

Truck in LA last week.

Φ What were you doing

in Westwood? Checking out the area bistros?

Actually checked

They were going in to play UCLA

Φ Thanks B54849034S3769271217U67994228

I had that part figured out.

But it would have been something closer to Pasadena.

You give me

Waaaay too much credit....

By about 18 numbers....



Was it one of the chick-fil-a cows?

Φ You could be

"steering" us in the wrong direction.

Hit a cow?!?

And thats news in Idaho??? It happens all the time. Open range up here in Valley County.

Well well....

Getting a little chippy.....

moo'in down the road

Just saw the photo of the truck, looks like the cow got the s hit knocked out of

the driver should run onto the field with the hammer tomorrow

a little replica hammer would a good hood ornament for the truck!

speaking of hitting cows - I wonder if Southwick could hit a cow

if the cow was standing in the endzone - anyone?


Dan Paul is as big as a cow and Joe missed him....

To be fair though, Dan was moving.......