Lenore Hardy Barrett: Kick federal 'carpetbaggers' off of Idaho forests

In order to improve the health of Idaho forests, and allow rural families to "survive with dignity," it's time for the feds to get off the public lands, says state Rep. Lenore Hardy Barrett.

The Challis Republican, a 20-year House veteran, says fires in Central Idaho are being "managed," but not extinguished. And let burn policies are at the root of the problem.

"'Burn, baby, burn' stupidity was a policy decision made in Washington being carried out by robotized professionals noticeably lacking in common sense, and with the consent of the governed.

"Bottom line? Natural resource production is the coin of the realm — no production, no coin. It is time Idaho dumped the federal carpetbaggers and took back her cash register. It can be done with leadership and consent of the governed — as soon as they wake up!"

Here is a link to Barrett's online-only guest opinion.

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Barrett is just campaigning, as she does every 2 years,

in a district that's very anti-government (anti-federal). It's always been that way where she lives; and Ms. Barrett has always been that way, even though rants like this marginalize her in the Idaho Legislature. She votes 'NO,' many times as the only NO vote in the house, as a way to protest government of any kind, on any matter.

Wonder if she sends her Social Security checks back? Or takes back-country dirt roads, instead of the paved highways between Boise and Challis maintained by those nasty federal dollars?

Only in Idaho can she be elected.

This is her annual "Let's

This is her annual "Let's kick the Feds where it hurts" rave. let her bay at the moon. people of challis--consider your vote.

Queen of the Hypocrits

Isn't this the same Lenore Hardy Barrett who between 1995-2010 received $186,978 in Federal Subsidies?

Vote no on Barrett

Vote Barrett out - Government ain't all that bad - but she is.

This guy said it best about that looney-tune Barrett back in '07