Students Come First opponent: Full-page ads are McCarthy-esque

A former educator, Lilburn Wesche is now involved with the Common Sense Democracy Foundation of Idaho, a group opposing the Students Come First education laws.

In a guest opinion, Wesche targets the full-page newspaper ads touting the three laws, which will appear on the Nov. 6 statewide ballot.

Here's an excerpt (and you can read Wesche's full guest opinion at this link):

"The ads bring to mind the famous charge by attorney Joseph Welch when facing the Communist-baiting Joe McCarthy, Wisconsin’s alcoholic, mentally demented senator. Welch reply to McCarthy’s attempt to smear yet another innocent American, 'Senator, have you no shame?'

"To the perpetrators of the recent full-page ads we ask the same question. The ads, filled with outright lies, denigrate teachers and insult the mentality of Idaho voters."

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The biggest lies I have seen are from the opponents.


Please explain the rationale for your argument. There have been no lies, unless facts upset the pro- students come last crowd.

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From the referenced Wesche:
"The major elements of Luna’s ill-conceived laws are
1) pay for performance, - that's good.

2) elimination of academic freedom for teachers, - says who? A good teacher with results has all the freedom they want/need and that will not change.

3) increasing class size, - based on what? If there are 20 first graders entering the school, the class size does NOT change regardless of component of this.

4)requiring all children to take impersonal, robotic, online courses, - That is the real world. Welcome to college. Welcome to business. I have had lots of "impersonal & robotic" teachers.

5) and providing cheap laptops to children. -Cheap? Does the IEA want EXPENSIVE laptops for student to spill soda into?

think of the commercials where someone is asked "who was your favorite teacher"? There is usually 1, 2 or 3. Does anyone say, "well all 36 of mine were awesome!"?

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1.Pay for performance is good, only if the money for said bonuses comes from a source that doesn't detract from the extant pay structure or other needed cash streams for education- otherwise it's simply a sh ell game. PFP in thecase of these laws doesn't stand for "Pay For Performance," it stands for "(rob) Peter For Paul"

2. I don't even follow your contention. I can see though, how a teacher who has lost due process rights could be cowed into changing a grade by an admin who is being pressured by a rich parent. It already happens in affluent suburb-town high schools.

3. Money shifted from salary pool to pay for other extravagances = less teachers.if 40 first graders enter the school, and one of the two first grade teachers has been sacrificed in order to pay for other stuff, then class size for the remaining teacher increases. Again, this is already happening.

4. No excuse for a"robotic" class, especially for kids required to go to school whether they like it or not. In college you could choose to take another format. With these laws you are forced to take an online class- and the track record of the vendors is dubious in terms of integrity and effectiveness.

5. How about a better idea than using tax dollars to buy poor-quality, easily broken, expensive to maintain articles and then trusting them to every kid,regardless of their maturity level. Like maybe, hiring another teacher to split the 40-kid class in number 3 above back into a class or two of 20?


Once again, KR, it would be MUCH easier to read if you italicized someone's quote within your own post.

It's hard to tell where your liberal string ends and another one begins.


Kevin Richert
editorial page editor


Ahhh, you're so nice and responsive to your readers!

Yes he is...

....even when they're pompous jerks.

They are Unions

Teachers and IEA 'leaders' stay away from the use "union".

What does their paystub deduction say?

If it looks like a duck and quacks...

Todays Media reminds me of the media during

WWII and Germany....

All their economic woes were of the Jews and the inferior Europeans, right! Today, it is all of the Republicans fault, right?....

We The People are witnessing History repeating itself....

You shouldn't have slept in history class...

Your analogy is absolute crap.

"Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand-in-hand." Neil Peart