Take it from the Gray Lady: Idaho is really red

Not that this needed confirming, but Idaho is extremely conservative, and Mitt Romney's Mormon Church membership should help him fare even better in Idaho in Nov. 6.

That's the takeaway from New York Times FiveThirtyEight political blog, which is analyzing all 50 states in advance of the election. Idaho's profile ran Sunday.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Idaho is one of the six states where Romney is most likely to improve on John McCain's 2008 showing; McCain won Idaho by 25.3 percent. Mormon ties should work to Romney's advantage in Idaho, Nevada and Utah.

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And to his disadvantage in the other 47 states.

Absolutely right!

Especially in the south, those Baptists and Methodists don't think too highly of the Mormons and their "cult"...

They are not alone in their

They are not alone in their opinion in other areas of the state of Idaho. Some citizens can think clearly and don't need to be led by magic thinking and clothing.


from the article:
LDS population
In Utah, 67 percent
Idaho is second with 21 percent, and
Nevada is tied for third with 9 percent.

Funny that mormons would live in Nevada. The land of Sin City- alcohol, prostitution, gambling and other fun things.

Maybe the 9% is just the missionaries hard at work.

What's misguided? You think Nevada is only Las Vegas?

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


It has Elko brothels, Reno gambling, Winnemucca cowboys, and the Mustang Ranch. Not to mention jobs in the mines. Along with some converts apparently.

Apparently you think that,

Apparently you think that, Boisepoet.

Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight has a casino as does just about every other little burg in Nevada. With the casinos come all the other vices. Legal prostitution is a county option restricted only by population under state law. This means Las Vegas and Reno cannot have legal brothels, because Washoe and Clark counties exceed the population limit, but if you think the police in those cities spend a lot of time arresting hookers, you don't know Nevada. Nevertheless, Nevada has its share of LDS stake houses, too. That familiar architecture is kind of hard to miss.

Yeah...cause I was the one to dismiss 9% of Nevada's population

as LDS in the first place. Fool.

"Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand-in-hand." Neil Peart



Does the Idaho Statesman plan to run a similar story that reported, say, 95% (+/-) of blacks in this country will vote for Barack Obama? If not, why? If you have, please provide the Idaho Statesman's story link.


Do you or any of the staff at the Idaho Statesman plan to publish a story about findings of other faiths that would tend to vote for Barack Obama? How about a story, or a link to a story that show's how Muslims would vote?

racist idiot

Who cares about how the muslim vote will go? There are no muslim candidates on the ballot, despite what Glenn Beck or Rush Windbag say. Check into reality.


Funny how the question was directed at KEVIN, not the deluge of pawns for the Obama administration.

Where did I say in my question to KEVIN that Barack Obama was a Muslim? My question to KEVIN was legitimate. So, you can take your 'racist idiot' comment and shove it up your ...

Funny how you think it's funny that you post on a blog, get a

reply from another poster and think it's funny that someone else posted and not Kevin...that's funny. If you want a private conversation with Kevin, buy him lunch.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

"...there are no muslim candidates..."

Now I'm really confused. That great political commentator, Madonna, recently said she was thrilled we finally had a "black muslim in the white house." This is all so confusing.

A name change from Barry Sortero to

Barrack Hussein Obama may have some clues?

Dont know? What you think?

Are you gonna answer the Patriots question Kevin

Or do you not have an answer? A second question is when are you going to grow up and think for yourself instead of letting the NY Times do your thinking for you?


we're just supposed to sit back and shut up and not ask tough questions of our media or government regardless if it's a worthless, "no-duh" re-post of an article from the disgraced NY Slimes. We're not supposed to point out bias, questionable content, or connotations in a blog or story from a two-bit blog reporter.

The responses I get to a real question are undignified and vile; meant to keep me in line with all the other mindless drones of the new 4th estate, and the '...most transparent administration in US history'.

How silly was I to ask a question. Welcome to our new reality, which is nothing less than a nighthmare.

GOD help us all.

For the drones who have no clue

Kevin is mentioning an article posted by the New York Times, one of the largest and most respected circulating news organizations in the world. When they mention Idaho it is news here. That is all he was doing. It was kind of obvious to anyone, but apparently that made it past fastsuluki and the so called patriot. The LDS comment relates to Idaho, whereas the number of muslims or the percentage of blacks voting for Obama really doesn't matter here. Get it. It was a story about IDAHO.

Are you guys really that dense or just so stuck in your blinded ideology that you have lost the ability to think rationally? Serious question.

Big secret here, Obama and Romney, in practice, agree on about 95% of their views. Major change won't come no matter who is elected president so please stop with the ridiculous rhetoric. Also, stop acting so scared.

"...dense or just so stuck in your blinded ideology..."

And you believe: "...the New York Times, one of the largest and most respected circulating news organizations in the world." After that statement, you may want to revise your comment about being blinded by ideology.

I know you don't get this

but beliefs and facts are two different things.

Commentforhire, your comment wasn't worth

two bits, not even 2 cents. When Kevin selected this blog topic he knew he was using it to troll, by quoting it, he took it for his own. You are one of the pathetic bigoted fish in his net. Your attempt at sophistry reveals your lack of sophistication, Sophomore.


You might want to loosen the tin-foil hat. What a dolt. Are you a birther and a truther too? Sounds like it.

Face it, Kevin's not that smart.

You might want to start cutting

yourself out of the bigoted troll net you put yourself in, blowfish.

For the Times, putting Romney and LDS in a headline,

is almost as good as keeping Obama and Reverend Wright out of a headline.

Idaho is not a color, Idaho is a state.

As unique as the other 49, full of people that brought traditions as old as time and as new as our nation to it's bountiful nature and sundrenched blue skies. A land of dirt, water, gold and silicon, cattle, asphalt and warm people that welcome you to become Idahoans.

It isn't a cliche to vote for the future, no matter what future it is. Idaho was a part of manifest destiny and remains a point of perpetual destiny.

Esto Perpetua-It Is Forever.