Are Boise State football fans spoiled? Check out our football chat

By Brian Murphy

Thanks to everyone who participated in our chat. One of the topics that came up: Are Boise State fans spoiled?

Read what we — and some of you — had to say.


What do a BSU and U of I fan have in common?

Neither have a degree from BSU!!!!!

UofI doesn't have fans, so degrees are meaningless there.

Keep believing the stereotype. Almost every BSU fan I know has a degree from the university or is related to someone who has one. I think UI people forget that BSU has almost as many living alumni as UI. Not too mention, a good number of UI alumni attended and graduated from BJC, BSC, or BSU prior to graduating from UI and support BSU.

p.s. I know a lot of vandals with UI degrees that are BSU football fans. They are even season ticket holders. They just know which product is worth paying for. Curious, do you ever attend UI games in Moscow. For some reason, I doubt you are one of the 8000 that actually show up. Just another UI bandwagon fan.

Those idiots don't even know what a fan is!

I here that all the time from vandals, so let me break it down for him. BSU football is known around the world and yes we have A LOT of fans from around the world! I travel for a living and wear my BSU hats EVERYWHERE and without fail it srtikes up a conversation and no matter what I hear all the time is they are huge fans. I take that as a compliment and every time I hear a vandal use that old joke I just reply with my own joke. "I'm sorry I can't hear you over the two Fiesta Bowl trophies and several conference titles, can you repeat that?"

A fan has a big propellor blade and usually 3 speeds/


You fry wants with that?

What are the three speeds?

1) OFF
2) LOW
3) You and me making some magic!!!

I fell on two of them struggling with renal failure July 18...

before calling 9-1-1. Somehow I had the presense to take pictures. The knot on my forehead and especially the unintentional redeye would give you serious pause.

I nearly died that night. Go ahead and think you are funny, you turd.


You fry wants with that?

You know shakespear

equates death with climax?
I will lick your knot on your forehead.

Here in Texas they know Boise State - not the Vandals

Down here in Texas my Boise State degree has bolstered my career. Heck, all they talk is football! Texas even has a college license plate for Boise State - but nothing for the Vandals (who??).

About the only academic fame down here for U of I is that it was the only college that would give a diploma to Sarah Palin. LOL

Check out the Vandals with their #1 ranking on the ESPN Bottom 10 List:

Commentforhire and BSU Alumni

I couldn't help but chuckle at your statement where you said, en parte: " . . . I think UI people forget that BSU has almost as many living alumni as UI . . . ".

It is kinda funny and kinda sad in a way, too.

The funny part is, the other day I was driing to Twin Falls listening to Paul J. on KBOI - AM 670, discussing the most recent NM game. It was time for a commercial break and on cam a commercial from BSU telling people that they could join the BSU Alumni Assocviation and help support Bronco Football (not the BAA, but the BSU Alumni Asociation, lolol - you know - supposedly the 'academic' side of BSU).

The commercial said that membership in the BSU Alumni Association was open to all who are either graduates of BSU, current students of BSU, former students of BSU, family of graduates or former students of BSU, friends of BSU, or anybody who wants to support Bronco Football (remember - it was an advertisement for the Bronco Alumni Association and NOT the Bronco Athletic Association).

No kidding. That was the commercial. That is what it said. A person DOES NOT have to be a graduate of BSU to be a member of the BSU Amumni Association or even really connected sith BSU other than going to WalMart and getting some Bronco Gear and paying the ten bucks to join the Bronco Alumni Association (a one time special promotion deal going on for a week or so - so hurry up and call and give your credit card number and join, ROFLMAO).

Well, I can assure you it is not that way with the University of Idaho. To be a member of the University of Idaho Alumni Association, a person must be a GRADUATE of the University of Idaho. Not a current or former student, not a family member of a UoI graduate or a friend of Vandal Football, but a person who has GRADUATED from the University of Idaho.

So, when I read statistics such as BSU has almost as many living alumni as UoI, I think it is basically Fibbing With Statistics.

Now the sad part. However, if we look at your comment and assume the numbers of 'BSU Alumni', do include current students, former students, family of Broncos, and friends of Bronco Football; it is still kinda sad and pathetic that EVEN THEN, that BSU STILL DOES NOT HAVE as many living alumni as does the University of Idaho.

The only conclusion I can reach is that BSU must not have many stupid people slapping their wallets standing in line to become a Bronco Alumnus.

I think this commerical is still playing on KBOI so many people can listen to it and verify what I have said is accurate. I only listen to KBOI in the mornings so I don't know if it plays in the afternoon or not, but probably does.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - SIF and ugly - maybe the three of us ooutta get a membership drive going among our Vandal friends and get them to join the BSU Alumni Association. Anybody could if they have a valid credit card, a cell phone to call the number that is advertised, and are willing to part with ten bucks.



I'm so grateful that you have a mind to see thru all of the BS. Thank you for exposing truth about what it means to be a member of the BSU Association.

When I first joined I thought this was to easy...but, now I know why. OMG! I will still continue paying my membership fee and I'll continue buying season tickets. However, you are correct...not everybody gets to become an Idaho Alumni.

Wow! I had never really thought about that significance.

Tonight, I had to many phone calls, etc that I had to pay attention to so didn't have any time to devote to the conversation.

One of my interruptions today was my Finance Manger who called me to say that she had been accepted to the George Fox University School of Business to get her Masters Degree.

As we talked I recalled how George Fox had dropped football and was now in the process (same as College Of Idaho) to restart football.

The reason I bring this subject up is because I have come to the conclusion that perhaps Idaho should drop all football at the FBS, FCS, D-II and go all the way down to NAIA or D-III.

The D-III and NAIA schools are extremely mission oriented. So, is the UI. If UI chose to sponsor sports at these levels then it would be more compatible with UI's mission.

In the meantime, all of the UI people who desire UI to compete at the FBS level could be given a permanent vacation and ther would no longer any reason to care about win's and losses.

Instead, the only thing that would matter is getting a degree. Isn't that what UI's mission is?

Then, the rest of Idaho could be 100% focused on BSU's mission which is to bring a National Championship to the the State of IDAHO.

IDAHO certainly deserves a National Championship!

BAA (I'm know laughing at the membership requirement) 7192124

SIF - don't confuse BAA with BSU Alumni Association

two different entities.

You belong to the good one. You belong to the BAA and not the BSUAA.

The other one (BSUAA) is for people who wannabe alumnis of BSU by sending ten bucks and proof of purchase of a case of Mexican Coke with cane sugar from COSTCO (just joking about the Coke - just need the ten bucks).

The Bronco Athletic Association (BAA) is the association oriented with supporting the Bronco Football Team officially. It is the BAA which funds Coach PEte's salary ad pays for the athletic schollies of the football players.

The BSU Alumni Association (BSUAA) is the bad one and the one you wanna stay away from. They are the ones who provide academic schollies to comon Bronco students and buy books and audio tapes for the library and benches and chairs and such for the SUB and a few pool ques and ball rack, for the pool tables in the dorms, once in a while.

If you support Bronco Football and care about BSU eventually winning a National Championship, then, it is good to join the BAA (Bronco Athletic Association).

It gets consfusing, I know.

If you simply do not care if BSU continues to operate as a pseudo-academic entity, then, there is absolutely no reason to join the BSU Alumni Association (BSUAA) and just throw your money away, when it could be going to the BAA and buying shoulder pads and towels for the Bronco Lockerroom and stuff like that, that really helps the Bronco Football players.

I just found it interesting how at most real colleges and universities, alumni are considered to be actual matriculated students (graduates) of those colleges and universities, as a condition of membership into their respective Alumni Associations.


At Boise State University, BSUAA advertises on the local Boise radio station for anybody with ten bucks and supposedly a Friend of BSU, can join the BSU Alumni Association if their heart is still beating. I am sure a person could sign up dead people, too, for becoming a BSU Alumni if a memorial was mqae in the name of the person who tipped over.

A hundred bucks could get ten dead people on the rolls as Bronco Alunmi.

From what I have seen so far this season, several of the Bronco Coaches and Coordinators might be able to qualify for that type of membership.

Bottom line:

At Idaho, a person has to graduate with a degree from the University of Idaho, to be considered an alumnus of the University of Idaho.

At BSU, a person has to be a fool with ten bucks to be considered an alumnus of Boise State University (this is how most of the Out To Lunch Bunch have gotten to the point where they identify themselves as BSU Alumnus - a couple actually went to BSU and maybe ven graduated).

Be proud of your BAA membership, I am of mine.

Go Broncos.


BAA Membership 63799

PS - I encourage all readers of this blog/post who wants the BSU Broncos to eventually win a National Championship to invest their money into helping the Broncos do it: Here is some information as to how to invest and 'buy into' the Bronco Football Team's future success:

I should know better......

I typically don't read the goofballs rants...........

For the record,

You do NOT have to be a graduate of the University of Idaho to become a card carrying U of I alumni member.

Just like Boise State.

And, anyone who is against funding scholarships for young people to get an education (at any school) is a moron.

Φ Tell me

when it comes around to "tee-hee-hee" once again.

Go Broncos, beat So. Miss!

B-Guy - stop with your constant lies, Please tell the truth

University of Idaho Alumni Association is NOT just like Boise State Alumni Association.

Anybody can join the BSU Alumni Association, whether they are a matriculated student or just a friend of a Bronco or a person who happens to like the Bronco Football Team. A Person does not even need to have ever set foot on the BSU Campus in Boise to join the BSU Alumni Association.

This is straight from the Idaho Alumni Association's website:

"There are over 95,000 University of Idaho Alumni
Once a University of Idaho student reaches 90 credits or receives a degree, he or she is an alumnus or alumna.

University of Idaho alumni spread the Vandal Spirit throughout the world. Stay connected with your alma mater by contacting your local chapter or club and updating your contact information so we can let you know about events and opportunities in your area.

The Office of Alumni Relations is here to develop and strengthen alumni relationships with their alma mater. Through volunteering, events and so much more there are an infinite amount of ways that you can stay connected the University of Idaho and fellow Vandals. Take a look at our event calendar to see what events are going on near you."

The key is 'reaches 90 credits or receivezs a degree. Pure and simple. Current students cannot join the Idaho Alumni Association, former nonmatriculated students cannot join the Idaho Alumni Association - only real matriculated students (90 credits or a degree) can join.

I am sorry, Old Friend but you are simply wrong here. Go ahead and calla the BSU Alumni Association office and ask them if anybody can join the BSU Alumni Association and the answer will be "yes, as long as they got the money", I am guessing.

Regarding your comment about supporting and funding scholarships.

I make no bones about my desire to support the Bronco Football Team Players with financial support via the Bronco ATHLETIC Association and nnot the BSU Alumni Association. The football players get the money for their college education and schollies through the BAA and not the BSU Alumni Assiociation.

I could care lesss if any non football playing stuents get a schollie or not, as my only interest is in supporting the Bronco Football Team and not caring about the academic side of BSU, one whit.

Let the Broncos do the heavy lifting and work toward getting a National Championship for Idaho.

Let the Vandals do the heavy lifting and work toward educating Idahoans.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Thanx again for taking the time to read my posts. It is always nice to be able to respond back to your posts - even if they are mostly untruthful meanderings, anyway.


Again...thank you for bringing to light the differences between the BAA and the BSUAA. There are times that I wished to be living in Idaho so that I could have the opportunity to hear these radio solicitations. Interesting to say the least.

Meanwhile, I think its absolutely awesome UI has standards that defines who qualifies to be an Alumni. It takes a lot of self-determination, commitment and hard work to achieve those credits. Like you...I believe in President Lincoln's vision of the nation's land grant mission. And, I think UI is fulfulling this mission in a manner that exceeds the original vision.

Meanwhile, I guess that I've become a spoiled Bronco fan who expects the Broncos to dominate and win every game by 35 to 40 points. As this season has unfolded I've become worried because the team isn't performing at what I expect them to do.

I want to see Boise State carry the entire State of Idaho on its shoulders and win the National Championship. It didn't happen last year and I have been expecting this year to be a reloading year. The team just hasn't been playing at the standard I'm accustomed to...So, I guess I became spoiled and have to face the reality I'll have to wait another year.

That is why I'm concerned about Swicks upside potential. If he can't get us to the National Championship game this year then why do we think he can get us there next year? As for the Big East...while this conference will generate additional cash for the athletic department I'm worried about the toll the travel between time-zones will have on players and if the other major conferences leave the NCAA as we know it then the Big East could just become another dead end.

At least we still have a few years to see where this journey takes us next.

BAA 7192124

SIF - Idaho's Land Grant Mission per Idaho's Constitution

Idaho has a greater responsibility, per the designation as Idaho's Land Grant University, as a condition of our statehood as granted by the US Congress.

Several of those responsibilityie are:

A. A County Agent's Office in each of Idaho's 44 counties. Many do not know the mission of a County Agent nor that the County Agent and the office's employees are University of Idaho Vandals. Of course most of the Common Bronco Fans are from Boise and other suburban areas and do not have knowledge of nor apreciation of the agricultural underpinnings of the economy of our Great State, past present, and future. As I am sure you know County Agents are deeply committed and utilized a assistance and advisrs to various local elected officials as well as individual operators and small businesses, involved in the agricultural industry.

B. The statewide and county wide 4-H programs, which are very instrumental in developing young people into being ontributors to Idaho's economy an providing moral, ethical, and leadership for the future of Idaho. Of course most Common Broncos probably have never heard of 4-H.

C. The same with Future Farmers of America (FFA).

D. Extension Farms, centers, and resarch operations in most areas around Idaho, providing state of the art research in plant science, animal science and agricultural exonomics. But I wouldn't expect 'city slickers' like those representative of the Out To Lunch Bunch to comprehend something that important and necessary to the economy of Idaho.

E. and a whole bunch of other stuff, per agreements and grants with the Federal Government and private sector agricultural businesses (i.e., cooperative research and studies with the Idaho Dairy Association as well as many others).

ugly and P2 - sorry to both you guys; didn't mean to leave the potato industry out as it is of primary importance to our economy, also. I just don't know that much about potato research - just how to eat them. I know your bread and butter is spuds.

I think Coach Pete knows (probably better than anybody on these boards) that the 2012 season is a bust and is keeping Patti in reserve until bringing him out next Fall - or bringijng in that new QB recruit that is 6'4 and 220 lbs.

Either way I think Swick is just a 'filler' for this year as the games unfold and other younger Broncos get valuable playing time and experience.

I sure hope so, because I have invested my money into the Bronco Football Team and would really be happy with a good ROI. I am realist to understand the ups and downs of CFB and that not every season will be an undefeated one - but - if I don't set my goal for the Bronco Fotbal Team high, then I won't be so happy and proud of them when they do in fact win a National Championship.

I have absolutely no goals for BSU the college, just the Bronco Football Team.

The BSU Broncos are in essence, in my book, analagous to a semi-pro team. If the Broncos can continue to be a NAtional Powrhousse Team - then only pride can befall the state of Idaho. If they bomb out and become duds and are not a perrenial national powerhouse team, they will probably lose tons of support as Common Bronco Fans shift their attention to other college football teams, as there is absolutely no ddirect correlation between loyalty to the Bronco Football Team and loyalty to BSU, by the majority of Common Bronco Fans comprising Bronco Nation.

Just because some truk drivr has a blorange hoodie and Bronco hat and lilstens to Bronco Football games on his widescreen TV in his modudlar, does not mean he will support BSU academics if the Broncos have a dud season.

That is realism at its rawest.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - The Broncos only have about 4-5 years to win a Natty or they will be moved to the scrap heap of 'almost rans' in the eyes of the natioal media and CFB fans. Simply stated, the Broncos pretty much have to be in at least the Top 20 everyyear or lose their place in the minds and thoughts of the sorts media and football fans throughout America.

VNDL...AS Vandals...we have a responsibility...

To further benefit the great State of Idaho...despite what the critics may be motivated to bloviate. The facts are the facts...

As you know I was a youth who grew up on a farm SW of Wendell and my parents encouraged me to particate in both 4-H and the Future Farmers of America. In fact, when I attended a year at the College of Southern Idaho my math professor was the son of my dad's FFA teacher in Wendell in the 1950's. I would not be surprised if you knew this man. My dad admired him.

Ironically, both the 4-H and FFA were both my direct connections to the University of Idaho. I was blessed to have a Dad (1st a Missouri Tiger and 2nd and Idaho Vandal) was generous and helped me to purchase my 1st heifer and allowed me farm 20 acres on our farm for 3 years so I could to participate in both 4-H and FFA. I was blessed despite how poor we were in those days.

Meanwhile, my grandmother (my mother's mom) was pretty much the leader who dictated what was going to happen and not happen. My grandmother was pretty much the most respected woman of her generation throughout the West Poin and Orchard Valley Grange ares of SW Wendell.

Anyway, to make a long story grandmother had pretty much what you would call a direct line to the University of Idaho Extension service to make sure that all of the foods she preserved for our family was being prepared in a safe manner. In grandmother was an ex-officio graduate of UI...she probably knew more information about food preservation that the people at UI who taught the art and science of food preparation.

I didn't mean to brag...but my family was very involved with UI even though not one person in my family had attended college.

Now for the BIG cousin recently accepted a job as a psychology professor at Boise State. A few weeks ago she arrived for her lecture in business attire on a Friday before the first football game of the season at Bronco Stadium.

The following week she was called into the office and was written up for FAILING to wear ORANGE and BLUE on a Friday befor a home game. Her response was that she didn't even know BSU had a football team. She was told that in order to be an employee of BSU that she must abide by the University's Uniform Policy and that she must wear Orange and Blue on days that are prior to gameday.

Of course she doesn't want to lose her job...but, she feels harrassed.

On another note, my cousin's sister (and her husband) attended UI at the same time as me. I discussed with them the reasons to support the Boise State football program and explained to them how important it was to bring a College Football National Championship to Idaho. No GO! The only way they will give Boise State football any support is AFTER Bronco Bob quits, retires or is fired.

From their perspective Bronco Bob should be sued by the UI for slander. They personnally never witnessed any nasty and enibreated behavior while they were at UI and they think Bronco Bob is a sinner who should repent. Therefore, they will never give a dime to anything associated with BSU. They have lot's of money too. They own a farm near Glenns Ferry.
BAA 7192124

PS - Her mom married into the Basque Community and I'm sure she would have lots to share with Ugs

PSS - Is that Basque restaurant in Gooding still open?

VNDL....On Potatoes....

Potatoes to State of Idaho generates over $4 Billion in total revenue when you include farmers receipts, processors, freshpacks, trucking, and restaurants....

University of Idaho has had its big role in Potato Research and product development....A big role of past is preserving the Russet Burbank thru Tissue Culture and Seed Certification....This Burbank has generated multiple $Billions to our state since 1921....The University of Idaho had its big role in potato promotion and advancement on a 'world-wide' scale....

And, anyone can attend the University of Idaho's Potato School in Pocatello if they choose....


What is a degree worth from any institution ranked #165 in the nation?

Answer: I dont know ask SIF 1960, Ugly, and VNDL..... they all seem very very accomplished.

But it is true, I dont have a degree from BSU.....

Where is BSU

They are not rated as a national university.

I think BSU is close to cracking the top


Weird, that is the Vandals ranking in football...

bada bum.

Weird, that is the Vandals ranking in football...

bada bum.

Who cares we are a football school remember.

Probably in the 160s somewhere....
Again, listening to BSU and UI people talk about academics is like watching two homeless men fight over who has the better bridge to sleep under.

P2 - I agree

This is why I don't get into yakking about academics between the two schools. It is pointless. A waste of time we could be yakking about Bronco football.

BSU has the best chances of bringing back a BCS National Championship to Idaho so I am all in and support the Broncos, as I want Idaho to be home to a BCS National Championship team. Idaho can't so I don't follow Vandal Football. I have really no clue who they are playing next and really don't care.

But, I couldn't care less about BSU academics or the students, or if they have cla$ses or not.

As you know I have long been an advocate of the Vandals either dropping football completely or going back to the Big Sky.

Also, as you know I have long been an advocate of bulldozing the BSU Library and making it into much neeed parking space for Home Games at Bronco Stadium, as the library is virtually vacant throughout the year and what books they do have have only big pictures in them, and really nothing that would be, even remotely, considered as mentally challenging or thought provoking. The labs and cla$srooms could go too if there was enough diesel fuel for the bulldozer.

So, yes, I agree with you. Debating academics at either school is pointless.

Let's stick to discussing the BSU Broncos and the Broncos someday winning a BCS National Championship and bringing it back to Idaho for all Idahoans to be proud of.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

top 15%

How many universities are there in the U.S.? 2500? So that puts Idaho in the top 15% in the country. Not bad.

Florida....that is good and Idaho is in the

top 15% for colleges....

In my day of the early 1980s, I believe Idaho was rated around 85th? Not bad for over 2000 colleges....

We all need to celebrate when BSU cracks the top the meantime, lets all enjoy Bronco Football....


They both know the Vandal football team stinks?

robert_of_eagle - a continuation of your joke

Joke # 1:

Q - What is the difference between a large pizza with everything on it and a BSU Graduate?

A - The pizza can feed a family of 4

I am not usually into jokes about Broncos and/or Vandals, but I heard that joke the other day while having lunch with several Vandal people in Boise, and I thought it was precious.

I hope I didn't offend or hurt the feelings of any Broncos, as that was certainly not my intention.

I just wanted to provide a little humor and entertainment for this board.

Note: In the spirit of goodwill, brotherhood, and harmony, I did change the type of pizza from sausage of the original joke, to 'everything on it', so as to reduce the chances of any misinterpretation or confusion of any Bronco readers. I tried to keep it simple and enjoyable for all.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

from the category of

from the category of completely meaningless observations....

Like "Fire the coach"?


You fry wants with that?

Φ Perhaps you meant


Perhaps ceesey took a Tums for all that fire.


You fry wants with that?

eenie meenie miney FO

I smell the breath of someone I long to kiss.....


Fan: Short for fanatic, someone who wants their team to win.
Spoiled: Apparently the same as above

If being spoiled means you want your team to win and look good doing it then yup we are spoiled. So are UI fans or fans of any team ever....

Absolutely - spoiled to the MAX

Kellen Moore types are so rare (Universities do not see his types but maybe once if they are lucky)and the Broncos were majorly blessed that other colleges snubbed him and it would be BSU that would be in the record books because of it.

Spoiled - you betcha! Kellen took any receiver and made him a star. In Southwick's 3rd year at quarterback at BSU, Joe has failed to even come close to mirroring Kellen's bad days of which Mr Moore only had three and they were not really that bad?

Maybe Kellen just had one bad day in 4 years - I don't remember?

For sure Mr Moore is rare and even Boise State has not given him his due by retiring his number or hanging a poster for all to see when people's enter the stadium - in fact Boise State gave his number away to a rookie wide out who has already fumbled twice - go figure?

Boise State has been blessed over the years with signing quality QB's that is until Kellen Moore in fact Kellen winding up at Boise was a fluke - Coach Pete had to be bartered with regarding Kellen Moore signing on with BSU. Somebody knew how to recognize quality QB's, yet after KM there sits four more QB's and none of them are quality - that may be a recruiter problem?

Whose picking QB's at BSU now? I think we fans better pray for smarter recruiters QB wise anyway. What are we to do hope they know what they are doing and get behind the perspective starter?


I guess I am just another fickle spoiled fan?

Not SPOILED, only sorta CRUSTY.


You fry wants with that?

You have crusties?

That is ok we can shower together first.

This is a great year

to be a BSU fan. When was the last time we BSU fans have felt the need to question a players ability? (sans kickers) or wonder out loud about coaching decisions? Or debate why the TE's have so few catches? Or why a freshman running back who has 120 yards on 7 carries, only has seven carries? Or why we have so much trouble in the "red-zone"?

Don't get me wrong, I dug the last 4 years, but so far this season has been very very interesting to dissect.


Yes spoiled but still fans! The problem we have is being surrounded by fans of the team up north that can't win a game so they expect us to roll over like they had to for 14 years. It's OK to be upset but we need to just get use to not blowing every team out.

I dont know if we are spoiled

I probably disagree with that. I think it has been so long since we have seen a "normal" team struggle that we just dont know how to react. If this is a bad BSU year, I'll take it. But there is no denying that we should be better. The BYU performance was inexcusable.

Out of 8 halves BSU fans have only seen 2 that we are ok with. regardless of record nobody wants the O to get shut out and then have a team that has never even sniffed BSU's level go down to the wire.

But Kudos to murph for firing a shot and not giving a "politicians" answer that we so often hear. Takes some kahones son, good job!

Though I do remember when murph declared "THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR BSU's BCS CHANCES" One year. BSU won the fiesta that year. So maybe murph doesnt know too much. Remember he also said boise is not a football town either. But yet now these same "not interested in football" people are making noise about a sport that murph thinks they would abandon. Hmmmmmm

"He dont know us vewy well Do he?"

Bugs Bunny
Go broncos
Go yankees

Murph ya got me thinking

I liken the broncos to the yankees.

We are used to winning we demand excellence we laugh at the UofIs and the Mariners of the world who wont commit and demand a better product from their team. The Yanks won the divison again. yet there is some apprehension. Some dissatisfaction because 94 wins is not a Yankee performance. Are Yankee fans spoiled? Or just very very hard to please.

tell me murph, if yankee fans did not win the divison last year, (BSU did not win the MWC) and dont do well to start the year after: Do yankee fans question the manager, players and decisions? You bet we do! We demand better.
that is not spoiled, that is a tough non nonsense no pansies winning attitude!

Anything else and you wind up like the red sox.....

Yes to an extent.

But if you want to talk about spoiled fans, look no further than the popular conferences and popular teams. Ex: Notre Dame fans are spoiled because the media always talks about their team even though the team continues to play like garbage. Look at all the SEC teams that are voted in the top 25, even though most of those programs(ex: South Carolina, Miss. St)have not done much in their history.

Back to the original topic. I will admit that I may be spoiled, and I was one of the many people demanding a coaching change in the hoops program a few years ago. Why? Because I demand better. I demand productivity. One can only hope things will improve as time progresses. mess

Kevin Hiatt really dumped on his customers with this new crapola. BC used to be a friendly, easy to access web site. But this Fox junk is a nightmare. Who knows why Hiatt crapped on his loyal following. Maybe he got a big pay day. But his followers sure got hosed. Maybe he ought to have stayed in the lawyering business and forgot about trying to be important and relavant in Boise State football circles - in my humble opinion.

Φ Just looked and

agree it's a mess. I'm a member and the old site was far easier to navigate. The look and feel of this change is pretty bad. Since it's new maybe there is tweaking still going on, but it's slow as can be. I don't like seeing FoxSports at every turn, as well.

Looks like the old site at will be phased out pretty soon. Even if you know how to get to it, clicking on some links there will redirect you to the new site at

Fox is messing

with my bookmarks! Perhaps after being on the new site for a while it will be more user friendly.... If I keep going back on a regular basis (which is up in the air right now).

Not Me

I have no intrest in paying $8 a month to sign on to that. We, (the people who made BC a going proposition and without whom Kevin Hiatt would have not had the opportunity to be useful), had no say in this. Maybe he thinks it was his business but it is not. It is his customers - those who paid for the right - who kept the lights on and he dumped on us - Zeus or not

"Heavy lifting" of Idaho education.....

Guess what university is educating more Idaho residents than U of I.....

B-Guy - you have long known that I do not usually

get involved with the continuing discussions about the academic standards of Idaho versus BSU.

I like what P2 has said about his analogy of 2 Common Bronco Fan bums under a bridge on Broadway in Boise, arguing about which one has the better vew of Bronco Stadium.

It just doesn't really matter. Degrees are just paper. It is a willingness to adapt and being well rounded socially that gets the jobs in today's professional job market.

My only interest in anything BSU is the Bronco Football Team, of which I support.

But you ask the question about what university is educating more Idaho residents than U of I.

Of course we both know that answer and it is BSU with almost 20,000 full time and part time non traditional and internet delivered cla$s students.

I am sure BSU educates more people than Idaho does, as is evidnced by the large cla$sroom student populations in the Preparatory Cla$ses and Remedial Cla$ses that are offered to BSU students to help prepare them for taking real college type cla$ses at BSU (that is where the enrollment numbers really fall off - with regular cla$ses having much less involvement than the Beginner Level Prepratory cla$ses). I am sure there are at least as many students at BSU taking those 'bonehead' cl$sses as there are students taking cla$ses at Idaho. So yes, BSU does educate more students than Idaho does. Idaho does not have the 'bonehead' cla$ses because the students at Idaho have to be academically qualified to be enrolled in the first place.

It is just that Idaho has more students ready to learn at the college level when they first show up out of high school.

BSU serves a valuable role in our state's education system by offering education opportunities for nontraditional students who have to juggle work schedules and cla$sroom schedules. Idaho's students, are usually younger and are receiving financial support and resources and backing to finance their educations and don't have to rely on service industry jobs to be able to send themselves to college. However, the BSU students are to be commended and applauded for their devotion to their own educations and pursuit of learning something.

However, the question must be asked; what is it that employers and business owners are looking for. For entry level management and leadership positions, are they wanting to hire a middle aged houewife who has been a waitress at McDonalds and has a BSU degree in Photogaphy or Art Appreciation or a disabled mechanic on Voc Rehab who has been changing oil and shock abosrbers and now has a BSU degree in General Studies.

We both know that the young person who is 22 years and is well rounded and can easily get along with people and who is not 'set in his ways' and is willing to learn the company's way of doing things, will get the job.

Let's fact it, young Vandals are more in demand than middle aged broken people who are going back to college because they have to per Voc Rehab or because they are retired from the military and have GI Bill benefits they can use up or lose them after a certain period of time.

As you can see, I did not get into arguing or debating which school has the better academics - because that is really not much of a factor in getting a job in the real world. It is about who you know and how well you get along with people and how adaptable a person is. That is whre Idaho graduates lap the field. Socialization and interpersonal relations skills are developed to a higher degree at Idaho, via living in fraternities and sororities (I Know, I know - bring on the falling out of window jokes and we can all laugh knowing Darwin's Social Corrolary is at work, where only the strong survive and the weak perish - if a few don't make it, then I guess that just frees up some slots in the potential job market at Job Fairs in the Kibbie Dome - lolol).

Sorry, but the reality is that BSU just has too many middle aged nontraditional students to ever really be much of a college of any reknown or the Metropolitan Destination University as Bronco Bob has dreamed of.

Enough talk about academics and which school has the better academics - it's pointless - nobody wins. Let's get back to discussing Bronco Football and how many years (1, 2, 3, 4, or longer) it will be until the Broncos bring back a National Championship to the Great State of Idaho.

Go Broncos.


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the answer I was looking for was Idaho State University.....

Where, just like U of I and Boise State, you do not have to be a graduate to become a card carrying alumni.