Boise State WR Matt Miller brings toughness to offense: 'Everyone looks up to him,' Southwick says

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State sophomore Matt Miller has brought a fullback’s tenacity to the wide receiver position and established himself as one of the top leaders on the team.

Miller leads the team with 25 catches for 268 yards and a touchdown. Many of his catches have been on medium-length throws and he has fought one or two defenders for an extra couple yards, sometimes to get the first down.

“The biggest thing that jumps out about Matt to me is that dude’s tough,” junior quarterback Joe Southwick said. “He’s obviously got great physical tools. He can catch. He can block for the run game. … It’s mental toughness. ‘If I get the ball here, I’m going to get it done.’ We can rely on him to do that and he’s shown that this year. He’s definitely a leader on this offense. Everyone looks up to him. It’s kind of crazy — he’s only a sophomore.”

Quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith said the Broncos are trying to get Miller the ball more. He’s gone from two catches against Michigan State to seven each against Miami (Ohio) and BYU to nine against New Mexico.

But Smith says Miller also has been a playmaker in the run game. He provided the key block on a safety to spring tailback D.J. Harper on a 43-yard touchdown run against Miami.

“You should see him block,” Smith said. “He’s had some huge blocks.”

Miller also has been excellent on special teams. He’s the holder on the PAT/field goal unit, running the swinging-gate PAT plays, and a rusher on the punt-return team.


The Broncos’ dominant performance on kickoff against New Mexico stemmed from Thursday’s practice, players and coaches said. The group was almost too intense that day.

The Broncos were facing the nation’s No. 1 kick returner in New Mexico’s Chase Clayton.

“That was a good motivator and hopefully it will just carry over from there,” sophomore nickel Corey Bell said.


Sophomore safety Lee Hightower on going from a triple-option opponent to a spread opponent: “It’s the challenge of college football. It’s a lot different than high school or the pros. There are a lot of different offenses.”


Hightower on the early start: “I haven’t really played an early game like that since Pop Warner.”

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There is no doubt that

Matt Miller is one of the key players for the 2012 team....He will also be in 2013 and 2014....

Matt Miller

I am just really impressed with this young guy. Does his job. Catches, blocks and delivers hits to corners and safeties to get the extra yard. He is the ultimate Bronco.

I wonder what this team will do early Saturday to "wake up"?

Φ Wakeup call

Maybe read the IS sports blogs to pick up some immense football knowledge (and oh-so-positive vibes) as continuously stated by the three amigos? What a tremendous resource of play-calling, defensive schemes and adjustments, personnel package advice, tactical and strategic value everywhere ... just waiting to be absorbed!

You have to wonder if the OTHER GUYS are reading these tremendous ideas, take what they can use for themselves, and then plot (based on those tremendous ideas) on how to foil the Broncos. Maybe the three amigos, in their sincere verve to assist the Broncos, have divulged their collective brilliance unwittingly and are undermining BSU. You don't think they would want deliberately to undermine BSU, do you?

So, yes, maybe the players (and coaches) should read the IS sports blogs before every game. Then they will know what to do and what the other guys also know. Just think, the BSU team would know everything they need to know and know everything the other guys know, thus holding the trump card in the knowledge department. All thanks to the three amigos. You don't suppose that these aspiring underminers might have undermined themselves?

I have to be careful

Otherwise I'll have that gomer "reluctant" whining at me.

I dont read vndls stuff. It's pointless drivel. He's a real life wimp. Always been that way. Ugs can be entertaining. And I love calling out the pretender sif. I have vandal buddies who read the blog, post once in awhile who say no way these guys are even vandals. Just real life posers. Funny stuff.

What's your take on Oregon/UW?

Φ Oregon

Frankly, I haven't seen Oregon at all but have followed via TV reports and various news sources. And you know how they run the track meet. Watched the Huskies twice. Oregon isn't like the Wisconsin of the West (Stanford), big and lumbering. Overall team speed and depth (plus Autzen will be crazy) wins.

Current O/U is 65.5, Oregon -24. This could be Baylor v2. Oregon 53, Washington 37.

Track meet for sure

So you're saying -24 is way too high?

Φ Too high

"Smoke This" for $500?

Wilcox has had a major impact on the Washington defense. They held Stanford to 10 first downs, 235 total yards, and only 65 on the ground. Stanford is really rugged on D and the Huskies managed to get 313. Stanford got 417 on USC (202 rushing), while keeping the Trojans to 280. Yeah, these are just numbers, but the one that really jumps out is that Washington got 136 yards rushing (34 attempts) on Stanford and USC got only 26 (28 attempts).

Oregon ran for 297, 366, 324, 228, and 300 (albeit against shaky defenses) while getting to 5-0. If Washington can slow the run game down at all (and get some ground yards themselves), I can see a 16-point spread, rather than 24. The Huskies should have enough speed on offense to dent the scoreboard. Plus, the Huskies are getting very tired of losing in a fierce rivalry they used to dominate.

I think the O/U is too low.


Justin Wilcox can scheme, that's for sure. I'm hoping the dawgs can slow them down a bit but in Autzen its tough. I really want to see the demeanor of UWs young QB. He has swagger when things are going well. That team can be dangerous if they can stay in the game long enough. All the injuries at O Line has made it tough to protect. Random thoughts...

Φ Huskies and BSU

are a little bit similar in that it's uncertain where they are ... yet.

Yeah, Stanford was at #8 when Washington took them out. Stanford looked like a #8 when they beat USC. But it turns out USC isn't as good as all the preseason #1 hype. Stanford looked pretty bad in getting worked by Washington. Their D was fine, but everything else looked marginal. It will be very interesting to see how the Trojans do in SLC against a very suspect Utah (Thursday, ESPN, 7pm MT). Barkley has to step it up; talk today on national media was that he's already taken himself out of the Heisman.

The big thing Keith Price (UW QB) has going for him is wheels. Oregon's Mariota must be decent running, as well, getting about 40ypg.

Keep watching the Huskies' Desmond Trufant (the Seahawks' Marcus' brother). Guy plays with some serious 'tude at DB.

Alright razor...

Going to keep my eye on little brother Trufant. I saw the pick last week. Lots of studs this year wearing #6.

What is salmon, Rushdie?


You fry wants with that?

JL - Of course you read them - you are addicted like radar is

How would you know my stuff was 'pointless' if you don't read my stuff?

If one follows your logic, would your reading my stuff then be 'pointless', unless of course, you really do not have a point to your above post, to begin with? Which I guess, in essence, would make your post 'pointless.

Just curious.


Miller vs. Pettis

Ok since we got into hot and heavy about this the other night, I'd like people to vote on who'd you rather have... Matt Miller or Austin Pettis? No trash talk or justification, just vote. Austin or Matt. Just curious to see how it goes :) I've got some theories but where is Bronco Nation's attitude toward two great receivers, past and present.

Are you new to the blogs?

no one will "just vote" people will freak out and you will say something racist again. Not that I dont sympathize with you as one of the first squabbles I got into on these boards was about race and recruiting to a certain town in northern Idaho.
I learned my lesson and son, you will too.

P.S. dont you have a concert to prepare for?


So far. That could change.

I'm racist for saying that

I'm racist for saying that black wide receivers are typically better than white ones over history? Let me pull a B393948S393939U38774 and google the top 10 wide receivers of all time by catches.
1)Jerry Rice
2Marvin Harrison
3)Cris Carter
4)Tim Brown
5) TO
6)Isaac Bruce
7)Hines Ward
8)Randy Moss
9)Andre Reed
10)Derrick Mason

The first white guy on the list is #20 Steve Largent. Just saying. Fact reporting. Not racist. I'm white anyway, how can I be racist against myself?

Long time poster. Keep up!

I'll flag you anyway!


You fry wants with that?

Ill take Miller

...and its not that close.

I really like them both tho.

Pettis, for all his natural gifts, was at times a sour baby. I see a lot of maturity in Miller.

agree with landon

loved pettis but he was little too much "me."

Did you discover his

Did you discover his "selfishness" when you guys were hanging out? Is that why Titus sucked too? Confidence and walking the walk is part the fabric of every great football player (with the exception of Barry Sanders) in the history of the game. And JL... "not even close"... I thought you were one of the only members of the "Apple Dumpling Gang" who had some common sense. :)


formed the basis of that opinion after the wyoming game in which ap did a flip into the end zone on a td after being previously warned by coach petersen that such antics would not be tolerated. that and a number of his postings on fb led me to that conclusion. with regard to your comment about "every great football player," km, steve young, joe montana, bart starr, dm and andrew luck are a few examples of star players who let their actions on the field speak for them. and how is it that you are confident i am part of (your words) the apple dumpling gang?

Those are all quarterbacks

Those are all quarterbacks who I think we'd agree are typically different demeanor-wise because of the nature of their position from the "playmakers" we've been discussing. Quite honestly I think you could say a great deal of the BSU football players (or any college football players) are full of themselves. I've met few BSU athletes who aren't in some fashion. Nice kids most, but full of themselves. If I have one negative thing to say about Coach Pete I think he should be more open to kids not having his same personality and letting them be kids. AP's flip against WYO hurt no one. At that time, not against the rules. Titus's hang loose sign at Hawaii that led to Pease dropping about 100 F bombs and Pete's disgust was harmless too. I think it was an absolute shame that #11 is being worn this year. Pete says "Ya I don't care about that stuff." Maybe that's why more playmakers don't come here. Because they do. And is that so wrong? Great athletes have egos. Just like Montana and Young. HUGE egos to this day. Am I right that you are a member of the APG? I am correct :)

I have little common sense...

I'm friends with the old #2. Don't know the new one very well. The old #2 knows he has some growing up to do, even today. If you asked who had the best hands than it goes to Pettis.

I vote for Matt

because he is more balanced than Pettis, as a contributor to the team, blockingwise.

Also, I saw Pettis drop some extremely catchable pa$ses in some 'must have' situations over the years.

Pettis was more of a Prima Donna and Matt is more of a football player.

If you take the trash talk out of the equaion it sure makes for some boring answers.

So what are your theories. You gotta do a poll of Bronco Nation's attitude, before you can have a personal theory and tell us what it is?

Here is my theory - if I wanted a receiver who I wanted to have a pa$s thrown to him in a game it would be Vinny Paretta. Hands like glue and, while not the nimblest of runners, was slick and shifty enough to gain some yards where there weren't any to get.

Austin is overhyped.

Matt Miller for President.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - you should reconstruct your poll to just ask the question of who is the greatest receiver of the BSU Broncos of all time, past and present. Now that would get some interest on these boards. Might even see some BJC or BSC names thrown out on the table.

Sure... Who is the greatest?

Sure... Who is the greatest? That would be fun too. I'm serious about that. Now just because I like flipping people crap and I think a lot of fans here don't go all the way back to the mighty JC and 1-AA days but for all the guys on here let me provide a list of BSU greats for them to chew on for all time great.
The nominees are:
1) Kid from Nampa Wilson or something who caught some balls
2) Lou Fanucchi
3) Vinny Peretta
4) Tim Gilligan
5) TJ Acree
6) Mitch Burroughs
7) Chris Potter
8) Other Burroughs
Not considered: Ryan Ikebe, Jay Swillie, Jeremy Childs, Drisan James, Jerard Rabb, Austin Pettis, Titus Young

I loved the original #1

Wiiiinky White!

The first one from Nampa on your list is

Jerry Smith. He wore #83.

Ya I certainly don't go back

Ya I certainly don't go back that far. However I'm thinking a kid that was here when Pokey first got here. Seems like he wore #20 but I can't be for sure. Mike Wilson seems to keep popping up in my head.

kip bedard

not on the list?

When I last met Kip Bedard

When I last met Kip Bedard in person he was a white dude who by all accounts was pretty good. Therefore I left him off my list of overachieving white guys who are good in their own way but not stars.

Potter and Peretta

The thing that stands out for me about Potter and Peretta, is that something good usually happenns when the ball is in their hands. It may look awkward, or be a little unorthodox, but the results are typically positive. Gilligan, Acree, Burroughs, etc. are tough kids that play well and are the overlooked, over achieving, blue collar type of kids that BSU has made a name with, but put the ball in Potter or Peretta's hands and see what happens. Usually pretty decent stuff.


This is close for me. Pettis was a proven gamer. His ability to make a big catch when needed, not to mention his special team play (how big was the blocked punt vs Va Tech), made him pretty special.

I do love Matt Miller though. I think the poise he has shown as a freshman and now a sophmore, is pretty remarkable. He changed the game vs Wyoming last year with his end of the half catch, and I love how he lowers his shoulder to pick up a couple of extra yards. I also favor the "speak with your pads and not your mouth" mentality that he shows.

When and if Miller blocks a punt in a marquee game and then catches the game winning touchdown on the final drive, I would probably go with him. Until that happens I'm going to have to go with Pettis by a hair's width.

I do like the question and I think everyone has made some valid points, whether I ultimately agree with them or not.

Rev Cracker....Are you back again?

As said before, I would take both....

But if I have to choose, Ill go for the Honkie....

Ugly didn't you learn

Ugly didn't you learn anything from Wesley Snipes in the classic non-Oscar nominated film Passenger 57? Always bet on black!

When does HE get out?


You fry wants with that?

I'll take Pettis

I think his ability to catch in traffic as a freshman took a lot of pressure off of the rest of the offense. Pettis had a lot of poise for a freshman. In his sophomore year he stayed productive even with Young sitting out the season. Pettis was the guy Moore could count on to make the big first down or catch the fade in the corner of the end zone. I loved how he went after the ball with those big hands.

Key phrase, "go to guy" in

Key phrase, "go to guy" in all big situations. And the thing was every team knew it before the play. 3rd and 11? Pettis on the dig, triple teamed. Catch. Another Bronco... FIRST DOWN! Inside the ten? Fade to Pettis. Touchdown. Miller isn't there yet. Based on our 3rd down efficiency and inability to score in the red zone, BSU has no "go to guy."

LOL thanks for the

LOL thanks for the lecture... and the name calling. I assumed that as adults some of you 1) could follow directions 2)be mature enough to just answer a simple question. Just wanted to know what "individuals" think. But apparently the "gang of verbal thugs" who "control" this board just can't do that. You see, like the kids at recess who all huddle next to each other over by the jungle gym talking about Pokemon because you know that if you venture over to the football game you'll be sure to be picked last, you know there is strength in numbers and if you back up each other's stupidity...errr sound reasoning backed by googled numbers then you must all be knowledgeable. Now I expected some of the youngsters to vote for Miller because they would vote for Albert Pujols over Babe Ruth for the best baseball player ever because they can't remember 4 days ago due to their incessant dope smoking .... and I expected some of the old timers to like Miller because they just like him because he's a darn good receiver. But do you guys all like the same flavor of ice cream too? If you are not sure your favorite flavor just have TFUNK/B593387S335U84457563 to google it for you and then when he DECLARES Cookies and Cream the best ice cream of all time... wait and listen for the rest of your "Apple Dumpling" gang of know it alls to go "Ooooohhhhh Cookies and Cream! Me too! Me too! (Is cookies and cream non racist enough for you? Just in case you're too stupid to get the metaphor) I love Matt Miller and I think he is a terrific receiver. Austin Pettis had the hands of god. If you think he didn't have the best hands in the recent history of BSU and wasn't a great blocker you weren't at the games and you might want to dust off the TIVO and go back and watch. And please don't bring Vincent "Frodo" Peretta into any conversation about best receiver. NOW if you can follow the rules and make an educated vote, please do. If it ends up Miller 1000 to Pettis 2 I'm fine. Just wanted to know what fans thought.

PS: I AM first captain, so please stay over by the jungle gym with your POGS. You will not be picked anytime soon. Until next time, the HONKIE... Rev. Cracker out :)

I wonder how long "no belt" will keep Pachall suspended...

This guy was a drug user last year and nothing happened...

This will be a tough one to hide JL

After his admitted drug test fail earlier this year. At 9am he was still in jail......

Φ Where is

richfrog now?


I dont think that guy uses only rec drugs. I have a hunch that cat uses some hard stuff.



Pettis v Miller - doesn't matter - not with Southwick qbing

Pettis is a NFLer because he had great QB throwing to him - same for Titus - with Southwick under center - Miller probably ain't going NFL

I think Miller won't excel

I think Miller won't excel in the NFL because he isn't fast enough, just like why Pettis is struggling and Titus isn't. While I love to disparage Southwick as much as the next guy for being a tutu wearing, eye linered pretty boy, Titus and Pettis made it to the NFL on skill set AND numbers much of which is credited to Kellen. However, Kellen's greatness didn't put about 10 other receivers in the NFL. He made the Mt. View kid look pretty good last year and he barely got a sniff. That's why in MHO basic numbers don't always tell the story in comparing two players. I figure if Legadu Nanee can stick around for several years as a receiver their certainly is room for Matt Miller in the NFL too no matter who throws the ball to him. Not expecting a star.


"I think Miller won't excel in the NFL because he isn't fast enough"

40 times

Miller - 4.59
Welker - 4.61
Fitzgerald - 4.63
Marshall - 4.57
Jones - 4.59
Jennings - 4.53
Bryant - 4.52

Yup, makes sense........

Google, google, google. What

Google, google, google. What did your have JaMarcus Russell rated a couple of years ago. Comparing Matt Miller to any of those guys is stupid. They possess raw skills he doesn't have. Welker is the exception and only in the right system. 4.6 speed isn't going to help his skill set stand out. He's a very good receiver. Sadly, the majority of his catches are 4 yard hitches against soft coverage. When he has 50 catches over the middle with three guys on him give me a call. And by the way, your googling stupid numbers is worn out. Even Tom Scott looks bored spitting out his useless googlings on Ch 7 at this point. Have you ever attended a game and sat close enough to actually witness the athleticism that these different guys have?


You can't even follow your own thread.........

lol no I'm actually tired of

lol no I'm actually tired of having to put things in parenthesis so that you can follow them. You're the only person on here that I have to explain things to because they go over your head.


You go through an awful lot of effort to convince yourself that you have a clue.

Your original premiss was that Miller was not fast enough for the NFL. Then when confronted with facts that your original premiss was in error, you changed your reason to why Miller would not make the NFL to something other than "not fast enough". Now, I could shoot your current premiss full of holes as well, but what would be the point, you would only change your reasoning once again.

You are chasing your tail well enough without my help.......