Crapo: Congress must step in to limit EPA's regulatory reach

Sen. Mike Crapo has signed onto a bill that says Clean Water Act permits are not needed to apply pesticides in or near water.

In a guest opinion issued today, Crapo says the bipartisan bill is an attempt to rein in a rule that could hinder "growth and job creation."

Wrote Crapo: "We must be good stewards of our natural resources, and this includes close and serious consideration of the social and economic impacts associated with restricting the use of our resources.

Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, is also a co-sponsor of the bill.

Here's a link to Crapo's online guest opinion.

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Good Ole Republicans

Never fail to put money before the health and well-being of the people. Personally, I just love pesticides in my water!

the EPA was put together by Republicans, namely

Richard Nixon....

Then you phony cronies ousted him for a misdemeanor breakin....

Now the dems are spying daily....have you hugged your drone today?

The REEP Act contains identical language of existing law.

The Act eliminates redundant regulations contained in both required permits. It basically combines existing law with the new EPA requirements.

If it becomes law it will save the permitees 50 million dollars a year plus 1 million man hours in permit issuance.

Democrat co-sponsers include Senators McCaskill, Carper, Coons, Landrieu, Pryor and Conrad.

I can't understand why you (Kevin) can't take 2 minutes and explain the whole story. Or, perhaps you could be just be, "jobbing" us for flack. Bottom line is that you still need a permit to spray around waterways.

Anyone remember what it was like before the EPA? It was ugly.

Until our elected officials prove that their primary motivation isn't to get re-elected, I find it nearly impossible to believe their intentions are in my best interest!

clean water

I don't care how many times someone needs to get a permit to apply any chemical in or near our water supply. I'm tired of all of the abuses of the public trust that have been and are being committed in the name of "creating jobs". Prove it. How many jobs, offered by whom, to whom and where? Maybe, we should stop asking the Government to create jobs and take responsibility for creating our own jobs. And while we're are at it, let's not pollute my water. My kids drink that.