18 more Chihuahua mixes transported to Boise to find new homes

More of the toy-sized dogs popularized by hotel heiress Paris Hilton, fast-food chain Taco Bell and the movies "Legally Blonde" and "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" have been imported to the Treasure Valley.

This most recent group of 18 Chihuahua mixes comes from the HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix. The dogs were flown in by Dog is My Copilot, which was founded by Dr. Peter Rork.


More than 100 Chihuahuas transported to the Valley from California in February and March were adopted out of the Idaho Humane Society, and the nonprofit animal welfare group expects to have no trouble finding homes for these dogs.

"We have a high demand for small dogs," Idaho Humane Society spokeswoman Hannah Parpart said.

Parpart said Phoenix area shelters — like many California shelters — are struggling with an overpopulation of the small dogs. Shelters in
San Francisco call it "Paris Hilton syndrome."

The Chihuahua mixes new to Boise will be available for adoption at the Idaho Humane Society's main shelter, 4775 W. Dorman St., Boise, and at the PetSmart, 130 N.
Milwaukee St., Boise.