Name the Score contest for Boise State-Southern Miss with Murphy prediction

By Brian Murphy

The Chicago Connection "Name the Score" contest is back for its fourth season here at Murph's Turf. Many thanks to Chicago Connection for providing the prize (a gift certificate for a free pizza) each week.

The rules are pretty much the same as they have been, but for any newcomers here they are:

Boise State visits Southern Miss on Saturday (10 a.m., ROOT NW) and here is your chance to predict the score and win a prize.

Place your guess with a winner and both teams' score in the comments down below and we will pick one winner. (Please limit one guess per commenter.)

The closest to the actual score of the game wins.

You can listen to my audio prediction here. It is sponsored this season by Rockitecture.

All entries must be received by 9 a.m. MT on Saturday.

When you register to make comments at, you put in an e-mail address. I will contact the winner through that e-mail address.

If it comes down to tiebreakers, closest to Boise State's actual score, closest without going over and then first received will be the tie-breaking order.

Congrats to CoolHandLuke, who won last week's contest. He picked Boise State 28-21.

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Boise State 13 South Miss 12


Boise State 38 Southern Miss 10


Murph-Pizza Email?

Hey Murph I checked my inbox for your email (regarding the pizza) and found the subject heading "Feminine big booty, seeking romance." Just to let you know, I think I'll just take the pizza.
CHL- Thanks BTW!

Bronocs win another close one!

BSU 28 Southern Miss 17

Of course, I could be waaay wrong, depending on if they play a whole game, or just a half like last week....Sunny...

BSU 33, SoMiss 23

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Boise State 34 Southern Miss 10

Cylinders firing and Jay Ajayi has 75+ yards rushing. Harper and Jay become new duo. Like this game and I like the fact that Southwick is playing with more confidence. He did well throwing for 300yards on the road last week. Don't see that diminishing this week either. Southwick has another 300yrd passing game. Go Bronco's!!!

BSU 32 vs. So Miss 0

No real idea why, it's just a guess.


Southwick keeps improving. Defense shows it only looks bad against the option. BSU dominates, gets back into polls.


Boise State wins.

55-10 BSU

coach pete calls the plays.

BSU 24 S Miss 20

BSU 24 S Miss 20

4-2 BSU

yeah, safty game

BSU 25 USM 17


Here you go!

Boise State 47

Please send my pizza coupons to

A Squeaker

BSU 24
So Miss 23

Boise State



So Miss 17
BSU 10
The offense has been shut out twice this year and the defense is getting worn out.
I hope I'm wrong.

BSU 21 SM 14

BSU 21 SM 14


BSU 18, SoMiss 15 (2 pt conversions are cool)

BSU 24 So. Miss 6

Donks roll 24-6

boise state 63 southern miss 0



SM -3


Boise State - 24
Southern Miss - 16

Road win

BSU 24 USM 17


S MISS--14
This is a hard one.

boise state 28 southern miss

boise state 28 southern miss 13

what if

what if the score is bsu 1 smiss 0?

Must be a Vandals fan

...then it wouldn't be a football game, genius.

if we

win by 1 point it's a win

i like

potatolander 63 zip

i'm thinkin'

the baconator (atkinson) and the beast (ajayi) will both score....

I have faith...


S Miss scores late on 2nd string defense.

boise st 31 smsu 24

Close game and Bronco Nation (including me) is still anxious.

Boise wins but another "ugly" game

Boise St. 35

Southern Miss 17 BSU 14

Southern Miss 17
BSU 14

Broncos Win

BSU - 31
SMSU - 13

Southern Miss 24 BSU 20

Broncos kicking game continues to haunt them. Hope I'm wrong...

Broncos by a nose

BSU - 18
SMSU - 13

The Broncos score an offensive TD in this game making the Broncos 60% productive at scoring an offensive TD in a game.

At this time the odds are 50/50 that the Broncos will score an offensive TD in a game (4 games played and an offensive TD scored in 2 games so far this year). But I think the Broncos will come out on top and eventually score an offensive TD in a game. This game, hopefully. The TD will prolly be a run by Harper over the Right Guard, if it happens.

It looks like the Broncos have had some good practice games so far this year and are beginning to get the hang of scoring offensive TDs in some of the games. I think they can do it again, during this game, too.

Lightning can strike twice and it looks like the Offensive Coordinator for the Broncos has faith and confidence in Harper up the middle, as it seems to be about the only play he calls. I guess if you call it enough, that sooner or later, it will work sometime/eventually.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member Number 63799

BSU 45 Southern Miss 17

BSU 45
Southern Miss 17

BSU 37 Southern MIss 20

Fresina gets some love

BSU 31, Southern Miss 21

Although I hope BSU lays 50 plus points on Southern Miss.

BSU comes to its senses on ajayi

BSU 31
So Miss 17

Need ajayi to run wild along with harper. Pass game will open up after that.

Go Broncos!

Hope the coaches come to theie senses and make some sound decisions on red zone plays. Come on Coach Pete.



Score will be ...

Boise State 30 - So Miss 3

Blue n' Orange

BSU 32
So. Miss 20


I love the Broncos but they're due for an upset loss. Obviously, BSU sent all their great players to the NFL, and it will take a while to reload.

BSU 31 USM 21

BSU 31 USM 21

BSU 24 SoMiss 6

Some offense please...

BSU 24 S. Miss 13

Offense needs to consistently make first downs and the rest will take care of itself.

boise state wins

boise state 24
smsu 10